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The Language of the Flowers was a popular method to express feelings where words might be improper, but did you know other means of doing so? Some ladies used their parasols, as well as their fans, gloves, and hankies to flirt with a gentleman (or alternatively, tell them to shove it!). — Bree

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Ester Montgomery for Thomas Montgomery. The one that got away (with the pornographer...)
This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.

Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa

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Out the Door
June 17th, 1888 — The Florist Potts

Standing in the front of the shop for once, Thistle stood staring out the window and the swirling fog just beyond it.  It might as well have been a blizzard for all she could see.  And the light coming in was barely better.  They’d had to not only light lamps but light lamps the muggle way… with matches.  They were fun to light but smelled weird and only stood to remind them that something was very wrong.

On an impulse she strode to the door and pushed it open, letting the fog swirl in around her, and was very promptly reminded of the dusty smell that came with it.  She let the door close with a sigh and turned back to the counter where she’d been drumming her fingers.  

“Is it weird that I sort of want to go for a walk in it?”
There wasn't much different to this summer than the others- except for the fact that she'd recently graduated from Hogwarts and there was a thick blanket of magic fog across the town, Daffy was at the family shop like any other summer day in her teenage years. She came into the shop itself with Beatrix at her skirts, a smudge of dirt across her cheek and her hair a little disheveled.

She'd been fighting with her chomping cabbage- it was bath day and he was not cooperating. Daff had won in the end, but apparently a thorough wash of his leaves was not okay! Honestly it was if he didn't like water, which was so very not true!

Finding Tissy at the front of the store, just in time for a little swirl of fog to make its way into the storefront, Daffy chuckled at her comment and brushed hair from her face. "Strange yes, but I find it fascinating." It had the potential to be very dangerous, but it was still pretty interesting.

“I don't care if I sing off key,
I find myself in my melodies.”

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"Well I hate it," Zinnia interjected from her perch on a stool in a corner, easel set up in front of her. She could often be found in the same corner nearly every day when she was at the shop. A rather depressing and dark sort of landscape was scrawled across the canvas before her, something different from the portraits she'd been working on. She didn't plan on doing those when her sisters were around though. Better to not have to deal with the questions likely to be asked as a result.

She glanced up at her sisters though, having just finished adding what would be a rather bright and colorful flower right in the middle of the dark surroundings. If she ever got around to the bright hues of her water colors again.

"What if it doesn't pass?" she asked, eyes widening slightly at the thought, "We wouldn't be able to attend the festival then."
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"Oh Zin! I didn't even see you there!" Daff chuckled as her other sister appeared from behind her easel. Taking off her now very wet apron, Daff wiped her hands on it and hung it up to dry.

Brushing the stubborn strand of hair from her face again, Daff mused over Zinnia's appraisal of the festival. "I'm sure it'll be sorted sooner rather than later." Ever the optimist, Daffy had to believe that it wouldn't last very long. "We'll get to enjoy the festival at some point!" Surveying the mess that was now her dress, Daff gave it up for a loss today and decided she should likely stay in the greenhouse if any customers actually came in.

“I don't care if I sing off key,
I find myself in my melodies.”

deep quote code by Soph ♥
Thistle caught herself thinking again of strolling through the fog, perhaps arms linked with her sisters. She was aware she was romanticizing it but it still seemed inexplicably appealing. Or it did until she caught a whiff of the choking dusty smell that came with it. Maybe there would be a normal fog they could stroll through come autumn. With the added bonus of leaves to crunch through. That was far more romantic and she could bide her time for that. And also they'd be walking through it to go home in a few hours.

"We should bring a deck of cards tomorrow." Fog wasn't exactly good for business and most of her projects were put on hold. Between the fog affecting the level of sunlight available and lack of magic making everything extra manual-labory she found her time abundantly... free lately. At least Zinnia had her painting.
"I hope so," Zinnia responded, though there wasn't a whole lot of hope and optimism to her voice. She supposed the missing of the festival was small in the grand scheme of things. If the fog never lifted, they'd have even worse problems to contend with surely. Like, the lacking of all the magic and the slow demise of their beautiful plants. She cringed at the thought.

