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Issue #184 - Could The Fog Turn Your Child Into A Squib?

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The Fog - A Sheep In Wolf's Clothing?
As our educated readers are aware, a fog that started in Irvingly has spread to our beloved Hogsmeade. First it was Wellingtonshire and now Bartonburg, Padmore Park and the busy High Street. The majority of the population is aghast at this and quite a few of the established families that we follow have already moved to their country or London homes to escape it. Miss Rufina Mulciber has taken up at the Sanditon whilst heir and rumored playboy, Handsome Whitledge (recently nabbing the reserve keeper spot on the Hogsmeade Howlers) has been seen at his London home.

While this would all seem initially troubling - this writer believes that our society is looking at it all wrong. This could be a blessing in disguise! We have had magic so integrated into our daily lives that we have taken it for granted. Perhaps this will give us a deeper appreciation for it - for how easy our lives have become - now that we are experiencing the less controlled lives of our muggle counterparts.

We have no doubt that the Ministry will set this to rights. Until then, treat this fluke as a full-immersiion holiday experience and make the most of it. Enjoy muggle life, for it will be brief!
Muggles power their stoves with lighting dry wooden logs on fire. Remember to put the fire out less you burn your house down!Muggles use brooms as cleaning devices - sweeping streets and homes free of dust and debris.

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Does He Fancy You?
Our single readers may have their eyes set on a certain gentleman, but how can you be sure he returns the feeling? Take our quiz to find out!

When was the last time you spoke?
A) Er, we haven't. Yet. I'm working on it.
B) We were both in a larger group of mutual friends.
C) He asked for a dance at the last ball and we had a lovely conversation during it.
D) We haven't spoken since the last ball, but he's written to me more recently.

How much does he know about your life?
A) He knows a relative of mine, which is how we were acquainted. That's all.
B) We've had a few conversations about my interests, but I'm not sure whether any of them were memorable enough for him to recall them.
C) He's met my family and we have a few shared interests.
D) He knows nearly everything. There's nothing I wouldn't tell him!

What's his most vexing habit?
A) He's always disappearing at social events right after I arrive!
B) He never compliments me on the way I look or any of the charming things I say.
C) He talks about politics and work all the time, which I have little interest in.
D) He does something that used to annoy me, but now I find it rather endearing!

How long have you known him?
A) That depends on which introduction you're counting from...
B) He's been involved in my social circle for a long time, but we've only just recently started actually getting to know each other.
C) Around a year or two, but we only see each other at social events which makes it seem like less time.
D) Only a few months, but it seems as though we've known each other a thousand years!
What sorts of things might you do together?
A) I'd do anything he wanted, if only he'd ask!
B) We've been to some large events together with other friends, like festivals and things.
C) I've been on a few more intimate outings with him, such as the theatre or going out to lunch.
D) He often invites me to things that I was planning on trying to invite him to--we just think alike in that way!

What would be the biggest barrier to his asking to court you?
A) I'm afraid he might think me below his station!
B) He might think it a bit awkward since our families have been friendly so long.
C) He might have a bit of trouble with my father - he can be very protective!
D) I've already brought the subject up to my parents so that they're ready for him to ask - I don't want there to be any barrier if he does!

Mostly As: This gentleman is almost certainly not in the cards for your future! Best to cut your losses and turn your attention elsewhere while you still have the time to do so!
Mostly Bs: He doesn't dislike you, but you'll need to go the extra mile if you want to entice him to take the next step. Try doing some research about what his favorite colors or hobbies are so that you can make an impression at the next ball!
Mostly Cs: His interest is definitely piqued! Keep doing what you're doing; and a few subtle hints dropped by mutual friends or acquaintances might not go amiss to speed things along!
Mostly Ds: Was there ever any doubt? He's entirely enamored of you!

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Could The Fog Turn Your Child Into A Squib?
All of Irvingly and now much of Hogsmeade is now encompassed in the mysterious thick, dusty fog which suppresses the use of magic. The Ministry has been notably silent on what they have done so far to combat or contain it, likely to prevent causing a panic, but our reporters spoke to an expert in the field, Professor William Somersby, to get his opinion on the exact effects. Our readers may be surprised to hear that the fog does not only prevent the use of magic within the effected areas, but actively eats magical energy!

