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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Emilia Wright for Jude Wright. Casually alienating offspring since 18882.
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

Barnabas Skeeter in CYOA: Group D

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Go for Broke
January, 1881 - What Will Later Be Banff National Park, Canada
Oliver had been right all along, no surprise there - this trip was making Dev feel better. There was nothing like an excursion through the wilderness to connect one with one's inner peace, especially when they were as isolated as they were now, in the mountains, no one around them. Once they got back, Dev would go to his parents and explain, and surely they would understand - he and Nathalie were going to have a muggle life, one they approved of, and Dev rather thought that Grandfather would approve of Nathalie if he went over his parents' head. Nathalie was, after all, white.

There was a thick layer of snow on the ground but the sky was a cheery blue, despite the frigid wind that picked up every few minutes. With nothing but the gear on their backs and a few more days in the mountains before they'd head home, Dev was feeling particularly light at heart.

"If it weren't for magic we probably would have frozen to death by now," Dev said cheerfully.

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"You're telling me," Oliver put in, with a huff of laughter in illustration. His breath expelled in a visible cloud in the cold, and even with all the warming charms he was using on his layers of clothing, he'd been complaining now and then about the temperature. They couldn't bloody live out here, that was for sure. This trip might've been his idea, but Dev seemed to be getting more out of it than Oliver was (ugh, wasn't that always the way). Oliver, on the other hand, would be rather pleased to get home.

The laughter settled into a smile, the thoughtful sort, his eyes drifting from his cousin to the icy peaks that bordered their path without really seeing them. Freezing to death would not, obviously, be an ideal outcome of the trip. ...Him freezing to death, at any rate. A shame Dev couldn't just decide to stay out here and do just that.

It was only a passing thought. An absurd idea, sparked by the offhand comment. It wasn't as though Oliver had been fantasising about pushing his cousin off one of these mountains for the whole trip with any propulsion in it. He was just tired of Dev's company, he had told himself. He found Dev more exhausting than the hiking. That was all.

There was no one else to talk to, though, so Oliver's silence - if it dragged - would be noticed. His mind was no longer on the conversation, not really. Magic, useful as it was, was a sticky issue, one they'd come here to forget for a while. "You should tell the parents that, when we get back," Oliver said, only half-joking.

Dev laughed. "Oh, I'm sure they'd take that very well," he said, with good-natured snark. His parents had not been very pro-magic lately; Dev was sure they thought constantly how much easier life would be if neither Watson nor Harriet were wizards. They would never disown them over it, but they weren't fans, either - and perhaps that was why Dev was still so in love with Miss Jennings. His parents would never actually cut him off over it; they loved him too much, their only son.

"I think Jaya's starting to soften, though," he added thoughtfully, "But she's never held a grudge for very long."

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Oliver snorted. Their general distaste for magic was living on as strongly as ever, though he expected they would waver a little if their son’s life was saved by it.

(How would they react to a dead son?)

Dev’s theories about his mother were not good news, anyway. The woman was too soft - too soft towards her son, at least. And presumably she would gradually get to know Dev’s Miss Jennings, and like her, and so would their grandfather - she was a healer, and even if that was in the magical world, it probably meant she was the sort of person they would get on with - and then Watson would be married, have a family of his own, and be all anyone ever fucking talked about.

He missed his footing from a slight dip in the ground, and stumbled awkwardly for the next pace or two to recover his balance.

Hopefully Dev’s father would prove to have more of a backbone. Oliver could work with that.
“Have you decided what you’re going to do, then?” He asked patiently, the perfect sounding-board for all of his cousin’s tedious thoughts and problems that he’d always been. (When had he become such a masochist?)

"I guess I have to explain the situation to Miss Jennings," Watson said with a sigh. He couldn't bear to upset her - he couldn't bear to have her know that anyone disliked her - but she ought to know. After all, it was her life too. Dev was not going to drag her into his mess without at least warning her about it.

He paused just to take a sip of water from the flask at his hip. "If she still wants to be involved, then I'll have to introduce her to Jaya, and our grandfather," he said, "And if she doesn't? That's her call." It would break his heart, and he didn't think it was likely - but it was her call.

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Oliver took advantage of his cousin's pause for water to slow to a momentary halt, himself. To catch his breath. To stop himself grinding his teeth down to nothing to disguise his aggravation. Either, or.

He nodded along at that suggested course of action. "She'll understand," he asserted, thinking that if Miss Jennings was still as muggleborn and as in love with his cousin as she seemed, that she'd know where Watson was coming from enough to brave the Devereaux family. He patted his cousin roughly on the shoulder with a gloved hand, which served as well to briefly warm his frozen limbs as it was supposed to be bolstering. "She definitely will."

"And if it all goes to pot," Oliver added with a grin and a quirked eyebrow, "there's always eloping."

Watson wrinkled his nose. "As delightful as that sounds, I'd rather dodge it," he said. He loved Miss Jennings, but he also loved his life, his family, his job. He didn't want to marry Miss Jennings if he could not provide for her. If he did elope, and was disowned, then he would be able to work up to the middle class again eventually - but what would they do in the meantime?

Dev nudged his cousin with his shoulder. "And what about you, hm?" he asked, quirking an eyebrow, "Any girls on the horizon?"

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Oliver only laughed, a laugh that circled around again at Dev's question to him. Typical, Oliver thought, a kneejerk reaction to the question, a kneejerk reaction to his life. Everything was about Watson - always had been, always would. His cousin was both the standard and the ideal, the apple of the whole family's eye: it didn't even matter what they did, when Oliver's whole existence was as his shadow, condemned to be compared, resigned always to the realm of afterthought. He couldn't sever himself from his cousin if he tried.

(Maybe he hadn't been trying hard enough.)

He shook his head, with an outright snort in answer. "Nope," he said, easily enough. "One romantic in the family's plenty, don't you think?" He joked, shoving Dev back in turn. Even if he had been naturally, he presumed hearing all his cousin's whingeing over bloody Miss Jennings would have propelled the inclination far from him by this point. "No, I don't think marriage is for me." Maybe if he came across a rich heiress someday; otherwise, whores did quite well for that.

If it weren't for all the prostitutes he knew about, Watson might have thought that Oliver wasn't entirely straight, what with his lack of interest in romance at all. As it was, he just laughed. "Well," he said, "If that ever changes, I have to be the first to know." Which of course he would - even if they had become different people since they were children who only played with each other, Watson and Oliver were still best friends.

"I suppose we ought to find a place to set up camp," Dev said. He didn't like the look of the clouds gathering on the horizon.

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"I suppose you will be," Oliver said dryly, with a roll of his eyes. "I'm sure you'll be my best man one day." (Oliver would rather not, ideally, but some things came down to obligation, not choice.)

Envisioning any sort of future put a bitterness in his mouth he could scarcely explain, only that the feeling was acrid and overpowering and didn't subside at all when he tried to look at his cousin and consciously shake it off. Fuck. Maybe if Watson wasn't here. Ever.

Oliver dragged his gaze from one horizon to another, though, and the inclement skies looked about as bad as the frustration swirling, sickening, turbulent in his gut. He scanned the path before them, picking his way across the mountainside, saw a ledge, a plain stretch of white he liked the look of. "How about down there?" He proposed, pointing, and pulling his pack tighter on his shoulders so that they might pick up the pace. "Doesn't look too far," he judged, shooting Dev a grin, and jerking a thumb where they'd been looking. "Wouldn't want to get caught up in that, now would we?"

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