Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Garrett E. Wallingford
    In Character
    Full Name: Garrett Eugene Wallingford
    Nicknames: None
    Birthdate: 2nd January 1852
    Current Age: 35
    Occupation: Assist. Head of Magical Accidents & Catastrophes
    Residence: Imperial Square, Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade
    Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Alumnus
    Wand: English Oak, 12", Dragon Heartstring, Firm
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Upper
    Aurelia Wallingford (née Herondale), Wife (b. 1863)
    Charity, Siberian/Golden Retriever mix

    Fitzwilliam Wallingford, Father (1824-1877)
    Cornelia Wallingford (née Fairchild), Mother (1829-1862)
    Archibald Wallingford, Brother (1851-1851); stillborn
    Isabella Armstrong (née Wallingford), Sister (b. 1855); squib
    ---- Anthony Armstrong, Brother-in-law (b. 1847); muggleborn
    ---- Cecelia Armstrong, Niece (b. 1876); twin
    ---- Charles Armstrong, Nephew (b. 1876); twin
    ---- Annora Armstrong, Niece (b. 1879)
    ---- Bertram Armstrong, Nephew (b. 1882)
    Nathaniel Wallingford, Brother (1857-1860)
    Katherine Wallingford, Sister (b. 1862)

    Zachariah Wallingford, Grandfather (1797-1866)
    Katherine Wallingford (née Swinford), Grandmother (b. 1806)
    Zachariah Wallingford Jr., Uncle (1826-1826)
    Bartholomew Wallingford, Uncle (1829-1839)
    Constance Wallingford, Aunt (b. 1831); spinster
    Elizabeth Broadbent (née Wallingford), Aunt (1835-1860)
    ---- Barnabas Broadbent, Uncle (1823-1872)
    ---- Elizabeth Broadbent, 1st Cousin (1860-1860)

    Ever since he had been a young boy, his father, a successful architect, drilled into him the importance of keeping his appearance well-groomed and professional. As such, Garrett took his father's advice to heart, and regardless of the situation, can always be found dapper and dressed neatly with his thick dirty-blonde hair, nearly light brown, slicked back and kept in place.

    Due to his occupation (and his upbringing), Garrett often wears clean-cut suits of light colors (grays, whites, and light browns, in particular) and is never seen without proper attire in public. He is always prepared to bestow someone a friendly smile or a kind compliment, and when he does, his light-blue eyes seem to sparkle and the smile tends to reach his eyes, displaying his sincerity and trustworthiness.

    Although he is by no means a powerfully built man, Garrett's forearms, arms, and abdomen are faintly muscled, and he stands at an above average height of 5'7" and weighs around 157lbs. His wand arm is his right.

    January of 1852 | A day after the New Year arrived, in the year of 1852, a man in a nightcap and sleeping clothes could be found impatiently pacing in front of the door that lead to his wife’s bedchambers, his fingers clasped tightly together and his head bowed as he whispered a prolonged prayer, asking that his wife’s second delivery would proceed normally and smoothly. After the death of their first child the year before, a son they had named Robert, just mere hours after his birth, Mr. Fitzwilliam Wallingford hoped and prayed that this time their God would be more merciful, that He would see to it that their second child would be brought safely into the world.

    Finally, several hours and four cups of strong tea later, the midwife finally opened the door, announcing that Mrs. Cornelia Wallingford had birthed another son, and that both mother and child were doing well and recovering appropriately. Exhausted, but relieved and filled with joy, the twenty eight year old man collapsed onto a nearby chaise, and smiled hugely. Cornelia had given him a second son, and he could not be happier. Later in the day, when both new parents had properly rested and were more alert, Fitzwilliam and Cornelia would fawn over their new baby boy -- both appeased by the fact that their son had survived throughout the day,  his hearty squalls indicating his good health -- and it was then that they decided to name him Garrett Eugene Wallingford.

