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The Language of the Flowers was a popular method to express feelings where words might be improper, but did you know other means of doing so? Some ladies used their parasols, as well as their fans, gloves, and hankies to flirt with a gentleman (or alternatively, tell them to shove it!). — Bree

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Iola Hitchens for Elladora Black. The Blacks' black sheep.
This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.

Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa

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Dolores Diggory (née Lockhart)
Full Name: Dolores Idelle Diggory (née Lockhart)
Nicknames: Dolly—but only with family and childhood friends (and, of course, dear Inès!).
Birthdate: November 01, 1865
Current Age: Twenty-Two Years
Occupation: Wife
Reputation: 9. Before she married, she was a "silly" sort of debutante who indulged in gossip and rampant speculation. Not that she's changed; she's just better at being subtle about it.
Residence: Irvingly, Scotland
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Alumnus ('84)
Wand: Chestnut, 11 inches, Dragon heartstring, Whippy
Blood Status: Halfblood
Social Class: Middle Class
Gabriel Diggory, Husband [1858]
    Oh, how she loves him! A charming man with the dreamiest eyes, Gabriel—affectionately dubbed "Gabe"—works as a translator, and is a fine one at that! She met him in Morocco, where he was assisting her father deal with the locals. They married there before returning to Britain in 1887.

Bartleby Lockhart, Father [1832]
    Opinionated but by no means harsh, Bartleby found success in the Ministry before ultimately securing the position of British liaison to Morocco. His role in seeing Dolly married off to Mr. Diggory is not something Dolly will quickly forget, and she does everything within her power to show her appreciation.
Laurel Lockhart (née -----), Mother [1845]
    A dull and boring woman, Laurel took great pleasure in pointing out her daughter's failings—not that any of her complaints were without a basis in fact! Their relationship was somewhat soothed by Dolly's early marriage, though the two still rarely speak without reason.
James Lockhart, Brother [1868-1873]
    He and Dolly were playmates as children, but her memories of him are far and few between.
Lydia Lockhart, Sister [1871]
    A mild-mannered and easygoing child, the only thing preventing Dolly and her from being close is their age difference. Dolly does, however, look forward to playing an active role in her life as a debutante when she comes of age. (Perhaps she too can find true love!)
She is decidedly not a natural beauty, but with great care given to her features, few can say she looks unappealing. She stands at a taller-than-average but overall unimpressive five feet, four inches tall and has a pleasantly curvaceous figure. Her hair and eyes are similar shades of brown, with her preferring hairstyles that allow some ringlets to hang free to soften her wide jaw. She wears the nicest gowns she can afford and enjoys a variety of hair accessories. She is right-handed.
1865 | Dolores Lockhart is born the first child to Bartleby and Laurel Lockhart at their London home. The birth of a daughter (as opposed to a son) does not bother the couple, for their fortune is not large enough to have immediate need of an heir. No complications accompany the birth, and Dolores—quickly nicknamed Dolly—is doted on by mother and father.

1868 | Her brother, James Lockhart, joins the family. At three years old, Dolly is old enough to be aware of his presence, but not old enough to take an active role in his infancy.

1871 | Dolly is given a sister, Lydia Lockhart, at the age of six! Just having begun her education under a governess, Dolly takes to reading to the youngest of her siblings—or at the very least, showing her the "pretty pictures" in her books. She proves to be very maternal in nature.

1873 | James dies from a nasty fever, marking the first time Dolly has experienced the emotions associated with losing a loved one. She mourns her brother like any good sister would, even being brought to tears when faced with old belongings of his. Fortunately, the feelings do subside after a while, though meeting anyone who shares James' name causes the sadness to resurface.

1877 | Muggles discover magic, leading to an outbreak of violence and riots across the British Isles. Always having the interest of their children in mind, Dolly's parents move their family into a comfortable home in North Bartonburg, where Dolly is able to make friends with the nearby magical children. Her Hogwarts letter arrives before she knows it, and in September she's being shipped off to school! The house puts her in Gryffindor—the one house she never suspected she'd end up in—but in the end it's a good fit.

1879 | Dolly enters her third year, and as such is required to add at least one elective. Never being one for academics, she settles on just one: Divination. The class becomes her favorite, and before she knows it she's been labeled as a ditzy, divination-loving girl by her more skeptical classmates. Whatever—it's their fault they can't see the class' value!

1880 | Her father receives news at work that brings excitement to the whole of their household: he's going to Morocco, having been personally asked by the Department of International Magical Co-Operation to become the British liaison! Dolly declares that, had it not been still in the midst of her magical education, she would have accompanied him!

1882 | Her OWLs inconveniently arrive weeks after she receives a dark omen in Divination class, leading to anxiety for the entire month of May. Fortunately, she is able to breathe a sigh of relief when the summer comes, and later finds that her performance—while by no means stellar—wasn't as bad as expected. She chooses to continue her education with three classes: Charms, Divination, and History of Magic.

1884 | She takes her NEWT examinations and debuts alongside her classmates at the Hogwarts Coming Out Ball. Much to her dismay, she doesn't secure a husband in her first season, though does turn down an offer from a gentleman she felt could not support the lifestyle she desired. Her examination scores arrive in July, showing she achieved satisfactory scores—not that it really matters at this point!

1885 | Rather than pursue a second season in Hogsmeade, she joins her father in Morocco for an experience she hopes will give her the opportunity to become more educated—and not to mention give her plenty of stories to tell back home! She meets Mr. Gabriel Diggory around the same time she makes the acquaintance of Miss Inès Valentine. While her opinion of Mr. Diggory remains neutral for a time, she finds herself thinking more and more about him when Inès claims that he's her soulmate! Flash forward a few months and the two are courting, and a few months after that Dolly Lockhart becomes Mrs. Dolores Diggory.

1886 | After six months of no pregnancies, Dolly decides it's probably best that they save procreation for when they return to Britain—if they ever manage to get there! Though she deeply enjoys Inès' company and the Moroccan "experience", Dolly begins to grow homesick, in part because she's anxious to introduce her husband to all her friends at home!

1887 | Dolly is much relieved when her father announces he's returning home to Britain for a short while, as it relieves her from the admitting that she wishes to go home herself! In a tear-filled goodbye, Dolly parts way with Inès to return home to Britain with her father and new husband. She and her husband purchase a home of their own in Irvingly, and Dolly begins reintegrating into British society—part of which includes reconnecting with a long-lost childhood friend of hers!

1888 | The same friend admits that she's been struggling to find a husband, which prompts Dolly to immediately write to Inès to request her presence in Britain.
    ❧ Though (obviously) not a seer, Dolly takes great pleasure in casual divining, even going as far to claim that reading tea leaves is her greatest hobby!
    ❧ She keeps an extensive astrological calendar—with notes included!—on her bedroom desk, which she consults every morning before joining her husband downstairs.
    ❧ Dolly has three pet puffskeins (Pippa, Polly, and Paddy), all of whom she frequently references in casual conversation. And by casual I mean completely awkward.

Name: Bree
Age: 19
Contact: PM for Skype/Discord
Other Characters: All of them.
How did you hear about us?: I migrated with the flock.
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