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The Language of the Flowers was a popular method to express feelings where words might be improper, but did you know other means of doing so? Some ladies used their parasols, as well as their fans, gloves, and hankies to flirt with a gentleman (or alternatively, tell them to shove it!). — Bree

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Ester Montgomery for Thomas Montgomery. The one that got away (with the pornographer...)
This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.

Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa

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Elbeess' networking
Player Name Elbeess
Contact: PM Lilian Hill or reply here

Character: Lilian Hill
Quick Facts: Lilian used to want to be a healer but after leaving school that wasn't an option and so she left home. She's currently very isolated without any real friend or family.
Age: 17
House: S
Grad Year: She should have graduated in 1889 but she left in 1886
Class: W
Reputation: 7
Blood/Race: PB
Occupation: Welcome Witch at St Mungos

Friends: She must have some friends/acquaintances. I don't see her having anyone super close. Possibly people from Hogwarts or work or that she's bumped into randomly on the street.
Trouble: She definitely needs some drama. I've got a couple of idea but I'm really up for anything
Potentially a family friend/extended family member who finds out she didn't ask her father for permission before leaving and is trying to make her life miserable.
Or maybe she borrowed money when she was finding her feet on her own and now has to pay it back.
Honestly I just want something going on in her life and am up for anything.
Hurls: I'm open minded but not fussed when it comes to hurling. Lilian is straight and poor as hell so someone from the working class would be the best match. I prefer for romances to form organically.

Character: Merritt Davise
Quick Facts: He's a muggle born kid who lives in London with his mother and brother. His family is incredibly poor and dodgy. He's a very warmhearted kid but suspicious and doesn't have qualms about breaking the rules to get what he wants. He's intelligent but struggles with reading and writing.
Age: 10
House: H
Class: W
Reputation: 4
Blood/Race: MB
Occupation: Incoming Firstie

Future Classmates: I'm really up for anything friends, tutors, people who look down on his shabby clothes and blood status.
Anything: I have so much muse for this guy but I know threading with him will be a challenge until he goes to Hogwarts. If you have anyone with a reason to interact with him before then, hit me up.
Hurls: He's 10. Girls are icky
Hey! Welcome to Charming! I'm Jon!

I have a few characters that might be interesting.

For Lilian:
Coleman Beasley - A hurl potentially but most likely trouble. He is a drug dealer and user and is sitting on a huge fortune of muggle money he has no idea what it is. He is extremely chill and nice but is happy to push the agenda of 'drugs are cool' - especially opium - if that's a direction you want to go in. He's very nice and friendly, though.

Benedict Bates - Trouble all-round. He's a blood purist, an ex-convict and a total psychopath. He staged a mass murder 5 years ago and managed to allow himself about 4.5  years in Azkaban when he should be locked up for good. He has no wand but wants one. He is regretful that he got caught and of his actions though he's not really changed. Another route is taking her on as an 'apprentice' of sorts to try and change her views so she becomes purist, should he find out she is pureblooded. This guy can cause all sorts of drama should you want.

Thomas Tilcott - Could be friendly though I don't see hurling working. He's a nice person, just a bit of a lad. Would likely feel bad for her for some reason. He does that.

And I think that's all I can think of for Lilian though feel free to check my networking or the character directory if you wanna peek at some other characters!

For Merritt:
Paxton Fudge - Incoming first year. Halfblood. Adventurous. Open minded. Has a ghost dad. What more could you need in your life as a potential bro? Paxton is all about seeing things and doing stuff so he'll suck in school probably. But I see him making fast friends and think these two could be great. He's not blood prejudiced at all though hasn't really had a chance to meet extremely poor working class people yet - which will be super interesting. He'll be going to London and/or Hogsmeade over the summer for Hogwarts stuff so they could meet then.