    Years of 1852 - 1857 | The first few years of Garrett’s life were hardly eventful. He was mostly confined to his nursery where he was never in want of toys and other things to entertain him with, for his parents ensured that he was well-provided for. As the child of a Muggleborn father and a Muggle mother, Garrett was introduced to both the Magical and Muggle ways of life, but as his mother desired nothing to do with magic, Fitzwilliam honored his wife’s wishes, and Garrett was raised exclusively as a muggle. However, once it had been acknowledged that Garrett had inherited his father’s magical gene, Fitzwilliam often regaled his son with stories of his adventures at Hogwarts and how he had received a magical education, but Cornelia was not happy -- fortunately, she loved her husband enough that she would not forbid her husband from informing his children of his magical heritage, but she still disliked acknowledging it.

    In mid-1855, Garrett’s younger sister, Isabella, was born when he was just three years of age. At that moment in time, Garrett was still too young to fully comprehend that he had a new sibling, but what he did notice was that his mother spent less time playing with him to tend to a small, squirming thing in the cradle next to his. Unfortunately for Isabella, Garrett’s resentment and dislike of his mother’s inattention caused him to display his first signs of magic when he was just four years old.

    In winter of 1856, the night had been cold and the wind unrelenting, causing the nursery to feel frigid despite the warmth of the roaring fire in its grate. His mother was leaning over Isabella’s cradle, ensuring that she was bundled up warmly enough to fend off the noticeable chill in the air, and Garrett could not help but feel a stab of jealousy each time his mother crooned at his baby sister. The four-year-old glared white-wood cradle, wishing that it would somehow disappear and he would never have to set sight on it again, and much to his mother’s horror, that’s exactly what happened. Isabella’s cradle disappeared, leaving in its stead a small, white kitten, visibly shaking from fright.

    Fortunately, having a wizard in the household meant that Isabella soon transfigured back into her original infant form, but Garrett would soon learn that he was unique, that he -- like his father before him -- was a person of magical capabilities. What was unfortunate about this particular winter evening was that the newfound discovery of his magical heritage drove a bit of a wedge between he and his mother, and poor Cornelia would feel uncomfortable in her son’s presence, though this would not last for long. However, it did do wonders for his relationship with his younger sister as Garrett soon began to pay Isabella more attention, finding her to be a playful companion.

    A year after that unfortunate winter night in 1856, Garrett would gain another sibling in the form of a younger brother, an infant boy named Edward James Wallingford, who unfortunately was born frail and tiny. Garrett, who was age five years at the time, was much more enthusiastic about this birth, and he made certain that he was the proper big brother he was supposed to be. The year of 1857 also introduced Garrett to his new tutor, Mr. Fitzpatrick, from whom he would learn reading, writing, Literature, Geography, Mathematics, History, and Science. Garrett would prove to be a satisfactory pupil who worked diligently at his studies, but as a young boy, he still had his moments of mischief, and being as clever as he was, Mr. Fitzpatrick was the target of many of his “creative” pranks.

    Winter of 1858 | On Christmas of that year, Garrett’s mother and father gifts him with a male golden retriever puppy. Garrett, who had always wanted a pet of his own, was ecstatic about his Christmas gift, and promptly named him Maxton. This would be the beginning of Garrett’s increasing fondness for dogs, and the reason why he would proceed to purchase three dogs before the age of thirty.

    Summer of 1859 | Mrs. Cornelia Wallingford suffered her first miscarriage since her marriage to Fitzwilliam, and while Garrett was not privy to this occurrence, he did notice that his mother was rather melancholic, and did everything he could to make her days of depression a bit brighter.

    Autumn of 1860 | Garrett is age eight years when his younger brother, Edward, passes away fitfully in his sleep. Edward, who had always been tiny and prone to catching sickness, had contracted a slight case of tuberculosis the few months prior to his death, and while the physician had assured his parents that their second living son would survive this ordeal, Edward’s illness progressed to the rate that there was a physician on hand at all hours of the day. Unfortunately, even with the knowledge and care of a physician and two devoted caretakers -- his mother, included -- Edward passed away two hours after midnight on the 5th of November. He had only been three years old.

