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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways

The "They're Not Adopts But I Still Want Them" Thread
Do you ever desire for a specific occupation or role to be filled for whatever reason, but you might might have a specific plot or adoptable idea to go along with it? Would you be good with just anyone — no matter their specs — playing the part as long as they just exist? Well I do, hence this thread :P

For @Benjamin Ross
    The Assistant Head of the Dept. Magical Transportation, and preferably a 30+ male but it doesn't matter really. He definitely needs someone to bitch at all the time.
For @Handsome Whitledge
    The First-String Keeper of the Hogsmeade Howlers. I'd love if they were male and were close to retirement age so he and Handsome could have the "okay when I'm gone, this is what you'll need to know" and the "oh, when I was your age" dynamic, but other than that I have no ideas!

    The Coach of the Hogsmeade Howlers, specifically so he can bitch at Handsome. Please.
For @Jossima Warbeck
    The Coach or Sponsor for the Holyhead Harpies, specifically male and 35+, so Jossima can flirt with him. I would love if he was there for a while so Jossima could have *cough* bribed her way to the top to some degree or another. If not that, someone to remind her she's getting... older.

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A dormmate for @George Waterford I NEED U.

Also one for @Elijah Urquart
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— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —
[Image: B0me9x.jpg]
— graphics by lady ❤ —
These are some ~general ones that I would LOVE to have around on the board:
    Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement | They're a very important role due to their position as the head of the largest Ministry department and involvement in the Wizengamot.

    General Ministry heads | Right now we have so many free spots on the Occupations list! Especially Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophe employees!

    Hogwarts Heads of Houses & Matrons | Ravenclaw and Gryffindor HoH positions are still open, as are the Hufflepuff and Gryffindor matrons!

    Ollivander's Employees | There are open positions in Hogsmeade and London! There are plenty of incoming firsties who need to get their wands, so plenty of summer threading opportunities!

set by MJ!
A Portkey Office Employee: @Reuben Crouch was banned from requesting portkeys last year due to a history of using them irresponsibly and if I had anyone to thread with 1) he would go harass them whenever he was bored 2) he might try and figure out how to steal a portkey if he wanted one and it would be hilarious hijinks 3) his ban should be expiring soon and we could thread about it and have a delightfully antagonistic relationship. Also, I'm sure with the fog making most other forms of transport non-starters they'd have plenty of non-Ben things to do.

A Post Office Employee: Probably wouldn't really need them until the fall (September-ish) but I could make someone's life interesting. Some established character or new character who can be established by September should go work there. #secrets

Howler's Coach: For ongoing Thom/Declan shenanigans, and because the Howlers have a lot of played characters who are young and exasperating from a discipline/coaching perspective, and because Thom is friendly with Mitch Quiddel but despises Arthur Pettigrew so his whole dynamic with the Howlers is very love/hate and it'd be interesting to have someone in that role to see whether he likes them or not.

Also seconding Ollivander's Employees because I have plenty of adult characters who have needed help with wands and it's a bummer when there's no one to thread with (or when the characters who work at Ollivander's are only played for two months during the summer. :P) I've had two adult characters in the past year with threads that went dead in wand shops because no one is around and they're just inherently interesting threads so it's a shame.
Werewolf Capture Unit members. At one point last year I played a third of the werewolves on the site, I think :P and in case you didn't know I am always up for ruining characters lives in potentially permanent ways if there's enough drama involved, and it is a crime that I didn't have anyone to help me do that. also Lou is coming back just sayin
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A midwife! They were the standard (if not someone in your own household!) for delivering babies during this era, but we somehow have none played!

/has two pregnant ladies
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— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —
[Image: B0me9x.jpg]
— graphics by lady ❤ —
Accidental Magic Reversal Squad Members for Nelson to be buddies with!
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I know I posted this before but someone should really take the Hufflepuff matron because I have need of her and promise of very awkward threads ;)

set by mj  —
Students. In general. xD
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set by the long-lost bex
(July 29, 2018 – 2:00 PM)Hamish Darrow Wrote:  Students. In general. xD

Muggle Studies students.

Pretties by Bee
18-25 male characters.

I understand why people don't make a lot of them but I don't. I know it's not their prime hurling time, but they also get a lot of fun things they can do at that age bracket:
  • Jobs—or more specifically, job woes. Maybe the character decides they chose the wrong career path. Maybe they get fired. Maybe they take their newfound financial independence (ha) too seriously and fuck up their finances.

  • Relationships. Maybe men can't properly hurl, but they're in their ~prime~ at that age and are not devoid of interest in their preferred gender. There's so many things that could go wrong or right depending on how you look at it: wanting to get married but not having the finances, or liking a woman and her wanting to get married but not wanting to be tied down. So like, not proper hurling but it can be hella entertaining.

  • Friendships. We seriously lack in the number of male friendship groups and they're honestly my favorite sort—especially when they finally escape school and think they own the world (as youths do).
Also I really need friends for Handsome to either: fuck him up worse, help him get his shit together, or try to help him get his shit together but only manage to make him worse. Hit me up.
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set by MJ
Characters with "poor" reputations. It's hard to do the "5, 4, 3, 2, 1" stamp when there's so few characters of this rep level! I would also love to see "poor" rep characters who aren't all WC people it's possible to be considered comfortable money-wise but also have a list of scandalous behavior to comb through :P
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immaculate artistry by lady <3
Hufflepuff students that are willing and able to try out for the quidditch team. Lucky needs his future team mates to get anxious over.

Lady made Magic
The blond boy that is the "mutual friend" that Rupert keeps totally not thinking gay thoughts about in this rufer thread.

magical set by mj!
Members, players and coach or the Applyby Arrows - Ginny has plans and she needs the team to make the most of them.

[Image: 2SyywhH.jpg]
^  Look what Lady did  ^
Interns. Especially ones that have no hope of making it to becoming actual healers. Make Katerina sweat with nerves. (Plant and Poison hopefuls for the bonus points!)

MJ Made Pretties

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