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Letter to the Editor: Fog Theories
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Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
June 16th, 1888

Letter to the Editor: Fog Theories
Effects on Vampires and Werewolves

Dear Daily Prophet,

The magical fog has clearly shown that it has a severe affect on magic. However, there is a possibility that it can also do something good. Werewolves are slaves to the moon, by way of magic. With the upcoming full moon there is a chance that werewolves may either have no affect as a result while in the fog.

With this possibility, it seems only logical to keep werewolves known to the Ministry to be contained in a secured area in the fog to observe the affect it has. Although there is also the possibility that along with the fog comes the wizarding community to become defenseless to undocumented werewolves. Without magic, this has a possibility of becoming a massive threat to our community.

Furthermore, with the question of the affects that the fog has on werewolves, there is the possibility that the fog may have a very positive affect on vampires. Many have been concerned over the fact that vampires may take the fog as an opportunity to attack the wizards and witches of Hogsmeade while us humans are defenseless.

However, there is a possibility that vampires may not even be a threat at all. There is a possibility that the fog could be a cure to vampirism. With further studies, there could be the possibility of containing a permanent and more controlled version of said fog to attempt to cure the vampires of the world.

Written by Kelly
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