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Iola Hitchens for Elladora Black. The Blacks' black sheep.
This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.

Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa

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Thaddeus Davies
Full Name: Thaddeus Owen Davies
Nicknames: Thad, to only his closest friends and family
Birthdate: May 7th, 1857
Current Age: 31
Occupation: Curator at the Museum of Magical Miscellany
Reputation: 9 – His father married a Muggle, but Thaddeus married a younger daughter of a middle class Pureblood family. His wife’s recent death has put him an a kind of funk, however, and he spends much of his time out of Society’s eye and squirrelled away in the Museum.
Residence: Hogsmeade
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Alumnus, Class of 1875
Wand: Alder, 10 inches, phoenix feather core, flexible.
Blood Status: Halfblood
Social Class: Middle

Iefan Davies [1830-1887] Father
Elizabeth Ramsey Davies [1820] Mother
Arthur Davies [1842] Brother
Thomas Davies [1845] Brother
Charity _____ nee Davies [1847] Sister

Josephine Pritchett Davies [1864-1887] Wife

Appearance: While Thaddeus is beginning to show his age, the past year not having been kind to him, his face is still as finely crafted as ever – a patrician nose, squared jaw, and deep-set hazel eyes hail back to his father’s Welsh descendants. Deep smile lines braced thin lips, indicating a person who likes to laugh and smile, though his wife’s death in the past year has not given him much cause for merry-making.

Thaddeus has the potential to cut a fine figure but is truly hopeless without guidance from a third party. Left to his own devices he would wear outdated cuts in the most boring of colors (black, brown, or beige) with the barest attempt at accessorizing with color. He is tall-ish and would perhaps cut a more stately and imposing figure at the museum if he wasn’t frequently dashing to and fro, fussing over where this artifact should be displayed and tidying placards that may have gone askew.

His voice is a strong, cool baritone that tends to attract attention far more that his actual physical appearance. Although he still occasionally gets nervous about speaking in front of others, his voice is smooth, and with the added fact that he tends to forget his insecurities when speaking on subjects he knows well, captivating to some. He is right-handed.


Pre-1857: Iefan Davies shocked his Pureblooded Welsh family by marrying a Muggle woman of good family connections (an elder daughter of a baronet) that he had met a a mixed-blood Society ball. Their courtship had been quick, with Elizabeth wishing to escape a tyrannical father and Iefan in need of a wife. An up-and-coming lawyer in the Ministry, his family had been after him for years to settle down – but not necessarily with a Muggle. The tension was thick when Iefan brought his new wife home for the first time, but she genuinely won her mother-in-law over with her genteel, placid manner (that and the fact that she had an heir within a year). Two sons, a daughter, and three stillborn babies later, they were convinced that her childbearing years were over until she came up pregnant and carried Thaddeus to term.

1857: Thaddeus is born, the youngest and last of the Davies brood.

1864: Thaddeus’s magic manifests on a drizzly April morning. Confined to bed with a fever, he slept fitfully and dreamed of being chased by a large, angry dragon. Cornered in his dream and one step from being eaten, he had tried to hide and push the dragon away from himself; a loud clattering woke him as books and playthings fell off the shelves around the nursery, propelled by an unseen force.

1868: Thaddeus starts his first year at Hogwarts and is sorted (perhaps unsurprisingly) into Ravenclaw.

1875: Thaddeus graduates from Hogwarts and starts work as a junior curator at the Museum of Magical Miscellany.

1877: Iefan moves the entire family from London to the safety of Hogsmeade. Thaddeus reluctantly follows suit and rents his own small set of rooms just so he would not be the only unmarried child living at home with his parents.

1883: Thaddeus meets a young witch by the name of Josephine Pritchett at a Halloween party. They bond over a discussion of the merits of using apple peels to predict the initial of one’s betrothed (he thought it was ridiculous, she thought it amusing). In November he asks to begin courting her, to which her father agrees.

1884: Josephine takes ill with the Laughing Plague and their wedding planning is pushed back until she recovers.

1885: Josephine and Thaddeus marry in the spring. They go on holiday to Italy for a couple of weeks as a honeymoon in early summer before returning to Hogsmeade and settling in a comfortable house in Bartonburg North.

1886: Josephine announces that she is pregnant in late October. While he does not personally feel like he would be a good father, Thaddeus is happy that she is overjoyed and coddles her as much as she will allow him to.

