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Fern-hunting parties became popular, allowing young women to get outside in a seemingly innocuous pursuit with less rigid oversight and chaperoning than they saw in parlors and drawing rooms. They may have even had the occasional romantic meetup with a similarly fern-impassioned beau. — Bree

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"The Prodigal Sister" for Ophelia Devine. Faked deaths, scandal, and schemes!
Now that he had walked up to them, he couldn't exactly whirl around and get going. That would be rude. And was not, presumably, how straight men seduced their future wives.

Cassius Lestrange in Eyes on the Screen

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The Dozen

Complete a twelve-post thread in which each post has exactly twelve words. At least three posts must be your own.


June "Writing" Challenge
June Writing Challenge

Adopt, Don't Shop: Did you know? Charming has dozens of want ads that need a home—some specific, but others super open! Your mission for June is to create and establish an adoptable or plottable character from another member.

For the character to qualify, you must link to their stored ad and five posts they've made in any thread during the month of June—journals, letters, etc. don't qualify for this one! They must also have been created from May 25th through the end of June.

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