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He has touched my ankle and seen me with my hair down (not intentionally, of course!), so I'm pretty sure I already know what it feels like to be married.Helga Scamander in Helga's Boy Book
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Bree's Post Logs
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20 | Taurus | ENFP | Hufflepuff | Preschool Teacher
Lead Weekly Wench | Gossipmongering Hag | Sweep | Buddy

Hi, I'm Bree! I've spent 1/4th of my life on Charming, and I'm usually around if you just holler at me. I work full-time as a preschool teacher, which usually includes wrangling toddlers or telling elementary-aged students that being siblings does not excuse them for smacking their brother across their head. Fridays are my favorite days, and I can usually be found online all day during the weekends. The best way to contact me is through skype.

I'm obsessed with Harry Potter (obviously), but I also love Game of Thrones, Outlander, Anne with an E, Disney, and Star Wars. I'm always up to chat about them!

Habits & Expectations

— I try my best to match posts, but I won't if there's nothing else that needs to be said. I don't expect anyone else to match mine, but I at least appreciate if the contents of my posts are responded to! My average posts usually range between 80-250 words.

— I don't have any triggers, but I prefer a heads up if we're heading into sensitive or M-rated material. I means violence, gore, or even smut if it's necessary in the thread or plot.

— I usually get a couple of posts out a week, but generally post the most in quick-paced threads. I'm always up for rapid fire style as long as the thread material isn't too emotionally draining.

— I prefer action-based threads over meet-and-greets. I have a short attention span and will get bored and lose muse if I feel like a thread is dragging on. When it doubt, break a window.

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Edric Umbridge
38 | MCPB | Slytherin Class of '71 | Dept. MAC Assistant Head | Married

Edric is best characterized by his ambition, stubbornness, and fear of abandonment. After his mother abandoned him and his father when he was a mere toddler, Edric grew distant from his father and was forced to forge his own beliefs about the world, which were, at times, less than healthy. Despite this, he found his place among the auror team and climbed to the rank of head auror during the Irvingly Fog Crisis. He met and married his wife, February Lynch, after a whirlwind romance and the pink letter scandal in September of 1888. Now nearing forty and with an infant daughter, he's considering a quieter, safer life with his family.

Active Threads

02.21.90 | The Hard Knock Life | with February Umbridge
02.28.90 | Tick Tock | with Justin Ross

set by MJ!
Bella Scrimgeour
21 | WCPB | Gryffindor Class of '87 | Maid at the Hog's Head | Unattached

Bella is a bold, impulsive, judgmental—and yet, still kind-hearted—girl who's been through enough uncertainty and misfortune for a lifetime. After she was assaulted by her father and disowned following his arrest, Bella lost her job as a healing intern and found refuge with the dragon-keeping MacFusty family. One unhealthy relationship and alcoholism problem later, Bella left her position as Malcolm MacFusty's research assistant to become a maid at the Hog's Head—and in doing so, hopefully some independence.

Active Threads
12.02.89 | A New Beginning | with Hestia

beautiful set by Lady
Handsome Whitledge
19 | UCHB | Gryffindor Class of '88 | Dept. MLE Intern | Unattached

Handsome is...

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this MJ set has killed me and sent me straight to heaven
Post Log
Holly Scrimgeour
14 | UCPB | Slytherin Class of '94 | Third Year | Betrothed

For a girl with such a strong self-image, Holly has her fair share of insecurities. Born the youngest to a large family, Holly became the eldest after all but one of her siblings perished over the course of a year. Hardened by the sudden need for strength, Holly struggles to make connections with anyone, save for the Slytherin house matron. She finds comfort in academics and can frequently be found attempting potions and spells that are too advanced for her skill level. She is known by her peers as being short-tempered, judgmental, and a bit of a loner.

Active Threads
11.04.89 | A Ridiculous Request | with Sweetie Whitledge
11.10.89 | Come Out and Play | with Cordelia Fawley
11.17.89 | A Glimpse Down the Road | with Sage Macnair
11.25.89 | A Bit of a Situation | with Constance Sykes

set by MJ <3
Flora Mulciber
37 | UCPB | Slytherin Class of '95 | Second Year | Unattached

Raised to be the spitting image of her mother, Flora has always valued the finer things in life—fancy dresses, new dolls, hair ribbons and bows. She's always had the best and expects the best, although her new life at Hogwarts has challenged her views at times. Studious and curious, Flora excels in classes that require a greater degree of book work and a strong mind... not so much in classes that require practical knowledge. Her greatest strength remains her friendly demeanor, and, despite her upbringing, Flora remains relatively kind to people of all backgrounds.

Active Threads
11.27.89 | Into the Unknown | with Calla Potts, Jasper Diggory
12.04.89 | Brittle Bones & Armoured Plates (Intro DADA) | with Nikolai Sleptov, et al.

thanks to MJ for the prettiest set <3
Cameron Gillenwater
14 | MCMB | Gryffindor Class of '93 | Fourth Year; Chaser | Unattached

Despite having been a part of the magical world for a short time, Cameron is as much of a teenage wizard as anyone. He wouldn't mind skipping his homework if he was challenged to a game of backyard quidditch, and causes more trouble than he intends to. Things got easier when his mother, a muggle, married a wizard from their village—and he turned out to be the father of one of his school friends! Cameron is known for being friendly, unprejudiced, and a bit of a feminist, and definitely very hostile towards bigots.

Active Threads
09.23.89 | Green Sting of Envy | with Sisse Thompsett
11.20.89 | Me Before You | with Sloane Bixby

brought to you by bee's wizardry
Frida Lestrange
16 | UCPB | Hufflepuff Class of '91 | Sixth Year; Prefect | Unattached

For a long time, Frida was the black sheep of her family. It was uncommon for any Lestrange to be sorted into Hufflepuff, but it suited her well—which was more of a problem than the actual sorting. Soft and sensitive, Frida carries her families prejudices only in her subconscious and actively works to include everyone. She doesn't see herself as a strong leader and prefers to follow from the shadows, and is usually underestimated because of this.

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there are few beauties that compare to a ladyset
Finnian Byrne
32 | MCHB | Gryffindor Class of '75 | Dept. MLE Lawyer | Complicated

Finnian is...

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set by MJ!
Post Log
Dionisia Fisk (née Tweedy)
21 | MCMB | Hufflepuff Dropout | Housewife | Married

Dionisia is...

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lovely set by Lady!
Eldin Bones
18 | UCPB | Slytherin Class of '90 | Seventh Year; Head Boy; Beater & Quidditch Captain | Unattached

Eldin is...

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this MJ set was blessed by the heavens above
Post Log
Archie Diggory
12 | MCHB | Ravenclaw Class of '96 | First Year; Chaser | Unattached

Archie is...

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Jemima Rosier
24 | UCPB | Gryffindor Class of '83 | Activist | Unattached

Jemima is...

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Peony Pokeby
24 | WCHB | Slytherin Dropout | Ministerial Secretary | Unattached

Peony is...

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Helga Scamander
20 | MCPB | Hufflepuff Class of '87 | Debutante | Unattached

Helga is...

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#Hustling: Debutante Style
set by MJ! <3

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