Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Audrina O'Fannon nee Forest
    updated december 9, 2016

    Full Name: Audrina Belle O'Fannon nee Forest
    Nicknames: Rina
    Birthdate: July 27, 1864
    Current Age: 21 Years Old
    Occupation: Honeydukes Employee
    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
    Wand: 9", Holly, Unicorn Tail
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Lower Class
    Family: Keefe O'Fannon, Husband
    Quinn Aislinn O'Fannon, daughter
    Appearance: Audrina has blonde hair, blue eyes and a clear complexion and stands at 5'6" tall. Her left hand is her wand hand. Audrina dresses in a very respectful manner though her clothing is often worn and frayed due to age. Audrina has an ample bosom and she is careful not to show cleavage. She has a slender waist and full hips, negating the need for any corset. She has a visible scar on the side of her neck from a childhood accident. Audrinas hands are slightly callous due to a lifetime of hard work, despite her young age.  
    1864 - Audrina was born to a respectable lower class couple on the eve of July 27. She would soon prove to be an only child.

    1868 - Audrinas first signs of magic began, much to the delight of her father, a squib. He had been worried that his genes would cause his child to be denied her magic.

    1868-1875 - Audrinas pre-Hogwarts life consisting of helping her mother around the house and performing many odd jobs to help add to the house income. Audrinas parents manage to teach her that just because they are in the lower class, there is no need to turn to disrespectful means of getting money.

    1875 - Audrinas acceptance letter to Hogwarts arrives and in September, she heads off to school. She is sorted into Ravenclaw though Hufflepuff was the house her family had thought she would end up in considering her personality. Her parents had saved money over the years to put towards their daughters tuition which they managed to stretch by buying used items whenever they could.

    1877 - Audrinas family waste no time moving to Hogsmeade in the hopes of a better life for their children. Due to the onslaught of new job openings as shops and businesses began opening their doors, Audrinas parents were able to find respectful jobs that paid well enough for the Forests to be reasonably comfortable as well as continue to afford sending their child to Hogwarts. Audrinas father found work in one of the many new High street shops while her mother found work as a domestic servant, largely due to their respectable reputations.

    1879-1880 - Audrina scores reasonably well on her OWLs though she was starting to feel that it would be better if she just finished school and began working as she felt OWL grades were enough. Audrinas parents manage to persuade her to continue on with her education. They felt that she was smart enough to handle NEWTs and could procure a position as a professor or healer thus earning more {as was their logic} and having a better life than they had. Audrina, herself, didn't have any specific job she wanted at this moment in time, so 'earn more money in a future job' seemed a viable reason to her to continue with her education.

    1880 - Audrina managed to earn herself a scholarship that helped offset the costs of tuition for her parents.

    1881 - Audrinas father passes away due to natural causes and Audrinas mother starts falling ill soon afterward. Due to the loss of income, things become financially tight in the Forest household. After several discussions with her mother, Audrina leaves Hogwarts and begins to look for employment. Soon enough, Audrina began working as a maid for an upper class family and found that she enjoyed the work, despite the tedious tasks that sometimes came with it.

    1883 - After two years of working for the family, they decided to move away. Audrina was given the option of coming along with them but she did not wish to leave her mother whom she was taking care of. It was at this time that she decided to try something new, a decision that was possibly also fueled by the things she heard could happen to maids. After spending some time thinking on it, Audrina decided to procure employment at Honeydukes and was soon once again enjoying being employed.

    1884 - A sickness spreads and reaches plague status. Audrina and her mother are lucky enough to avoid catching anything. A fire occurs and Audrina is among the lucky few who does not lose her means of income. She helps out wherever she can and opens her home to people that need a place to sleep despite its small size and the fact that it's in the slums. In October, Audrina's mother dies.

    1885 - After a series of murders happening in her area, Audrina marries her friend Keefe O'Fannon out of convenience when he offers her security. They are married on the spot by the cook of Hogs Head. She spends time getting to know her husband and develops a deep fondness for him that is cultivated into love over time.

    1886 - Early in the year, Audrina approaches her husband about trying for a baby. Keefe agrees to do so and thus, the couple begin trying to conceive. In June, after two missed cycles, Audrina concludes that she must be pregnant and this turns out to be true. On December 9 of 1886, Quinn Aislinn is brought into the world.

    Personality: Audrina is a kind, gentle woman that enjoys hard work. She possesses a respectable nature and has never partaken in any scandals. Despite her low class, Audrina acts as any proper young lady would. She is soft spoken with a trace of shyness to her demeanor. Audrina is studious and loves learning new things. Despite the hard life she has let, she somehow manages to hold a childlike wonder at most things.
    Sample Roleplay Post:
    Catherine had not been inclined to be shackled to the realm of indoors. Not today, anyway. There didn't seem to be anything of interest going on and her usual haunts were all occupied by other students that weren't too keen on the winter weather. Well, that was their loss since the outdoors was spacious enough for people to have moments of solitude. Not that Catherine especially enjoyed being on her own, she was a social creature by nature and enjoyed being around people. Still, she did enjoy her lone walks around the castle grounds. Snow did not bother her and she actually enjoyed walking when snow was falling. It also had the added practicality of providing a sort of extra rinse to the hair or so Catherine felt.

    She was in no hurry to be anywhere in particular so her pace was leisurely and relaxed. The main thing on her mind this day was whether or not she could truly achieve the goals she had set for herself. She had managed the OWLs for the classes required for entering the field of healing though her parents had been bitterly disappointed in her barely passable marks in all the other subjects. They had not pertained to her goal so they had bored her and been dropped the moment she was allowed to do so. But NEWTs level of the classes was proving to be most challenging though she figured she was doing as well as she could. That was really all she could do and once she thought that, she dismissed all the troubling thoughts from her mind. Soon, the term would be over and she supposed she would be coerced into being a part of the coming out ball. That was still a long way from now, in her perspective, so she wasn't too fussed about it at the moment.

    It wasn't especially easy to walk in snow but her slight figure easily made use of the previous paths carved out by bigger students. Soon enough, her eyes caught sight of other students making use of their free time by being outdoors, like she was. Her eyes scanned over them to see if anyone she usually spoke to could be found. After a moments more of walking, Catherine noticed a lone figure staring into the forest. A familiar figure, a male student that she knew from their shared clubs and classes. As she curiously gazed at the boy, he moved again though he still seemed to be looking intently in one area of the forest. Catherines curiosity was piqued and she hoped that Mr. Calathes would not mind her company. Boys usually didn't though she didn't fully understand why {despite having had it explained to her before}. She supposed they were just kind as she hoped this boy would be.

    The snow crunched under her feet as she approached the Slytherin, the breeze swaying her long strands of blonde hair that the hat she was wearing could not adequately cover. Bright, blue eyes gazed past the boy, into the forest, wondering what it was that had captured his interest. What did he say? She had not been able to quite make out the words due to him speaking so softly. "I'm sorry, I couldn't catch what you said. Is there something interesting in the forest?" She inquired curiously, hoping she wasn't coming off as nosey. It was just that it was not everyday you came across a yearmate staring into the trees. She had never had a problem with the boy before so hopefully he had no quarrels with her either. That sigh and rubbing of his temples seemed to indicate that she was annoying him though he turned around soon enough. "Am I bothering you?" She asked, hoping that it wasn't so and that probably showed in her expression.

    Name: Emma
    Age: 28
    Contact: PM
    Other Characters: See CML
    How did you hear about us? I forgot by now
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    set by the unparalleled lady

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