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Fern-hunting parties became popular, allowing young women to get outside in a seemingly innocuous pursuit with less rigid oversight and chaperoning than they saw in parlors and drawing rooms. They may have even had the occasional romantic meetup with a similarly fern-impassioned beau. — Bree

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"The Prodigal Sister" for Ophelia Devine. Faked deaths, scandal, and schemes!
Now that he had walked up to them, he couldn't exactly whirl around and get going. That would be rude. And was not, presumably, how straight men seduced their future wives.

Cassius Lestrange in Eyes on the Screen

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The Dozen

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B.1849 | WCAB | PB: LEE PACE

Sarah and I both need some more angst and drama in our RP plots, hence Fred here! He and Sarah have been married since 1879, and what felt like a happily ever after has been slowly disintegrating around them. Sarah loves him, but she is also desperate to have children and one of them is infertile (spoiler alert: it's Frederick). When things got strained between them, Frederick also started very unsubtly sleeping around, something the neighbours have probably picked up on now. So things are increasingly falling apart. Frederick, himself, is charming enough that you mostly forget he's also kind of an insensitive jerk. He is more assertive but less responsible than Sarah, and works in a non-Ministry job, maybe as a manager/employee on the High Street or a reporter/photographer for the Daily Prophet (or something else WC appropriate, bearing in mind he would not have stayed at Hogwarts past his OWLs). Basically, their marriage is already messy and bound to get messier: whether it even lasts at all is up to whoever takes him, but you should be open to the possibility of further rep drops. Lee Pace is the pictured face but I'm open to alternatives.

[Image: vXYgqe.png]

— for Justice Rookwood
b. 1873 | MCPB | Hufflepuff Student | Fifth Year ('88) | Rep 8

Clementine Rookwood is the sister of Justice Rookwood. Born in early 1873, Clementine begin school with her elder brother and was sorted into Hufflepuff. A sweet girl with a stunningly pretty face, it is only their opposing sexes that kept them from being close as children. In recent years, however, she's begun to blossom into a young lady rather than a little girl, earning her recognizable attention the male population at Hogwarts. This, unsurprisingly, has caused Justice to go from "pleasantly-distant-but-there-when-you-need-him" brother mode to "I'm-watching-you-and-everyone-who-looks-at-you-two-seconds-too-long" mode.

She was (appropriately) dismayed by her parents' death, but was even more dismayed—even to the point of bursting into tears—by the public's insinuation that her mother had committed murder before taking her own life. She is not well-suited to academics, but has found a place in the Hogwarts social scene. She is uneasy about their new home, preferring to stay at Hogwarts during holidays where it's permitted.

Her suggested PB is Angourie Rice, with alternatives to be blonde and conventionally pretty.


Immediate Ties: Justice Rookwood, Frida Lestrange
Potential Ties: Darling Whitledge

brb i am Anxiety
[Image: Pw7LFYM.png]
The eldest of the Fudge brood, Somersby has generally an open personality, with the caveat that he (wisely) keeps any ass-like characteristics he might have from his parents. He has accompanied his father on international procurement trips for the menagerie, and has an affinity for magical creatures (though whether he’s INTERESTED is up to you). Perfect for those looking for a fairly open character with existing, played ties on-board!  He is offended by Herbert's joking attitude toward his death, putting a bit of a gap in their relationship. The suggested PB is Landon Liboiron. Somersby was born in 1871 and had his first act of magic in 1874. He is in Ravenclaw house and is close friends with Ben Turner, who he awkwardly asks questions about coping with ghost parents.

Immediate Ties: Holliday Fudge Benjamin Turner Herbert Fudge Paxton Fudge
Potential Ties: Ignatius Quirrell Rupert Bingham

[Image: 4zAPDsx.jpg?1]
Nikolai’s second wife, the pair met shortly after Ustinya’s debut in 1883 and married a few weeks later. Her relationship with her stepdaughters has always been strained, as neither rushed to welcome her as a mother. After a stillbirth in 1884, that strain bloomed between Usti and her husband as well—though she thought they married for love, she knew now that on his end, it was simply lust. She has a few close friends in Hogsmeade, though is hindered by the fact that she still speaks only broken English. She does not suspect that their lodger is anything more than that—but this is likely to change ;)

Can't commit long term? This character can be a temporary!

Suggested PB is Annet  Mahendru.

Immediate Ties: Nikolai Sleptov Petra Sleptova
Bonus Ties: Rosaline Bennett

[Image: 350x185.jpg]
B. 1864-1866 | MCAB | SLYTHERPUFF | WIFE

Daughter of the British (magical) Liaison to Morocco, ----- and Inès quickly hit it off because of a shared love of society and pretty things and going to functions. Okay, it’s not a particularly deep friendship, but ----- would trust Inès with her life, and it’s mutual enough that Inès was willing to hop on a boat and sail over when asked. It probably helps that Inès procured her blissfully happy marriage.

