Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Salazar Slughorn
    In Character
    Full Name: Salazar Alfred Slughorn
    Nicknames: Anything other than Sally, which used to be (and still occasionally is) a favourite of Godric's when he wants to be irksome.
    Birthdate: 22nd January 1847
    Current Age: 37 Years
    Occupation: Department R&CMC; Head of the Being Division
    Hogwarts House: Slytherin
    Wand: Elm and dragon heartstring, 9 3/4”, unyielding
    Blood Status: Pure
    Social Class: Middle

    • Horatio Slughorn, father, b. 1821
      Geneva Slughorn née White, mother, b. 1827

      Elvira Slughorn née Northrop, wife, b. 1854
      Francis Slughorn, son b. 1877
      Clara Slughorn, daughter b. 1880
      Alexander Slughorn, son b. 1884

      Rowena Slughorn, sister, 1853-1880
      Jimmy Edric Slughorn, brother-in-law, b. 1847
      Cygnus Slughorn, nephew b. 1874
      Alcyone Slughorn, niece b. 1876
      Regulus Slughorn, nephew 1880-1880

      Helga Bell née Slughorn, sister, 1855-1876
      Ambrose Bell, brother-in-law, b. 1847
      Madeline Bell, niece, b. 1876

      Godric Slughorn, brother, b. 1858

    • Salazar only ever reached 5’6” in height, which, although perfectly average, does place him a touch shorter than both of his closest friends (and might have given him a little bit of a napoleon complex in his teenage years, had he not been rather at ease with the rest of his appearance). With a straight nose, hazel eyes with a grey-green glint, and a figure he’s kept in well-enough shape into his thirties, Salazar has never imagined he has much to complain about. He tends to sport some facial hair - a moustache most commonly - and sometimes allows his dark hair to grow out, though sees it neatly slicked back. He certainly takes care in his appearance - a little vanity is not the worst of flaws, after all - and either wears robes or well-fashioned suits. He is right-handed.

    • 1847 - Salazar is born to Horatio and Geneva Slughorn, a pureblood couple comfortably in the middle class, and content enough with their respectable name and situation not to complain. He is their first son. They are intent, he learns later, on extending this name scheme of Hogwarts Founders to their future children. Perhaps they were simply inspired by Godric’s Hollow, the country village in which they resided. Perhaps they thought Salazar sounded suitably grandiose. Perhaps they had no other ideas. Geneva explains - on countless occasions over the years - that a Seer had once stopped her expressly at a party to remark that she would have a child of each of the houses four. (For most of his childhood, Salazar suspects she made this up.)

      1853 - His parents dote on him in his early years, and - intentionally or otherwise - instil a firm sense of self-assurance in the boy. Another child is born that year, though, a girl. Horatio, with apparent utter faith in his wife’s tale, christens her Rowena. Salazar performs his first act of magic this year by accidentally vanishing a dinner meal he detests, much to his parents’ delight.

      1855 - Another sister is born this year, a sweet little thing named - inevitably - Helga. Both his little sisters seem quite fond of him, though at that age, Salazar doesn’t spare much patience for them.

      1858 - Whether by luck or divine prophecy, the last Slughorn child is a boy, and thus named Godric. (Godric grows up to embrace this too much, Salazar thinks, though Horatio and Geneva both are overjoyed by their youngest child. Salazar decides Godric being babied so formed his brother’s queer obsession - belief? - with his namesake, and wonders if his parents regret their decision all these years later, now that Godric refuses to shut up on the subject.)

      Fortunately, 1858 is the year his Hogwarts letter arrives, and by eleven Salazar is eager for a change, some independence. It would have been almost delicious irony to be sorted elsewhere, but he surprises himself by being placed almost instantly in Slytherin. There, he finds steadfast friends: first, at the feast, Ambrose Bell, a hatstall who seems both fun and interesting, and then, the two welcome Jimmy, whose only surname is ‘X’. Jimmy’s already garnered some disdain from his housemates, but Salazar has no objections to being the more advantaged side of the friendship, and is rather at ease about the whole affair.

      1860 - In his third year, Salazar adds Ancient Runes and COMC, the former because language does interest him slightly, and the latter as what sounds like an easy pass. He has a friend in each, too, which works out well.

      1862 - In so far as academics, Salazar forms a sort of middle ground between Jimmy and Ambrose. He takes to some things rather well, and has no patience for those subjects that bore him. His OWLs results are a mixed bag.
      Ancient Runes ------------------------- O
      Astronomy ------------------------------ A
      Care of Magical Creatures --------- E
      Charms ---------------------------------- A
      Defence Against the Dark Arts -- O
      Herbology ------------------------------- D
      History of Magic ---------------------- E
      Potions ----------------------------------- A
      Transfiguration ---------------------- O

      1863 - He continues Ancient Runes, COMC, DADA, History of Magic and Transfiguration to NEWT level, and takes the advantage of newfound free time (and having the team captain on side doesn’t hurt either) to garner a spot on the quidditch team as Keeper, which he holds onto in his seventh year also. Quidditch isn’t his thing as it is Ambrose’s, but he’s passable, and it serves as a diversion whilst also making him that much more attractive.

      1865 - He finishes his school career and returns to his parents’ home in Godric’s Hollow with a handful of NEWTs.
      Ancient Runes ------------------------- O
      Care of Magical Creatures --------- E
      Defence Against the Dark Arts -- A
      History of Magic ---------------------- E
      Transfiguration ----------------------- A
      He takes up a job in the Ministry, mostly because his ambitions have never formed distinctly in regards to careers, beyond a simple desire to be respected. He considers the Department of International Magical Co-operation, but instead winds up in the Being Division of the Control and Regulation of Magical Creatures, though more specifically the Goblin Liaison Office, which is highly respected (or indeed, truly ought to be) for its responsibilities with wizard-goblin relations as well as the magical economy. If it were any more boring, Salazar might have yearned for a change of scenery, but as it was, the job was fraught with just enough tension and pace to keep it from being dull. His Gobbledegook is excellent, too.
      (Ambrose goes into professional quidditch and Jimmy joins the Ministry too, though in the Department of Mysteries.)