1887: Josephine goes into premature labor in April and delivers a baby girl. The baby dies after only a few hours, and Josephine contracts an infection. She passes away after two days, leaving Thaddeus distraught at the loss of his best friend. He goes into a depression for weeks, eventually dragging himself out of the house and to work. He ends up spending as little time at home as he can, preferring the solitude of the museum to the loneliness of an empty house.

Personality: Introverted. Intellectual. Loyal. Insecure.

Thaddeus is a bright, intellectually minded man, but his propensity to live in the past tends to leave him woefully out of touch with his present. He will never be the sort to be a society fixture (he hates small talk too much for that) and his Halfblood status means that the upper echelons of high society are closed to him. His insecurities about never being good enough still loom large in his life, although he does his best to hide it and keep himself together – instead of dealing with his fears, he throws himself into his work and hopes that his work will be enough.

He is not the best with emotions from anyone, but specifically tries to suppress his own deep fears and those desires deemed unseemly. He is very much worried about appearing like he has parts of his life together because he is the sort of person who desperately wants approval from others—at first, his father, but now more accurately whomever he deems likeable and wants to impress.

His loyalty, once earned, is unwavering; in the event of love, his belief in the person tends to verge on worshipful ignorance of any of the person’s faults. Thaddeus’s fear of emotions is his Achilles’ heel in the sense that once he cares, he cares far too much; while he is not gullible in almost every other aspect, when it comes to relationships he is very easily taken advantage of.

He loves to laugh and enjoy himself, and adores anything and everything to do with history and old literature. It merely takes him a while to decide if he wants to befriend a person, then to plan how to win them over and impress them in the hope that they become his friend. Thaddeus is an introvert through and through, and does best in social situations where he can see there’s a common interest that he can expound on – small talk truly is not his strong suit.


Boggart: Himself, old and frail, dying alone.

Languages: Very good at Latin and Greek, decent at French and German. Skilled at translating Ancient Runes.

Patronus: Eurasian magpie.

Enjoys: Classic literature, travel/adventure accounts or novels, sketching, and a good game of backgammon.

Romance: Attracted to both sexes, but has only ever been with a woman (his wife). Was a virgin going in to marriage, and is pretty afraid of how illogical desire makes him feel – his relationship with Josephine was more of a best friends and companions type of vibe, not a passionately romantic one.

Politics: Fairly liberal, he believes in universal suffrage and aiding the poor. Tends to view intellectually minded women (in his estimation) favorably, since he thinks everyone should have access to knowledge regardless of sex.

Owl Scores
Ancient Runes - O
Ancient Studies - O
Astronomy – A
Charms - O
Defence Against the Dark Arts - A
Divination - A
Herbology - A
History of Magic - O
Potions - A
Transfiguration - E

NEWT scores
Ancient Runes - O
Ancient Studies - O
Charms - O
History of Magic - O
Transfiguration - E

Sample Roleplay Post:  It was so quiet he could hear the metallic clicking of his pocket watch, a maddening tick-tick-tick that seemed to emphasize the fact that while Thaddeus had arrived early to work today, the sheaf of parchment in front of him was still blank. He had woken from fitful dreams the night before with a vague idea about gathering local recollections of the Laughing Plague, but now that he was faced with the actual planning of the project his mind was horrifyingly blank.

He shot a look to where the silver plated pocket watch sat on the desk, and laid down his quill with a disgusted harrumph. The weight of the watch was familiar – he had carried it every day since receiving it, a grounding force even when he was so wrapped up in his own head that he found it hard to come back down to Earth. Flicking the back case open, he tilted it slightly so the light caught the inscription: Intret amicitiae nomine tectus amor – JP, 1885.

She had given him the watch on the eve of their wedding, a solemn expression on her face as he had read the inscription. Josephine had always hoped that love would spring from their friendship as Ovid had predicted; perhaps that had been her fault from reading too many novels where the heroine fell passionately in love. Thaddeus had always thought their marriage was an ideal one: based on mutual respect and kindness, but not blinded by passion and jealousy.

The old, distressingly familiar ache was there: deep in his stomach, twisting and coiling into knots. He could hardly bear to think of her, his dearest friend and wife, as gone forever. Blinking hard, he shut the pocket watch after checking the time and went to go unlock the front doors for the day.

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