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We're gonna party like it's our birfday~
June 9th is Charming's 8th birthday!

[Image: giphy.gif]

Celebration is in order, which means I'm hosting a drunk thread, ayyyy.

It'll be Saturday, June 9th at 9:00pm my time (CST) which is 2:00am GMT.

For those unfamiliar with drunk threads, both you and your character will be drinking. The more typos you have the more you have to drink. We'll have a skype group chat for those participating so we can tag. You only get 5 minutes to post each time. Uh... I think those are all the rules, basically.

I'll be using Declan. Location TBD depending on what other characters are going to be involved. Remember, everything that happens is happening IC, so if you don't want your rep possibly impacted you'd better pick someone more appropriate!

Let me know if you want in.
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I think I'm around! I'll use @Eileen Buchanan

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I should be able to play! I’ll use Yasmina or Theo probably.

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if I'm around I'll use Kieran but I might be on long island to see the amityville horror house lmao
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MJ made this!
(June 3, 2018 – 12:40 AM)Ophelia Devine Wrote:


If it helps, I'm pretty much allergic to alcohol and would probably hospitalize myself with one of these types of events. You and I can drink Virgin Margaritas and chuckle to ourselves on the side <3
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I am 98% in. Will be bringing @Vernon Avery to this shit show; hopefully he doesn't impregnate anyone this time
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Asha is in. That is if late comers are allowed and allowed to be tipsy already. (We have a wedding we have to go to that evening)
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An amazing signature from Bee <3

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