"Cards would be good," she answered simply as she looked back to her painting, "I think I'll hop off to Honeydukes later in the week. I want some lemon sweets." She grinned at the thought of them. They were certainly her favorite treat and was likely well known. She glanced back to her sisters briefly with a brow raised, "Would any of you like anything?"
"Oh cards would be a lovely idea," Daff agreed dreamily. It had been a while since they'd had the time or the inclination to play a few rounds of cards. Moving to sit on the stool behind the till, Daff leaned both elbows on the counter and looked out the window, though it didn't really do much good as she couldn't see anything.

"I haven't ventured to Honeyduke's at all lately. Funny how we always go on visit days during school, but rarely after." She mused airily. It wasn't even that far down the street, she just forgot to go down that way sometimes! She'd have to make a trip. "I never know what I'm in the mood for until I get there. There's so much!" It was so bright and cheery and Daffy always enjoyed visiting, she'd have to remember to do so more often.

“I don't care if I sing off key,
I find myself in my melodies.”

deep quote code by Soph ♥
"Mhmm, lemon sweets."  Thistle said with way too much emphasis.  She examined her nail beds with smirk before fixing her sister with a Look.  She'd seen Zin working on a portrait that looked suspiciously like the shop owner.  A rather flattering portrait.  Though really it wasn't hard, he was quite easy on the eyes and she was absolutely making more of it than it probably was.  

"I am running low on sugar quills...and perhaps you just happen to invite him to tea while you are there."  This is why they needed cards.  Because she was left with nothing to do but lightly tease her sisters about a man she probably liked more than they did.  Oh well, it was still fun.
The emphasis was, unsurprisingly, lost on Zinnia. She simply echoed the sentiment with a "mhm" of her own. After all, it should have been a rather well known fact that Zinnia preferred the tart lemon treats the candy shop had to offer. They were her favorite and it wasn't often she didn't have some stashed about for her own personal treat.

Pausing in her painting progress, she looked to the older Potts sister in the shop and regarded her with a quizzical expression and raised brow. "Why would I do that? It isn't as if we're well acquainted," she said, clearly oblivious to any insinuations her sister may have been giving in that moment, "But I'll be sure to grab some sugar quills. And anything else anyone may want."
If anything regarding handsome shopkeepers was to be missed by a Potts sister, Daff would be the one. "He'd probably come anyway, he's so very friendly." Daff mused, though she had well and truly missed Thistle's meaning behind the prompt. "I'm alright, I don't think he has my favorite flavor of fudge yet, that usually comes in the autumn." The maple was so delicious, but she usually just browsed until she found something she found interesting. There was always something new to try after all.

Swinging her legs idly under the counter, Daff rather thought they were going to die of boredom. "I'm going to have to start bringing books or my sketchbook with me when I come in. I've nae seen a customer today." Normally that didn't bother her as she tended to stick to the back of the shop, but eventually this would impact business somehow, or so she assumed.

“I don't care if I sing off key,
I find myself in my melodies.”

deep quote code by Soph ♥
Thistle scrunched her nose.  Teasing was no fun when none of her sisters rose to the occasion.  Even if she was mostly teasing out of boredom she still thought they would make an interesting pair; the painter and the candymaker.  It rather sounded like the title of a novel.  

"It was the same yesterday!  I'd say we should close but then we'd just be stuck at home"  She drummed her fingers and after a moment of silence - "Whats the first spell you're going to do when magic comes back?"
Zinnia shrugged at Daffy's assessment of Mr. Honeyduke. She supposed he would be nice enough to say yes and come. It was of little consequence though. She really had no intention of asking. Besides, who knew if she'd even make it down there or not.

She was hardly fussed by the lack of customers though. She quite enjoyed the quiet and less hustle and bustle. It allowed for her to do more painting. Though, she supposed, she could do that at home, too. She did prefer doing so in the shop though. Being surrounded by such bright and beautiful flowers always helped her muse when she was stuck on something. Even if she had been painting mostly portraits as of late.

"Scrougify," Zinnia responded solemnly at Thistle's question in regards to the first spell as she glanced to her ever paint covered hands, "It's been awhile since my hands have been well and truly clean."

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