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Fog Envelops Irvingly [And More!]
— The —
Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
June 8th, 1888

Fog Envelops Irvingly
Continues to Expand?

The Daily Prophet was alerted last night that the Salem Square fog suddenly expanded at around 2:00 A.M. to envelop Swallowbury and Dovecote District. It is now steadily pushing southwards, towards Hawthorne Hollow. The Ministry deployed on-call Magical Accidents & Catastrophes employees at 3:00 A.M., but as the fog is fundamentally unsafe to apparate out of due to visibility, the Ministry employees have elected to apparate into marked 'safe points' in the depths of Hawthorne Hollow and walk into the fog. One must assume that they are no longer observing rules against magic within the fog, but they will not confirm which methods are being used, due to the fog's potential origins from a specific wizard.

Despite the thick fog blocking most vision, and the constant need for the lamps to be lit, life in Irvingly continues as normal, with most businesses keeping normal hours.

Miss Eavan Mackay, magizoologist and resident, commented, "It's rather daunting, very upsetting for the animals here at the zoo. I feel as though they can sense something we do not, but we're doing our best to keep everything running smoothly."

The train into and out of Irvingly is still running, but the Constable is requesting that usage be reserved for emergencies only, due to the difficult visibility caused by the fog. Those who work in other locations, such as Hogsmeade or London, or want to visit Irvingly for any other reason, are asked to proceed out of the fog - however far that may be - and apparate to work.
Gulliver Doran
Written by Beanie

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— The —
Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
June 08th, 1888
To Quidditch They Go!
Class of 1888 Takes to the Pros

The Hogwarts class of 1888 has taken to the adult world—and for some of Hogwarts' most athletic students, the professional quidditch league. The class of '88 has been a lackluster one for the world of professional quidditch, with a mere three graduating students pursuing quidditch as a professional career immediately upon graduation!

The most notable of the three is Mr. Mundungus MacFusty, notable for both his notorious surname and his position of Gryffindor Quidditch Captain during his last year of school! Mr. MacFusty was recruited by the Hogsmeade Howlers, where he was almost immediately placed on first string as a beater. While Gryffindor failed to capture the Hogwarts quidditch cup in Mr. MacFusty's final year, many have attributed the failure to the unusual number of young students on the team.

Also joining Mr. MacFusty on the Hogsmeade Howlers is his former team-mate and head boy, Mr. Handsome Whitledge. After coming into his inheritance upon graduation, few would have expected the head boy to pursue any career, let alone one in quidditch; however, sources have stated quidditch was always a viable career option for the Gryffindor. Mr. Whitledge currently sits as the team's reserve keeper.

The third of the Professional Quidditch League's latest recruits is Hufflepuff graduate and former prefect, Mr. Owain Edwards, who's joined the Kenmare Kestrels as a reserve beater. Mr. Edwards has played for the Hufflepuff quidditch team since 1885, and supposedly signed a deal with Kenmare sponsor Mr. Roberto Devine in 1887 to remain on the team for five years post-graduation.
Mitch Quiddel
Written by Bree
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