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Incentive Modifiers?
I know in duels, students can earn a +1 to their modifiers by pariticpating in the dueling club, but we usually don't do that IC. And I'm pretty sure at one point there was something similar with club quidditch (though my mind may be making that up lmao). BUT since some students are supposed to be very quidditch-savvy IC, I think it can be unrealistic sometimes that the IC scoring of quidditch games (and OOC when the games aren't played!) is seemingly random?

(Correct me if I'm wrong! I am not on staff so I'm not completely aware of the scoring methods :P)

But I'm basically proposing the following things:
  • Students can earn a +1 modifier in a duel (or whatever modifier) if, upon signing up for the tournament, they link an archived thread (or threads?) where their character has been practicing.
  • Same as the above for potion-brewing.
  • There could be a "House Quidditch" plottage thread, and, a week or so before every match, the players can post archived threads where their character has been practicing to earn a modifier on their scores, whether for the team overall or when for their specific movements if they're playing IC.
I have a #PrefectSeason logic here, I guess, because students are appointed based on evidence rather than picking randomly from the selection, so I think the same should be said for quidditch wins and dueling/potion-brewing :P

It also promote participation and more ways you can earn house points if we have diligent professors/prefects :P
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I love this.
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