James Grey - Incoming fifth year. He needs to find money to get to the next year so this may only last one year (or more through letters  and holidays etc!). He is an absolute gem and believed himself to be muggleborn however he has recently found out his mother was potentially a witch. He is not discriminating and understands how it is to be poor in so much as he doesn't have money for himself - but not unable to eat kind of poor. He'd want to help and would probably have no issues giving his money to Merritt. I really think these two could be close friends with James sort of looking after him in a big brother sort of way.

Woopy - He needs no introduction. He is the resident Hogwarts house elf and is the best. That is all.

For Lillian I have both Nathalie Jennings and Sydney Podmore who work at St. Mungo's! Nathalie would be super sweet to her and Syd's just... Syd. He's a workaholic. But Nat's a sweetheart and would likely be very friendly!

She may also know Daffodil Potts who was a year ahead of her in Ravenclaw. Daff is super into plants and potions and a bit of a hippie, but she's also pretty chill and doesn't judge at all... ever.

For Merrit I have Sloane Bixby  who will be a second year Gryff in the fall, so that may have to wait, but I'll toss her out anyway. I also have the herbology proff, Mason Skeeter who is pretty chill as far as professors go! There's also Phineas Black the headmaster, but he's an asshole, so.

If he comes into Hogsmeade for school supplies, please have him stop in to see Quincey Honeyduke  at Honeyduke's! Quin's muggleborn too, so he's got a soft spot for the ickle MB firsties!

[Image: xnfCC2.png]

Hi guys!

Coleman could definitely be interesting. Getting involved with drugs wasn't a direction I was originally looking to take Lilian in but it would definitely add tons of drama which I'm definitely up for.

Benedict and the whole apprentice thing could also be really fun. Lilian is a bit resentful that she was essentially forced to leave Hogwarts early and give up on her dreams so I can kind of see her falling for some purist ideas. I'm not sure how far she'd take them though.

I would be so happy to do a thread with Woopy when Merry goes to Hogwarts. A grumpy house elf just sounds like so much fun.

Paxton sounds like he would be a good friend for Merry. Meeting while getting school supplies seems like a good idea. I love the idea of him discovering magic exists and he's a wizard and then suddenly he's friends with a kid who just casually has a ghost dad. His mind is going to be blown.

I absolutely love the idea of a close friends/big brotherly relationship between James and Merry. Merry is definitely leaving Hogwarts after his first year anyway so it's not like school friendships could last longer than a year apart from through letters etc.

Getting some threads going between Lilian and others who work at the hospital would also be great. I think Natalie and Lilian would be interesting as I can see Lilian trying to be nice but also jealous.

I will definitely have Merry visit Honeydukes if he goes to Hogsmeade.

I'd definitely be up for doing something with Sloane and Merry once school starts. She'd definitely challenge a lot of his ideas about what upper and middle class girls are like.

Playing out interactions with professors, even the asshole blood purist ones would also be fun.
Woo! Let's start with Nat/Lillian then! Would you like me to start?

[Image: xHD6EJ.png]
Hi Elbeess! I don't know how useful anyone I have will be to you, but I thought I'd throw 'em out anyway!

Lorcan Byrne is a mediwizard at St Mungo's with Lillian and raised eyebrows recently by eloping with a baker's daughter and moving to London, but he is also still a huge cad and will flirt with anyone female.

Elias Grimstone used to be working class so could be a potential hurl for her maybe?

My general London people: Jude Wright hangs out with a group of liberal political friends at the Augurey Beak Cafe in magical London if Lillian or Merritt ever stumble across that way. He also fell out with his family so they might get along over that?

Oliver Devereaux works as a solicitor in muggle London so could come across Merritt for a random/fun encounter, probably.

Ishmael is a vampire who spends part of his time hanging around a criminal gang in London, so if either of them want to meet a vampire someday...? I don't know if Lillian would ever veer towards the shady for some extra cash, but Ishmael pays people to feed from them, and could also have asked her to pilfer some blood bags from St. Mungo's potentially, and so on, if you want that kind of drama. xD

If Merritt ever gets to come to Hogsmeade I have a girl at the carnival Silence Daisy, and Kristoffer Lestrange at Hogwarts to be a real douchebag to his lessers. xD

Sounds good, Bee! If you could start it that would be great!

