Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Harvey Beauregard
    In Character
    Full Name: Harvey Vincent Beauregard
    Nicknames: none
    Birthdate: 3.12.1867
    Current Age: 18 years
    Occupation: Personal Assistant to Thom Pettigrew
    Residence: Willow St., North Bartonburg
    Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
    Wand: 10 ¼" inches, holly, dragon heart string, flexible
    Blood Status: half
    Social Class: middle

    Vincent Beauregard: | [1834] father, trading company manager
    Stella Beauregard née Walsh | [1838] mother, Governess
    Shay Ross: [4.21.1861] | Brother (family ward), Werewolf Capture Unit
    Bentley Beauregard | [12.6.1861 - 10.2.1883] Brother, Craftsman
    Adella Beauregard | [2.14.1863] Sister, Seamstress
    Elsie Beauregard | [5.13.1866] Sister, Whizzhard's Employee
    Charlotte Beauregard | [5.23.1871] Sister, Ravenclaw
    Owen Beauregard | [5.23.1871] Brother, Gryffindor

    Charles & Edna Beauregard née Quigley | Uncle and Aunt
    --Lucinda Cavanaugh née Beauregard | [8.23.1863] Cousin & family
    --Sebastian Beauregard | [4.30.1866] Cousin
    --Phoebe Beauregard | [6.28.1868] Cousin, Hufflepuff

    Maurice & Alice Beauregard nee Endicott | Uncle and Aunt
    --Chester Beauregard | [1861] Cousin, Ministry Worker
    --Theodore Beauregard | [1864/65] Cousin
    --Emmett Beauregard | [1868] Cousin, Slytherin
    --Leah Beauregard | [4.24.1872] Cousin, Slytherin

    Appearance: Fair like his sister, Adella, Harvey has wavy blonde hair and blue-green eyes. He’s bound to be taller and broader than both Bentley and his father, though he still has a lot of growing left to do. His features are not quite as strong as his brother’s, especially in his face, which is a little rounder, a fact that irks him a little bit. He’s never been particularly jealous of his brother, only his ease with girls. Harvey is lanky now, but with time, he’ll fill out and become a handsome guy, once the awkwardness of his teenage years have passed. His clothing is simple and pretty dull. He doesn’t pay much attention to fashion, leaving that to his sisters and mother. They take care of dressing him for events and the like, but he tends to stick to plain robes at school.

    March 12th, 1867 | Harvey Vincent joins siblings, Bentley, Adella and Elsie. He is a happy and easily amused babe- and vocal.

    May 23rd, 1871 | An unexpected pregnancy results in twins, Owen and Charlotte. Nobody ever expected them, but both are born healthy, if small. In the fall, Harvey and Elsie join their older siblings in being tutored in the basics by their mother.

    Summer 1872 | Shay Ross (formerly Stanley Holwick) becomes a late addition to the family as a ward. Harvey finds this to be excellent because now the boys outnumber the girls. That same fall Shay heads off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Gryffindor.

    Fall 1873 | Bentley heads off to Hogwarts and is also sorted into Gryffindor. Harvey begins to eagerly anticipate his own venture to school, even though it is still a few years off.

    Fall 1874 | This year it is Adella’s turn and as she heads off to school, she is unsurprisingly placed in Hufflepuff. With a few of his children now in school, Vincent accepts a promotion at the shipping company he manages and therefore travels more often. Harvey finds this awesome, but it hits Elsie hard.

    Summer 1875 | Harvey displays his first sign of magic by making a stick (being used as an imaginary broom!) levitate off the ground with him on top of it!

    1877 | Early in the year upheaval in the magical community leads to a mass movement to Hogsmeade. The Beauregards are not immune and pack up their Liverpool home to make the move, just before the start of term. Elsie starts school in the fall and is shockingly sorted into Gryffindor.

    School Year 1878-1879 | After an agonizing wait, it is finally Harvey’s turn to head to school where he is sorted into Hufflepuff. He expected Gryffindor or even Ravenclaw, but finds himself quite content with the placement. He and his roommate, Andren Lovegood, hit it off immediately and thus begins an illustrious broship of mischief and mayhem. Shay graduates and moves into an auror-in-training position.

    School Year 1879-1880 | Harvey joins Club Quidditch, anticipating a move in the next couple years to the house team, but he proves to be a terribly clumsy player and therefore finds it best to just stick to the club team. Bentley graduates and accepts an apprenticeship to a local craftsman.

    School Year 1880-1881 | This year Harv adds Arithmancy and Care of Magical Creatures for his electives. This year he is also selected to be the school’s Quidditch Commentator, something that he is absolutely thrilled about. Cousin Emmett, whom Harvey has always gotten along with goes to school and is sorted into Slytherin. Adella graduates and debuts, but after a mediocre first season, she finds a position at Twilfit and Tatting’s as a seamstress. Cousin Lucinda also graduates this year.

    School Year 1881-1882 | Fourth year is amazingly unimaginative and a little boring in his opinion.

    Summer 1882 | Bentley is drafted for the Hogsmeade Trail Expedition, but survives the trip. Very unexpectedly, a summer letter from Hogwarts reveals Harvey to be one of the incoming prefects for fifth year.