    Spring of 1862 | Cornelia presents her husband with a second daughter, an infant girl who was christened Katherine, after her maternal grandmother. With their ten year age gap, Garrett and his baby sister would not be particularly close, but he did feel a good deal protective of Kate -- his petname for her -- than he did of Isabella. However, while Katherine had been safely delivered and was considered to be happy and healthy, it is unfortunate to note that the same could not be said for her mother, for a few hours after her daughter’s birth, Cornelia came down with a severe case of childbed fever.

    For two weeks, Garrett’s mother languished from the infection that was attacking her body, her temperature well above normal, her breathing shallow and her heartbeat fast, and she often complained about pains in her legs and abdominal area. The entire household was frightened that they would lose their most beloved member -- Fitzwilliam, in particular, was the most fearful of them all because the thought of widowhood and raising his three living children alone terrified him, and he could often be found with his head bent over and his hands clasped, silently praying for his wife’s recovery. During his mother’s illness, Garrett made it his mission to keep Isabella (who was distraught with concern) company, always attempting to console her and staying optimistic about their mother’s condition.

    “Mummy will be fine, Issy -- I promise you, she will,” Garrett would tell his younger sister in an attempt to soothe her worries. But Isabella, ever pragmatic even at her tender age of seven years would reply, “No she won’t, Garrett -- even Dr. Lawson says so.” At her response, Garrett would purse his lips, and turn to stare out of the window of his sister’s room, desperately wanting to retort that Dr. Lawson was wrong -- just as he was about Edward -- but even he, the most idealistic of them all, could not deny that it did, indeed, seem like his mother would never recover.

    It took two weeks for the infection to travel through into Cornelia’s bloodstream, and once that had occurred, everyone knew that it was only a matter of time before she would be lost to them for good. It was on a mild spring day of 1862 that Mrs. Cornelia Annora Wallingford (née Fairchild), beloved wife and mother, would pass away peacefully in her sleep, as if she had resigned herself to her fate and allowed life to slip out of her grasp. According to his father, whom was the last person to have seen her before her death, Cornelia’s final request was for her living children to remain happy and healthy, even if they did have to be of magical blood to achieve it. For Garrett, this was promising news, for it had been debated upon whether or not he should attend Hogwarts or continue his non-magical education, and Garrett truly did yearn to explore the world in which his father had told him so much about.

    July of 1863 | Despite the gloomy atmosphere of the Wallingford family home and its melancholy inhabitants, life continued on as normal. Garrett and Isabella continued to work hard at their respective studies (Garrett had even forsaken his childish ways to honor his mother’s memory); Fitzwilliam committed to the running of his law firm with his partner, Bartholomew Cullen; and baby Kate grew to be a pretty little thing with big blue eyes and blonde curls that framed her childish face, and both of her elder siblings doted upon her constantly, viewing her as the last gift their mother had given them -- well, Garrett viewed her as his mother’s last gift.

    However, the forlorn atmosphere lifted a little when in July of 1863, a year after his mother’s passing, Garrett received his Hogwarts acceptance letter. His father, who had never been the same since his wife’s death, had cracked a smile when he had read it, reminiscing on when he had received his own acceptance letter, and he chuckled when he remembered how chaotic it was. At first, Fitzwilliam had considered forbidding his son to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the thought of his beloved Cornelia on his mind, but her last request had come back to him -- “...even if they have to be of magical blood to achieve it…” -- and Garrett seemed genuinely excited to attend, and so it was a few days afterward that he took the first of his two magical children to Diagon Alley to purchase school supplies.