Hi MJ,

Lorcan seems like an interesting character! Could be interesting to throw them together.

Elias could definitely work as a hurl if that's something you wanted to pursue.

I'll keep Jude in mind if I want to have someone stumble that way.

I would absolutely love to have Ishmael try to get blood/blood bags through Lilian. She might do some shady things for cash but I doubt she'd go so far as selling her own blood right off the bat.

I would really really like to do a thread with a random encounter between Merritt and Oliver, anything to actually be able to post with him.

I'll keep Silence and Kristoffer in mind for when Merry makes it to Hogwarts.
Sounds great to me! :D

I'll keep the rest in mind for later - and will let you know when Ishmael is next back down in London! - but for the meantime shall I start an Oliver thread for Merritt?

That would be amazing :)
Hi Elbeess! I'm Fallin, welcome to the site.

I have a couple of ideas for you:

For Lilian Hill :
As for drama I have Kenton Yaxley who is a healer at St. Mungo's. He'd likely not be terribly nice to her, but I could see him holding something over her head if he accidentally found out about it. He is not the biggest fan of mc or wc but he does love gathering information and I could see him either blackmailing her or making her life hell if you wanted him too.
Also I have a hurl idea for you. Asha Bilton is literally one of the most unlucky people Lilian will likely ever meet. He does have a heart of gold though. He has a habit of getting himself into bad situations and so I can see him ending up in the hospital plenty. He is 'married' but his wife ran off on him years ago so he's a hurl but a complicated one. Additionally he's stuck in Hogsmeade because of fog so I could see him running into her there since you mentioned she was also stuck.

For Merritt Davis:
Sisse Thompsett is an incoming second year Gryffindor (and Sloane Bixby's good friend). She gets along with almost anyone and once the school year gets rolling I can definitely see them having a thread together. I also have Somersby Fudge who is a Ravenclaw going into his seventh year. His family is a bit odd so he doesn't feel like he can judge anyone.

[Image: x5VH1p.png]
An amazing signature from Bee <3

Coleman - If she didn't want to do that kind of thing, he wouldn't push. But he would definitely at the very least try to get her to as, the way he sees it, his problems ended when he started using. He'd likely give her a discount or some stuff for free to start with lol. This could be interesting.

Benedict - I'm loving the idea of the apprentice thing. He's like "I can't do anything because I'll be back in Azkaban, but you can for me!" Basically exactly how he was the last time. History always repeats itself, you know.

Woopy - Fun is one word. It'd be interesting to see how these two get on. Probably not but that's the fun!

Paxton - yes!!! This would be great. I do see something friendship wise with these two.

James - For sure, James would defo take Merry under his wing and try to keep in touch via owls etc as much as possible.
Hi Fallin!

I love the idea of someone with more power at the hospital trying to make her life hell/blackmailing Lilian.
Asha does sound like an interesting character and I'd love to throw the two together sometime. Unfortunately Lilian had a run in with a troll and is currently being sent back to London. We could backdate a thread if you wanted to though? She was stuck there from the 17th to the 19th.

I'll definitely keep those two in mind for Merritt when the school year starts.


I can definitely see Merritt sneaking into the kitchens to try and send food back to his family at least once, that would probably be an easy way for him and Woopy to meet.

I'd definitely be interested in doing a thread with Coleman or Benedict, be fun to throw her into a situation completely out of her comfort zone.
Hope this works!

Nathalie/Lilian! ♥

“It's alright, yeah I'll be fine
don't worry about this heart of mine.”

deep quote code by Soph ♥
Merritt - Sweet! When he starts school, we'll definitely thread!

Lilian - Which one of the two would you prefer?

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