      1871 - To Salazar’s surprise, once Rowena has graduated (from Ravenclaw, strangely enough) Jimmy asks to court her. He hadn’t minded too much about his friend’s infatuation with his younger sister (odd though it was), but it never crossed his mind that he would try to make anything formal of it. As pretentious as his parents could be, his father shows his stubborn streak here, and nothing anyone remarks can change his mind on Jimmy. (Salazar might have been more firmly incredulous had it not concerned one of his closest friends.)

      1872 - Rowena and Jimmy marry.

      1874 - Salazar becomes an uncle to Cynus. It is this year that his parents begin to hint about settling down to their son. Not being averse to the idea, he begins attending social functions with that notion now in the back of his head, and it is at a Winter Ball that he first meets Elvira Northrop.

      1875 - Miss Northrop and he seem to keep bumping into each other at social occasions, and not too long into their acquaintance, she and Salazar begin courting. She seems easy enough to get along with, well-mannered and softly intelligent. Her family - her mother is of European descent, though Elvira and her sisters have lived all their lives in England - is not a particularly well known name, though pureblooded, but financially and socially, they are rising quickly. Salazar doesn’t deny the prospect of the eldest daughter’s generous dowry is particularly appealing, and the parents on both sides are quite fond of the match. Soon engaged, they marry in autumn. Despite the fact that Salazar had slept with one of Elvira’s sisters only a week before the wedding (a decision fuelled less out of malice than impulse, slight drunkenness and opportunity).

      Ambrose marries Helga in winter. Now that both his best friends have married his sisters, Salazar decides he is quite at liberty to be amused about this forever.

      1876 - The amusement doesn’t last forever. Both his friends gain daughters this year, though Ambrose loses and wife - and Salazar a sister. Fonder of both his sisters than of his terribly annoying brother, Salazar’s temper shortens as he deal with Helga’s death.

      1877 - He becomes a father himself, Elvira giving birth to a healthy boy. The child is named Francis, as Salazar’s only real desire is to be less eccentric as his parents. (And be a less embarrassing father than they have been parents to him, for however kind Horatio and Geneva were, they were certainly sometimes a source of chagrin.) With their son, he and his wife buy up a new property in Hogsmeade, deeming London too hectic and needing a change from his childhood home of Godric’s Hollow.

      1879 - Salazar is promoted to Head of the Goblin Liaison office. He goes out to celebrate that night, and returns home a little the worse for wear. Elvira chooses that moment to announce that she is pregnant once again, and yet, what should have called for double the celebration somehow turns into a row in the early hours of the morning. It is a strange turn for Elvira, up until then so remarkably even-tempered, a dutiful, even perfect wife. In fact, Salazar would go so far as to say dull, insipid. Elvira prefers the term neglected. (It probably doesn’t help matters, then, that the belated truth comes out about Elvira’s sister the week before the wedding.)

      After that, they get on less, and disagree more. Elvira is no longer as accommodating as she once was, and Salazar is used to getting his own way.

      1880 - Elvira gives birth to a girl, whom they name Clara. Neither Rowena nor newly-born Regulus survive, which leaves Salazar’s other best friend widowed, and Salazar sisterless. This might have prompted something of a reconciliation with Elvira, but instead Salazar just grows more petty, and Elvira responds in kind. They settle into a rhythm of snide comments and criticism and a passive-aggressive form of parenting, where if either of them attempt strictness towards the children, the other will make sure to disregard this and spoil them, and vice versa.

      1882 - Edric and his children move to Hogsmeade.

      1883 - Things are no more rosy at home, although Salazar wonders that the blandness of their honeymoon days was truly any better than this dysfunction. Having ventured to brothels occasionally in the past, Salazar now meets a woman who is a welcome change from his wife, and they are much more alike in temperament, and get on far more naturally. Of course, she is married, but so is he, so their affair unfolds all too easily. Her husband is either too disinterested in her to care or entirely oblivious - though they grow less and less subtle about it - and there is nothing Elvira can do about it. He’s brought up divorce before, though the thought of going through with it suits neither of them much: Elvira, knowing she would be branded the guilty party no matter what, doesn’t want to sully her name or sacrifice a comfortable (if miserable) life, and Salazar has found he is perfectly content enduring his wife for the children’s and appearances’ sakes, as long as he finds some pleasure elsewhere.

      1884 - A third child is born to Salazar and Elvira, an occasion neither of them much pretended to look forward to. They name the boy Alexander.

      On June 22nd, Salazar is promoted to Head of the Being Division.

    • As the eldest Slughorn child, Salazar likes to think he is also the most rational (and least eccentric) of his family. With a sense of independence and a confidence that has crossed over into the realm of egotism over the years, he is also keen to have his way. After his namesake and former House, he does carry some shrewdness and scepticism (which is helpful, having worked so closely with goblins for a career), and isn’t too far off sharp-witted. He has his moments of laziness, and his friends certainly bring out his most laidback nature with their own. On his good days, he's rather outgoing and conversational and fun. He is capable of real loyalty and commitment - to his friends, at least! - but elsewhere in his life, can be troublesomely fickle and sometimes petty, and takes an almost vicious pleasure in criticising and complaining.

    Sample Roleplay Post:
    [Image: tumblr_inline_n8xqhgM2YM1s79ujh.gif]

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