Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Playable Household Staff
    Adoptable Household Staff

    Members can reply to this thread with characters that they would like to be adopted. These characters must be employed by your character in the home. If you're interested in a specific plot - see the Adoptable Plottable Characters thread instead.

    To see a member-made list of all available relatives (however distant) for the families on Charming, you can see them here.

    Be sure to check out our household staff documentation for roles. Be realistic! If you're not sure what roles your family would hire, contact a member of staff.

    — Please include the following in your request:

    Character's name (if any), age, pay, how long they've worked for your family, and any other pertinent information. The form below is encouraged, but not required. It is also suggested to include contact information if you would like the player to contact you for permission to register the adoptable character's account. If you'd like guests to contact you, be sure to include an e-mail, AIM, or other means of contact aside from PM.

    [align=center][b]THE [SURNAME]S[/b]
    [i][url=profile URL]Character Name[/url], Head of Household/Played Contact[/i][/align]
    Role: SpecificationsRole: SpecificationsRole: URL 'œcause role is played[/list]

    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.
    Malcolm MacFusty, Head of Household
    • Butler: 27+, lives in the Hebrides, has worked for Mac since March of 1882. Is not paralyzingly afraid of dragons. May be disrespectable. 3g10s.
      Cook: 23+, lives in the Hebrides, may be disrespectable. Is not paralyzingly afraid of dragons. 3g8s.
      Maid: 15+. 14s.
      Nanny: See this bulletin. 3g

    Sophronia Van Helsing, Played Contact
    • Butler: 30+. Dutch. Has worked for Abraham for 10+ years. 3g13s.
      Housekeeper: 30+. Responsible, but not necessarily respectable. Awkward replacement of a much more well-liked housekeeper as of September 1884. 3g13s.
      Cook: Any gender. Magical. 25+. 3g10s.
      Footmen: Two. At least one wants to finagle his way into the Order of the Dawn; one of their number was left in Wellingtonshire over the summer, and died. 14s, 10s.
      Housemaids: Two, 15+, one has worked for the Van Hs since 1882 (and went to Bavaria with them in the summer of 1884.) The other was employed in September 1884. 14s.

    Lucinda Beauregard, Played Contact
    • Cook: 20+. Magical. Occasionally chaperons Phoebe or Lucinda. 2g.
      Maid: One. 17+. 9s.

    August Echelon-Arnost, Head of Household
    • Housekeeper/Cook/All-Around-Lifesaver: Joanna Vector, perma-NPC. Has worked for August since 1876, when he lived in Ottery st. Catchpole. Formidable. Discreet. 4g.
      Maid: 15+. Comes in two days a week. Works for at least 1 other family. 4s.
      Wetnurse: Discreet as balls. May or may not have made an Unbreakable Vow w/ Joanna Vector. Employed on March 15th 1884. 1g5s.

    Gaius Ollivander, Head of Household
    • Cook/Maid: 20+, female, discreet. Gaius only pays her to come in four days a week. 10s.

    Emma MacMillan, Played Contact
    • Butler/Valet: 30+. Pureblood. Has worked for Killian since 1878, and so is quite familiar with him. 3g12s.
      Housekeeper: 30+. Pureblood. Has worked for Killian since 1878, and so is quite familiar with him. 3g10s.
      Cook: 27+. Female. Employed September 1884. Not-muggleborn. 3g4s.
      Lady's Maid: Employed September 1884. Frequently shouted at by Emma. 3g4s.
      Nurse: 20+. Taken on in November of 1881. Magical. Often yelled at by Emma. 2g.
      Maids: Two. 17+. 15s.
      Gardener: Hired August 1884. 3g3s.

    Prometheus Yaxley, Head of Household
    • Butler/Valet: Bruno Skipwith. 3g9s.
      Cook: Not-muggleborn. Employed since February of 1884. Discreet. Leaves Prometheus alone. 3g8s.
      Maid: One. 14-17, because he can underpay her easier then :D. Not-muggleborn. Employed since February of 1884. Stays out of Prometheus' study. Overworked. 9s.
      Nanny: Rowena Haunui. 2g5s.