    Autumn of 1863 | It was not long after Garrett received his Hogwarts acceptance letter he began his first year of schooling. He had been saddened to leave behind his father and two younger sisters, especially so soon after the death of his mother, but the thought of a new adventure excited him, and he left his childhood home in chipper spirits, enthused about what was to come. What Garrett was not prepared for, however, was how the students were sorted in their respective houses as his father had always lead him to believe that they had to do some kind of difficult task -- imagine his immense astonishment when he had learned that a talking hat determined where each student would be placed. He thought that it was a bit ludicrous at first, but then he realized that it seemed rather fitting, and in the end, the Sorting Hat would place him in Hufflepuff, the house of patience and hardwork.

    September 1863 - May 1864 | If one had asked Garrett what his favorite year of schooling was, he would most likely reply that he had fond memories of all his Hogwarts years, but that his first year was especially enjoyable. Having been raised in an exclusively muggle environment, Garrett’s first taste of real magic had been thrilling for him to experience, and he embraced the oddities and the abnormality of the Wizarding World as if he had been a part of it his entire life. He made friends easily, and was always sociable and outgoing, and despite the many distractions of that year, he managed to score well in most, if not all his classes. Out of all of his classes, he excels at Charms and Transfiguration the most.

    September 1864 - May 1865 | Garrett’s second year would proceed much in the same fashion as his first with him being the social and bright young boy that he was, and it was in his second year that he decided to broaden his social range to include those of other houses and various ages. He would achieve his goal through joining four clubs -- Dueling Club, Flying Club, Leisure Sports Club, and Book Club. Although many would deem his decision to join four clubs a little bit ambitious, Garrett was confident enough that he could handle it, and he was determined to see his mission through. He would choose Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, and Care of Magical Creatures as electives for his third year.

    September 1865 - May 1866 | Garrett begins his third year of schooling, and while he did have a difficult decision in choosing which electives he would like to attend, he finally decided upon Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, and Care of Magical Creatures. As is the case with many of his decisions, Garrett had a reason for choosing these particular electives, and they are as follows: he enjoys arithmetic, and Arithmancy gave him the chance to explore deeper into the meaning of numbers and suchs; languages had always been his forte (he was fluent in French, and a little bit of Italian), so Ancient Runes seemed like a good choice, and magical beasts have always fascinated him because they are never what one would believe would exist.

    Summer of 1866 | That summer of 1866 was filled with both excitement and disappointment, and both events involved Garrett’s younger sisters, Isabella and Katherine. It would seem that Isabella, much to Garrett’s dismay, had never shown signs of magic, and was therefore considered to be a squib -- this fact would be proven correct when in July her Hogwarts acceptance letter never arrived, and the poor girl was inconsolable. Perhaps Isabella would not have been so disappointed if Katherine, the youngest of the Wallingford children, had not shown signs of magic only a month before (much to her father and brother’s delight), and Isabella had become so bitter about not being of magical blood that her father decided to put her into the care of her paternal grandmother, Fitzwilliam’s mother.

    Despite Garrett’s initial sorrow that his sister would be departing from the household, he soon realized the benefits of his arrangement, for his Grandfather Wallingford had passed away in March of that year, and he was certain that Isabella would be a source of comfort to their grieving grandmother.

    September 1866 - May 1867 | Garrett’s fourth year was by far the most peaceful of all his years at Hogwarts. He finally found a routine that allowed him to focus on his academics, socialize with his friends and acquaintances, and commit to the four clubs he was a part of. Overall, the year had been a smooth one with minimal distractions, though there was a specific girl in the year below him that caught his eye. She was petite with skin the color of alabaster and dark, raven-black hair that was paired with a set of crystal blue eyes that never failed to entrance him whenever she looked in his direction. Fortunately, Garrett was not so hypnotized by this woman that he would allow her to become a distraction to him, but there was no denying that he did very much like to admire her beauty from afar.

    Summer of 1867 | A noteworthy event would occur in the summer of 1867, and that would come in the form of a barn owl carrying a letter through the Wallingfords breakfast parlor one July morning, bringing Garrett the joyous news that he had been elected fifth year Prefect for his respective house. Fitzwilliam was so immensely proud of his son that he bought Garrett a thoroughbred chestnut horse, and hiring an Equestrian to teach Garrett the ropes of how to care for and ride his horse -- this would be the beginning of Garrett’s fondness for horse riding and hunting.