She lived in Morocco from sometime in 1885 until returning home to England just before Christmas. Upon her arrival, she was so distressed by her childhood bestie’s lack of romance or even prospects that she decided to arrange for Inès to come over and work her magic once more!

---- is a true MC socialite, aka can squire Inès hither and fro.

She can absolutely be of any ethnicity! I am flexible on natal and married surnames as long as they make sense for her family’s role. A couple of notes on her family:
— Father was born and raised MC in England.
— Mother can be of any ethnicity and nationality.
— Husband can be of any ethnicity, but on the paternal line should be from Britain. He would have attended Hogwarts. Also comfortably MC.  

Can't commit long term? This character can be a temporary!

Immediate Ties: Inès Valentine

[Image: Y8B71uK.jpg?1]
B. 1876 | WCHB | TBA! | FIRST YEAR ('88)

Davinder spent all of the life he can remember in a Punjabi (muggle) orphanage before being scooped up by Mayfield Fairchild in the autumn of 1886 and deposited in the Fairchilds' Irvingly home like an awkward Christmas gift. Due to the regulations surrounding proof of humanity, he was unable to attend Hogwarts when his birthday would have allowed, and so will be attending this year at the age of 12. He still speaks in broken English, and Temperance uses a mixture of corporal punishment and general intimidation to beat the English (culture AND language) into him. Suggested PB is Sunny Pawar. There are THINGS but you don't get to know them yet. Rep of 5 because of the aforementioned English woes and he's probably a bastard.

Immediate Ties: Blythe Fairchild Temperance Fairchild  
Potential Ties: The entire incoming first year class!

Thistle Potts
1865 | open house | single | 8 rep
Florist @ The Florist Potts

Thistle is the family scientist. She excelled in transfiguration at school and likes to experiment with the flowers in the shop, crossing breeds and working more with the magical plants than the muggle. She is working on some benign Top Secret Project that she won't even share with her sisters. What is up to you, as long as she's not like breeding venomous tentacula with fanged geraniums.

Dahlia Potts
1873 | open house | single | 8 rep
Incoming 4th Year Student
Efrosinia Kushnir

Dahlia can be more shy than some of her sisters, but is very bright. She sometimes worries that her family's... oddness makes people look down on them. She does love the family business, but isn't sure she wants to continue on with it herself and her third year electives may reflect that! Her personality is largely open as long as she isn't super judgey. (She may also be an incoming 3rd year, depending on her birthday!)

Leah Lorraine Beauregard
April 1872 | Slytherin | Single | rep 9
Incoming 6th Year Student
Chloe East

The baby of all the Beauregard cousins, Leah is very content with that. She has a personality all her own however and with 3 older brothers has never had any issues making herself heard. She can come off as a bit bratty, but isn't a complete snob. Other than that she's pretty open!


— for Violetta Lestrange
b. 1834 | UCPB | Slytherin Alumna | Philanthropist | Rep 10

Chrysanta "Chrystie" Lestrange (née Scrimgeour) is the mother of Violetta Lestrange. Born in 1834, Chrysanta attended Hogwarts and was sorted into Slytherin. She was always an upstanding young woman with with a knack for understanding people and their needs. After graduating from Hogwarts, Chrysanta was courted by and eventually married Aurelius Lestrange sometime between 1853-1855. The couple struggled to conceive for nearly a decade.

While the birth of Violetta — a daughter rather than a son — damaged their relationship, it was the loss of their stillborn son in 1872 that put the nail in the coffin. Chrysanta and her husband, while still giving off the appearance of a healthy marriage in the public eye, often pretend the other doesn't exist while at home. The one hope that remains in Chrysanta's heart is that her daughter will find happiness in her own life, but that hope has begun to fade in recent years.

The suggested PB is Kristin Scott Thomas, with alternatives to be brown-haired and blue-eyed.

Immediate Ties: Violetta Lestrange, Argus Scrimgeour


— for Handsome Whitledge
b. 1869 | UCHB | Gryffindor Alumna ('88) | Incoming Debutante | Rep 9

Cupcake Whitledge, affectionately referred to as "Duckie", is the fraternal twin sister of Handsome Whitledge. Born on December 29, 1869, Cupcake attended Hogwarts and was sorted into Gryffindor alongside her twin brother. Always the optimist, Cupcake was one of the few Whitledge siblings to embrace her name, taking on baking as a hobby. The only problem? She's awful with the oven, though none of her siblings have had the heart to tell her yet.

She's always been (unsurprisingly) closest with her brother, though has always avoided family drama to the best of her ability. After graduation, it's likely she'll pursue the path of a debutante; however, she remains unconvinced that getting married is something to stress over.

The suggested PB is Holly Taylor, with alternatives to at least slightly resemble Handsome's PB.

Immediate Ties: All. Those. Damn. Whitledges.
Potential Ties: Hope Crawford, Margaret Rawlinson, Katherine Midford, Madeleine Backus

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