Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    11.13 This news is not at all big. Do not bother with it.
    11.10 Election update!
    11.07 We have Posting Wizards!
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    11.03 Banner time!
    11.03 Welcome to November!
    10.29 October is waning...
    10.17 Election 1887 campaign ledgers are up!
    10.16 Kayte's changed her (Charming) face!
    10.10 Congrats to September's PW winners Olive and Miri!
    10.03 An update on the Hogwarts ban...
    10.01 It's now October~
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    09.24 We have new Wenches!
    November 1887
    Standout IC Quotes
    The truth about Unspeakables xD

    "I imagine they do research, though," Seneca continued. The work was veiled with mystery, but it wasn't that hard to imagine what they did. "They hold knowledge that it would be best that it didn't fall in just about anyone's hands."

    Or maybe they used the taxpayers' money to play Exploding Snap all day.
    @Seneca Lestrange in Challenge Accepted
    [-] The following 3 users Like Holly Scrimgeour's post:
       Odira Potter, Ophelia Dippet, Seneca Lestrange
    Quote:Valeria sat rather stoically as her youngest sister berated the actions of her other sister. She took a sip of her tea rather casually.
    @Valeria Greengrass in Ego Battles
    [Image: rv71TSL.gif]
    sen's mesmerizing set was created by stefanie <3

    check out this awesome moodboard by tiff!
    Tonight, she was prepared. Tonight she was the embodiment of her house, tonight she was a mighty badger; unafraid of toil, dedicated, hard working, patient. Tonight she would reclaim her husband's body from the last vestiges of his coma or she'd get to the bottom of his reticence.

    Never thought I'd see a "might badger" metaphor in the bedroom, but...
    I love Seneca omg xD
    Quote:"And you can assault your fellow school-mates without getting into trouble." She gave the younger girl a conspiratorial smile. "Well, provided you don't permanently harm them."
    @Seneca Lestrange in teach me your ways
    Quote:"I don't suppose you're in the market for a young, rich Brazilian wife?"
    @Otavio Caldiera in Daughter For Sale

    Dude's wasting no time.
    [-] The following 2 users Like Ellory Pendergast's post:
       Cassius Lestrange, Ophelia Dippet
    Her first four years at Hogwarts had seen her Sundays spent diligently in a corner of the common room with her bible, or sometimes off actually enjoying herself but feeling tremendously guilty for disappointing God.
    Blythe Fairchild in this. #poorBlythe
    [-] The following 3 users Like Beatrix Borgin's post:
       Cassius Lestrange, Jane Flack, Odira Potter
    Quote:Her childlike wonder at Hogwarts' machinations had vanished over the summer.

    It laid in the same grave as her parents.
    @Ivory Kamaria in Edison & Tesla
    [-] The following 2 users Like Seneca Lestrange's post:
       Elliot Carmichael, Tiberius Lestrange
    [Image: rv71TSL.gif]
    sen's mesmerizing set was created by stefanie <3

    check out this awesome moodboard by tiff!
    Why were all the women he came into contact with at work so brusque? Did he earn that particularly treatment somehow or was the Ministry just a hotbed for grouchy young women?

    @Theodoric Jameshill in It's Ok this time
    [-] The following 2 users Like Lupus Jameshill's post:
       Cassius Lestrange, Seneca Lestrange
    Do You Know Lou, or Charlie?
    [Image: I7y9kJ.png]
    Beautiful set by Tiff!
    If the last thing she ever did was try to correct her failed attempt at creating a life then she was damn well going to succeed at it.

    Tiberius appears to have rubbed off on @Antigone Lestrange in we burnt the toast.

    THIS IS A VERY MATURE THREAD. Infanticide and spousal abuse; read at your discretion.
    [Image: mZROQz.png]
    Set by Tiff!

    Toussant's inner monologues about Elsie will never cease to amuse me.
    Get Featured in Witch Weekly!
    [Image: rb7FoHm.png]
    stunning set by Lady ♥
    [Image: 2emz8zq.png]
    She was laughing, and Lou found himself smiling in spite of everything else. Her mirth was contagious like that, and he'd always found it that way, from the very first time he'd met her. At least from the very first time Charlie Williams had met her--he couldn't really remember if he'd had any opinion on her before. He must have met her at least a handful of times, but the memories of it were fuzzy. Xena had always said she was annoying. Too young, too immature, too odd. But she did smile a lot.
    [-] The following 2 users Like Zelda Fisk's post:
       Ellory Pendergast, Lupus Jameshill
    [Image: uUQiz4B.jpg]
    Quote:Jon was a non-confrontational panda bear of a human being.

    @Jonathan Webster in Walking Down Canal Street
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Edmund Grimm's post:
       Ellory Pendergast
    Set by Té <3

    How dare he be alive after she had mourned him in private and moved on!

    @Vera Podmore in I had a feeling I could be someone
    [-] The following 2 users Like J. Alfred Darrow's post:
       Ellory Pendergast, Vera Podmore
    I want to hold Micajah to my bosom I swear to god you guys:

    She was no Cassandra Trelawney, but no one was Cassandra Trelawney.
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Cassandra Trelawney's post:
       Cassius Lestrange
    Quote:Miss Madeleine Backus, destroyer of her dreams.
    Handsome mentioned Maddie to @Claire de Luna in Blossoming Youths

    Charms & CoMC & DADA & Ghoul Studies & Transfiguration
    Handsome is in mourning until July 9th, 1888. Not that you needed to know this — I'm just reminding myself so I don't do anything stupid!

    Quote:They didn't know how far the time freeze extended, after all, and if he walked out of range, Howell would be left standing in a room full of confused gentlemen holding a broom. Which was probably not the weirdest situation Howell had ever had to explain himself out of, but still.

    #accurate in this howell/ben thread
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Howell Merrick's post:
       Ophelia Dippet
    [Image: iJV98.png]

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