    School Year 1882-1883 | Being a prefect is flipping hard work! Bentley and Adella leave around November to live in America. Harvey thinks this is kind of silly, but he knows little of either of their reasons behind the move. Harvey sits his OWLs:

    Adella moves home for the summer to participate in the season and ultimately stays home. Harvey is thoroughly excited to enjoy the Quidditch World Cup being held right there in Hogsmeade. Elsie starts acting strangely around that quidditch-playing friend of hers, but Harv tends not to pay attention.

    School Year 1883-1884 | This October the family suffers a shocking loss when Bentley is killed trying to rescue a neighbor in a fire in his apartment building. Everybody finds the loss very hard to cope with, but Harvey has always been the kind to suck up his feelings and keep everything inside.

    The summer following this year also provides another shock, Harvey is selected to be Head Boy!

    School Year 1884-1885 | Between Head Boy duties, being president of Flying Club and everything else, it’s a wonder he has any free time- even Andren has captaining the house team to worry about. Harvey is also selected this year to participate as a Hogwarts Champion in the Pan Magical Games. He sucks royally in the Potions tournament, but does well in most of the other events, including Quodpot.

    NEWT Scores:

    Currently | Graduation sees Harvey finding an unlikely place on Puddlemere United as their second string keeper. He suspects the only reason he got the position was because Andren was taken on as a beater. It lasts only a month or so before he is approached by the team’s owner, Thom Pettigrew, for a promotion- to his personal assistant.

    Harvey moves out of his family home and into a small flat with Andren and a couple of other friends from school because he is making bank.

    Personality: A good balance in the family, he is definitely a middle child, shared with Elsie and the two are very alike. However, where Elsie ALWAYS has her nose buried in a book, Harvey knows when to put the studies down and go out and have fun. He doesn’t cause trouble for anybody, but he does know that a pick-up game of quidditch or some games on the grounds are a good break. He finds the castle stuffy at times and tends to spend every minute of nice weather outside, whether he’s working on school work or goofing off instead, he’s very comfortable at school; it comes easily to him. He finds Hogwarts to be his home away from home. Harvey enjoys having a big family, he really does, but being the only Hufflepuff in his family at school is a blessing. He doesn’t want to be selfish, but it’s nice just to have a place to go where nobody in his family can follow him. Being that middle child he’s good at problem solving, not that there are a lot of arguments in the Beauregard household. He finds his family’s life to be kind of boring, other than the move and the loss of his dad’s job, which was quickly replaced; there has not been a lot of family drama which leaves Harvey with a thirst for knowledge and the urge to wander. He would like to travel after school because he doesn’t have a clear path in mind for himself. He knows he’ll have to find a trade some day, but he’s hoping to find something along the way that he loves.

    Sample Roleplay Post:
    Harvey had rounded up some of his fellow Hufflepuffs and classmates and coerced them into playing a pick up game of quidditch that afternoon when they got out of classes. He encouraged them to bring friends, so he hoped that there was a good turn out. He hoped that the girls that had been kicked off the house teams would come play as well, just to keep their hand in it. He found it entirely unfair that the girls had been forbidden from playing. He definitely wasn't good enough to play for the house team, so if a girl was, she should have the chance to play. If any of his sisters were athletic and wanted to play, he'd fight for their right to do so, so why wouldn't he do that for his friends? They deserved a fair shot just as much as the boys did.

    He got out the equipment from the shed; he knew how to get in because he had no broom of his own and when he wanted to fly, he had to get in some how. Today he hoped the weather held out. It as getting awfully cold out lately. If it was one thing Harvey had not adjusted to living here rather than on the coast, it was the weather here. The damp, never-ending cold was insufferable. He probably looked ridiculous wrapped up in his winter robes, gloves and scarf as it were, he even contemplated putting his hat on. It was a little out of control.

    So far the day hadn't been anything special. His classes were a little boring lately. Maybe it was because he was always working with Elsie on her homework and reading the same things she did that he was father ahead in his own year. Unfortunately, he still had to sit through the lessons and lectures and do the labs in potions, which he didn't mind so much and he was better at it than Elsie, but t was still getting tedious.

    Watching people file in, he smiled, glad to see at least a few people had come. It had been a while since they'd played and he was itching to get back on his broom. That and he thought that the girls who had just been ousted from the teams would like a chance to play again. He wondered what would happen if they got caught out here, but he didn't much care. They were going to have a good time. It was bound to be fun, if enough people showed up to field most of two teams. He knew Elsie was on her way, just to watch, but he knew her nose would most likely be buried in a book. It was both amusing and frustrating to watch his sister go through life. She did almost everything before him, being old, but it didn't seem like she enjoyed anything other than reading. She played the piano marvelously, but hardly ever did. She was quite the conversationalist, but only on things she had read, current events and small talk were lost on her.

    He stood from his spot on the grass, broom in hand as people started warming up and getting out their own equipment with a wide grin on his face. This was going to be spectacular.

    Out of Character
    Name: Bee
    Age: 28
    Contact: see Elsie

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