    September 1867 - May 1868 | Garrett’s fifth year was a whirlwind of prefect duties, an atrocious amount of schoolwork, and preparations for his O.W.Ls. Being that Garrett cared greatly for achieving satisfactory marks upon his Ordinary Wizarding Levels, he spent the better part of the year ensuring that this would be the case, but he had also decided that he would not stress too much about his upcoming examinations, and he often relieved his stress by participating in the sports that the Leisure Sports Club offered. After many months of hard work, he would pass with the following examination scores:

    Astronomy - E
    Charms - O
    DADA - E
    Herbology - A
    History of Magic - E
    Potions - A
    Transfiguration - O
    Arithmancy - O
    Ancient Runes - E
    Care of Magical Creatures - E

    September 1868 - May 1869 | After pondering over the summer which classes he would drop for his N.E.W.T years, Garrett would proceed with Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Arithmancy, and Ancient Runes. This would also be the year in which Garrett would decide whether he desired to be a part of the Wizarding World and take up a magical occupation, or would he return home and be a part of his father’s architect firm. He did, of course, want to continue to acknowledge his magical heritage (as well as have his children be magical, as well), but he also missed the simplicity of Muggle life without magic being involved. Either way, it would be a decision that would greatly impact his future, and he thought long and hard about what decision he believed would benefit him the most.

    September 1869 - May 1870 | Garrett attends his final year of schooling, hardly believing that the student part of his life would soon be coming to an end. Despite having not receive the position of Head Boy (a development that had rather disappointed him), Garrett continued to be chipper and optimistic, throwing himself into the whirlwind that was his N.E.W.T year. This would also be the year in which Garrett would finally choose what direction he wishes his life to turn in, and it is with confidence and certainty that he decides to uphold a magical occupation and continuing to be a part of the Wizarding community.

    He would pass his N.E.W.Ts with the following examination scores:

    Charms - O
    Defense Against the Dark Arts - E
    Transfiguration - O
    Arithmancy - O
    Ancient Runes - E

    Years of 1870 - 1874 | Garrett would not immediately join the Ministry upon graduation, though the prospect of beginning his magical career had crossed his mind, but it was his sister, Isabella’s suggestion that he spend a little quality time at home. With Garrett having graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Katherine not having to begin her education for another three years, Isabella was content to return home without being forcibly reminded that she did not possess the same magical capabilities as her father, brother, and younger sister did. Thus, Garrett would spend the years leading up to Katherine’s departure for Hogwarts in a relatively calm environment, temporarily taking on a position at his father’s banking business, and overall being a man of leisure.

    In July of 1873, his youngest sister, Katherine, would receive her Hogwarts acceptance letter, and later that autumn would depart from home to begin her magical education. Garrett had been loathe to part with his little sister as she was endeared to him, but he was pleased that, despite their ten year age difference, that he and Kate would have something in common.  

    At the beginning of the new year of 1874, it came as a surprise when Isabella announced her engagement to the son of her father’s co-worker, Mr. Anthony Cullen. Having not been aware that Anthony had been pursuing his sister, Garrett was shocked when he’d been told the news, but his shock soon paved way for appeasement -- Mr. Cullen was a fine gentleman with respectable manners and connections, and he had no doubt that he would be able to adequately provide for his sister. Thus, Garrett welcomed Anthony into the family with open arms -- their many years of friendship being stronger than ever. Isabella would become Mrs. Cullen in summer of that same year, and she would welcome her first child, Garrett’s nephew named Charles, a year afterward.

