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Fern-hunting parties became popular, allowing young women to get outside in a seemingly innocuous pursuit with less rigid oversight and chaperoning than they saw in parlors and drawing rooms. They may have even had the occasional romantic meetup with a similarly fern-impassioned beau. — Bree

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Now that he had walked up to them, he couldn't exactly whirl around and get going. That would be rude. And was not, presumably, how straight men seduced their future wives.

Cassius Lestrange in Eyes on the Screen

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Go the Distance
June 06th, 1888 — PSYR, Swallowbury District
PSYR Recruitment Luncheon
Out of all the people who could possibly be in attendance at Pendergast's School for Young Roses for the recruitment luncheon, Handsome Whitledge was likely the most out of place. Halfway to his nineteenth birthday, a newly-recruited quidditch player, and the kid who could be found in the company of bakers' daughters than stuffy debutantes, it wasn't too much of a surprise that being surrounded by a bunch of dolled-up girls—many who were his age and even older—and their families made him uncomfortable.

As they were shuffled into their seating arrangements, Handsome stood so closed to his sister that their arms were nearly squished together. They drew their numbers, were nudged in different directions, and then—Miss Midford.

A familiar face would have already been enough to bring a smile to his lips, but this familiar face caused him to flash a wide grin in his friend's—the former head girl—direction.

"Would you look at that. Not even a full day and I'm already seeing you," he teased, seating himself beside the pretty blonde (as per their seating arrangements).

Post Log
“If you keep insisting to go to that pub party, this is where you’ll end up” was the lighthearted warning that her big brother gave her when they had arrived at the school. Not that she minded too much if she was sent here but she realized that there weren’t many perks. The thought of debuting at a later age seemed almost scary, especially when men seemed to prefer the fresh and young ones. Oh, she was hopeful that she was finished enough in the eyes of her family.

Her brother and she had separated ways as they each went to the table. As she waited for the other attendees that she would be seated with her eyes caught sight of the former head boy. It was even better that she saw him head towards her table. It was too obvious at how happy she was to see her friend.

Oh, how funny it was that there were only writing to one another about meeting each other some other time. “I’m surprised to see you here.” She beamed.

[Image: hTRiRQY.png]
He wasn't really sure what to expect from the a Pendergast's event—his grandmother hadn't given him the benefit of knowing that when she'd shuffled him off here—but expected light chatter, delicate snacks for the equally "delicate" ladies, and if he were unlucky he might find himself stuck playing croquet with a bunch of ladies who would scowl if he tried to playfully cheat. Or maybe, just maybe, he might be able to park himself in a corner with Miss Midford and Cupcake and wait for for Quaderash later. (That would definitely be a sight to see.)

Fortunately, it was only Miss Midford (and, of course, the four who were seated awkwardly across from them) that he had to handle at the moment, and didn't hesitate to offer a teasing wink.

"But why?" he responded in mock hurt. "I've obviously begun stalking you since your rejection. It hurt me deep," he continued with a grin, bringing his hand up to his heart.

Post Log
Her friend’s appearance was a very pleasant surprise. Katherine expected to deal with awkward small talks with the unfamiliar guest and she was glad to have a decent conversation with someone she knew.

“Hogwart’s playboy getting hurt by a rejected invitation? Very surprising indeed.” The ex-ravenclaw laughed. “Don’t you have other ladies to entertain at your party?” She actually wondered if Mr. Whitledge would really mourn her lack of presence there. As far as she knew, the head boy was relatively friendly with girls that tabloids wouldn’t gossip about if they went to a pub, with the exception of probably Miss Backus who had been the recent favorite of Witch Weekly.

[Image: hTRiRQY.png]
Handsome snorted. Him? Hogwarts' Playboy? She obviously had a narrow view of him, and an even narrower view of his romantic experiences. Was he really that flirtatious? (And more importantly, had Maddie ever noticed it?)

"I'm sure you don't believe that," he teased, though he wasn't really sure if she believed that or not. "I only invited a few other ladies—mostly fellow prefects. Miss Woodcroft, Miss Backus..." He trailed off, not really wanting to think about Maddie while he was engaged in what could only be described as flirting with a woman who was not her. (Not that he should care. She was probably off pretending to be a debutante—a role he'd never imagined her feeling comfortable in—at the moment.)

Post Log
Kitty never really thought of him as a playboy but she did notice that her former partner really did have a lot of female friends. Him being comfortable with females,she deduced was because he was surrounded with sisters at home and charming had more 7th year girls. What she said was only meant as a joke.

“But there are rumors” she teased before taking a sip of her drink. “I don’t doubt you one bit but how are you to prove it.” Katherine noticed that he did invite Miss Backus which prompted her to mention the former hufflepuff and give him a look “Oh, Miss Backus” Their encounter with the boggart wasn’t from long ago that she hadn’t remembered who his boggart were.

[Image: hTRiRQY.png]
Handsome rolled his eyes. "Rumors are nothing more than that—rumors," he refuted. "If anything, I spend time with women because I acknowledge their worth as friends. That's something some boys my age are incapable of seeing." He didn't really pay mind to any rumors about himself; he was far more concerned with his sisters' reputations. (The last thing he wanted was Sweetie the Spinster in his home forever.)

"Miss Backus," he responded quickly, "is unlikely to show up, either. She's a debutante now." Her inheritance had apparently gotten to her head, but he didn't comment on that.

Post Log
He was right but she never thought that he would take her teasing seriously. "Of course, I was only joking Mister Whitledge. You are clean and I trust you. " She replied light heartedly.

"You won't know that until the day itself. Her schedule probably isn't as filled with invitation as most debutantes." she shrugged. Kitty didn't want to be cruel but realistically Miss Backus doesn't have the reasource to become a real debutante. Katherine would actually be surprised if the woman procures an invitation to balls. Sure Miss Backus was nice and proper but there was a difference on what the rich and the working class knew as proper.

[Image: hTRiRQY.png]
Perhaps he should work on being less defensive, but it was alarming when anyone—especially someone who knew little to nothing about his true romantic pursuits—accused him of womanizing, no matter how teasing their tone was. That was by no means a reputation he wanted attached to his name, though he knew such rumors were inevitable in the future with the whole quidditch player stigma and everything. Society would see every and any unmarried woman he spoke to as a potential victim of his.

But anyways.

"I danced with her once at the Coming Out Ball," he commented, "It felt so odd seeing her all dolled up like that. Strange. Different." There was no positive nor negative connotation in his tone; it was merely a statement. He hadn't even figured out himself is the new look she was sporting would suit her in the long-term.

(He supposed they'd find out once the season was over.)

Post Log
“She was pretty.” Kitty mused. Miss Backus was already good looking even when she was dressed humbly. The dress and jewels she wore only enhanced it – if it weren’t for her background Witch Weekly might be praising the hufflepuff instead. Handsome was indeed right, she was a strange sight that evening.

Talking about someone else didn’t feel right and Handsome might find it weird to talk about his crush so she shifted the topic away from the hufflepuff. “Anyway, Congratulations on joining the Hogsmeade Howlers. I thought you’d go for the ministry.” Because working for the ministry seemed like the career choice of head boys that she knew. He was also an heir so he could’ve just not work at all.

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