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The Fall of Miss Scrimgeour
— The —
Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
June 06th, 1888

Wayward Debutante Disavowed

While uncertainty regarding the fate of her father, Mr. Argus Scrimgeour, still remains, the same cannot be said for the wayward debutante that sent him into the Ministry's custody! Mrs. Media Scrimgeour, wife of the disgraced Miss Scrimgeour, made is known earlier morning that she—along with the rest of her family—were no longer on speaking terms, nor were there any intentions to reconcile with her troublesome child.

Those with the inclination to indulge in society gossip might be aware of Miss Scrimgeour's exploits in recent months, including being seen drunk with Mr. Reuben Crouch, and reports of her engaging in a drunken argument with the Hogsmeade Howler's captain and chaser, Mr. Arthur Pettigrew in the weeks following her father's arrest.

Reports indicate that Miss Scrimgeour has been living away from her family—without any financial support whatsoever—since being discovered on May 11th after being reported missing at the end of April.

Miss Scrimgeour's location is still unknown to us at the Daily Prophet, but developments are sure to unfold as announcements are made regarding Mr. Scrimgeour's fate.
Fidelia Spiller
Written by Bree

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