    Years of 1874 - 1877/Traveling Years | Soon after his sister’s marriage to Mr. Cullen, Garrett decides that there is nothing tethering him to his childhood home, and it was with a heartfelt farewell to his father that he departed from home, intending on traveling the world and becoming more cultured (or so that was his excuse, anyway). He would spend these years touring Europe, visiting countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, and just any location that caught his fancy. He enjoyed all of the new people he became acquainted with, becoming familiar with new surroundings, and indulging in the pleasures those countries provided (gambling and ladies, in particular). However, once he had heard of a wizarding establishment being built near Hogwarts, Garrett decided that he had had enough of trifle amusements, and promptly moved to the steadily growing village of Hogsmeade, taking up a career within the Ministry as a Muggle Liaison Office employee for the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. He chose this particular occupation because he was still working within the wizarding community without breaking ties with the life he had grown up within.

    Years of 1877 - Present| For four years, Garrett would work tirelessly at his occupation, becoming proficient at his work and devoting himself to ensuring his name would be known and well-respected in magical society. However, while the first two years of his living in Hogsmeade was a peaceful one with minimal distractions, a life-changing event would occur in Garrett’s life -- his father had passed away from a heart attack in 1879, causing him to officially become head of the Wallingford family and inheriting everything that came along with that position, including custody of his 17-year-old sister. He was only 27-years-old.

    Thus, his father’s death meant that he had to make some changes in his life to accommodate the new position he had been thrust into (he did, of course, acknowledge that he would have to become head of the family sooner or later, but he had never imagined that it would be quite so soon). With Katherine graduating and making her debut that summer, Garrett had decided to purchase a house in Wellingtonshire, keeping his residence in London for vacation purposes. It had been agreed upon prior to Fitzwilliam’s death that should he die prematurely that his architect firm would be bequeathed to Garrett’s uncle on his father’s side.

    In 1880, after he had settled all of the affairs surrounding his father’s death, Garrett supposed that it was high-time that he began searching for a wife. However, he did not necessarily desire to take a wife yet, and so he used the excuse that he wished to see his youngest sister happily settled into a marriage first, but when her first two seasons came and went without much success, Garrett realized that he may have to take Katherine’s future into his own hands. He was loathe to prepare a match for her as he desired more than anything for Kate to marry someone of her choose just as Isabella did, but she was now 22-years-old, and still unmarried, which quite baffles Garrett because his sister was a lovely and accomplished young lady.

    In 1883, four months after his thirty-first birthday, Garrett was promoted to Head of Muggle Liaison Office. Quite surprised by this promotion, Garrett pondered the reason why the department would choose him out of the other wizards employed, but he was pleased nonetheless, and accepted this new position quite happily.

    At present, with the Season of 1884 approaching, Garrett is determined to find both himself and Katherine respectable matches.

    Extremely hardworking and dutiful, Garrett possesses a bit more ambition that your average Hufflepuff would, but he uses his strong desire for success to do some good in the world rather than harm it. Earnest, disciplined, and trustworthy, Garrett is a diligent worker, and always devotes himself to the duties that his occupation expects of him. Garrett is quite easy to get along with, and does not shy away from meeting new people and forming new acquaintances and friendships, for he is of the opinion that good connections are the key to success. He is kind and patient, giving every person a chance to reveal themselves before making judgments, and if he can be of any use to them, he is willing to be of service. Although he is wealthy enough to not need to be concerned about being spendthrift, Garrett is somewhat frugal, only purchasing the products he believes he would benefit from as well as need rather than for the pleasure of owning it -- though should he take a wife, he would be sure that she is spoiled accordingly and that she is comfortable and happy with her station.

    However, as much as he may sound like a saint, Garrett does possess flaws of his own, but he tends to keep them hidden for he detests being seen in a negative light. When certain events or occurrences are not carried out in the way he expects it to, Garrett has a tendency to become pessimistic or moody, but these emotions are rather flighty, and all it takes is a glass of brandy and magically causing objects to explode to dispel his rage. Although he dislikes to resort to it, Garrett sometimes uses manipulation to acquire what he believes he deserves or what he believes is rightfully his. And lastly, Garrett has a habit of becoming obsessed with his work and ambitions to the point that he shuts everyone out of his life, but he is usually brought back to reality after being given a well-needed wake-up call.

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