Professor Somersby has not had the leisure to study the effects of the fog first-hand, as he lives in a remote villa in the South of Exeter, but stated that this was the only obvious conclusion given the pattern of growth displayed. "The fog started off in Salem Square, where it would have had nearly no exposure to magic itself, and only very limited exposure to magical persons, compared to a village like Hogsmeade," he pointed out. "And in its early days, it was growing much more slowly. By the time it had encompassed Irvingly, it had the whole magical community there to feed upon, its growth was exponential, and it took only five days to reach Hogsmeade — which, as anyone who was around during the time of the Hogsmeade Trail can attest to, is a considerable distance."

The professor has devoted his life to studying the intrinsic magical abilities within witches and wizards, and in particular what leads to the phenomenon of Muggleborn magic-users and squibs from otherwise magical families. He is considered an expert in this highly specialized field.

When asked whether there was a danger to witches and wizards staying within the fog's affected area, the professor said the danger is negligible. "Any adult wizard has the discipline to keep their magical abilities in check — this is one of the fundamental reasons we encourage even the most impoverished citizens to attend some amount of schooling at Hogwarts. For this reason, there is unlikely to be any significant, long-term effect once they leave the fogged area. For children, however, who have not yet learned to control all of their magical impulses — and particularly those young enough to have not yet displayed their first signs of magic or bought their first wand — the risk is much larger."

Could keeping your young children in Hogsmeade throughout the course of the fog result in their later becoming squibs? Without more study, it is impossible to say how much exposure to the magic-stealing fog will prove too much. The 'tolerance level' of how much fog your child can withstand may also be different for each individual, cautions the professor — which means for some of our readers, it may already be too late to remove your child from its effects.

Given this information, one must consider why the Ministry has been so silent on the nature of the fog and its exact effects. Wouldn't it be more prudent to organize some sort of evacuation or quarantine for magical children in the affected areas, or does the Ministry really care so little about the fates of our youngest citizens? Or perhaps something even more sinister is at work — could someone in the Ministry have a reason to want an entire generation of squibs?
An artist's rendition of a child's first act of magic — seen in Hogsmeade for the last time?

Could your darling child end up loveless and lonely like Miss Nimiane Bellchant?

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The fog has lured many into a false sense of security in public — just because you cannot see others in the street does not mean you're alone! Heard Around Town!
While the ominous fog might be thwarting the magic of many at present, it has not been able to thwart the rumor mill. If anything, it has had quite the opposite effect...

A ghost believed to be that of Mr. Herbert Fudge was seen entering the fog in Hogsmeade earlier this week from which he never returned. His body was likely obliterated in an instant by the magic-leeching fog. Some say he was aware of the potentially fatal effect the fog might have upon him and yet willingly exposed himself all the same. How maudlin, even for a ghost!

An intimate conversation was overheard between a young woman with the sort of accent one hears the other side of the Atlantic and a gentleman whose voice only betrayed him as relatively young and definitively British. The conversation which took place openly in a street shrouded by fog implied that they were secretly involved with one another in an indecent capacity. While unable to see the couple, their voices were quite audible and the lady's particularly distinctive accent has betrayed her as Miss Caroline Delaney. However, there are a few conflicting reports that it was really the voice of Miss Una Walsh.

Another fascinating and shocking conversation heard just a couple days ago took place between two ladies on Hogsmeade's High Street. An unidenfitied woman was heard to be threatening the other whom she addressed as a 'Mrs. Pettigrew'. It would seem that 'Mrs. Pettigrew' is the victim of extortion, although it is unknown what the mysterious woman is holding over her head. It is also uncertain which Mrs. Pettigrew although it seems likely to be Miss Hannah Pettigrew considering her unfortunate background.

A gentleman, whose identity has been given as Mr. Theseus Greengrass as well as Mr. Tiberius Lestrange by various individuals who claim to have bore witness to the incident, was severely startled by a large dog running loose in the fog. The shock was so severe that he was heard exclaiming moments later that he had fallen. The dark haired gentleman was spotted entering Black's a few minutes later with a fine coating of night soil upon the seat of his trousers.

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