    Marius Favreau, Head of Household.
    Cook: Not muggleborn. 3g4s.
    Maid: Not muggleborn. 14+. 12s.
    I just moved to a new country! [Image: mThvFq.png]
    set by MJ!

    [Image: 11shy53.gif][Image: 16204dv.gif]
    Wesley Cavanaugh, Head of Household
    Lucinda Cavanaugh, Played Contact
    • Cook: 35+, organized, strict, 3+ years in house. 3g 12s.
    • Valet: 40+, experienced. 3g 12s.
    • Lady's Maid: 25+, respectable. 3g.
    • Maid: (2) 17+, respectable, resilient. 16s.

    Nathalie Jennings, Played Contact
    David Jennings, Head of Household
    • Butler/Valet: 40+, experienced, organized. 3g 10s. Paid extra to do double duty.
    • Housekeeper/Cook: 35+, experienced, hired when David and Nathalie moved to Irvingly. Can sometimes be meddlesome, wants to see her "kids" happy. 2g 4s.
    • Maid: (2) 17+, respectable, hired upon arrival to Irvingly. 1g 5s.

    Baxter Keene, Head of Household
    • Housekeeper/Cook: Mrs. Parker, 40+, hardworking, maternal, relatively strict. Keeps the boys in line and alive. 2g.

    Claudius Lestrange, Head of Household
    • Housekeeper/Cook: (Current NPC) Theresa, 35+, been with Claude since he moved out in 1878 when he hired her. Discreet, motherly. 2g 9s.

    Leon Lupin, Head of Household
    Aberdeen, Scotland
    This is a new residence, a townhome, that Leon keeps in Aberdeen near his shipping business. He uprooted from Wellingtonshire when Elsbeth was incarcerated, selling both this home there and his flat in Aberdeen to buy the townhome. He took his butler and housekeeper with him, writing good letters of recommendation for the rest of the staff. The Nanny stays with Leo in Wellingtonshire as he lives with his uncle there while Leon conducts business.
    • Butler: 40+, experienced, strict, discreet, tolerates no gossip. 4g.
    • Housekeeper/Cook: 35+, experienced, patient, tolerates no gossip. 3g 12sg.
    • Nanny: 25+, experienced, resilient. 3g. Takes care of Leon's "son" Leo, who stays with his uncle August Echelon-Arnost while Leon is away on business. Was not a huge fan of Elsbeth. ;)

    Eugene Scamander, Head of Household
    Polymnia Scamander, Played Contact
    • Cook: 40+, open-minded. 3g 5s.
    • Housemaid: 25+, sometimes doubles as Lady's Maid. Patient, open-minded. 2g.
    • Nanny: 21+, open-minded, patient. Hired December of 1884. 2g 10s+ based on experience.
    • Stable Boy: 17+, respectful, responsible, diligent. 15s.


    Hamish MacFusty, Head of Household
    Violet MacFusty, Played Contact
    • Butler: 40+, open-minded. 4g.
    • Housekeeper: 35+, open-minded. 3g 12s.
    • Cook: 35+, creative. 3g 5s.
    • Lady's Maid: 25+, respectable. 3g.
    • Nanny: 21+, respectable, experienced, patient. Hired in May of 1885. 2g 5s.
    • Housemaid: 17+, respectable. 15s.
    • Scullery Maid: 17+, respectable. 12s.

    Everett Grimm, Head of Household
    Grace Grimm, Played Contact Real HoH

    • Nanny: 20+, experienced, good sense of humor. New hire. 2g 8s.
    • House Elf: Flopsy (female), been with the family for a couple years years. Treated extremely well.

    Shout @Elsie Beauregard with any interest! <3
    words cannot describe this set by Stef ♥
    [Image: oTMsdz.gif]
    [Image: 2emz8zq.png]
    @Mathias Beaumont, Head of Household
    The Beaumont family home resides in Wellingtonshire and is home to Mrs. @Cassandra Beaumont (Mathias' mother), Miss @Oceane Beaumont, Miss @Anais Beaumont (Mathias' sisters), and Mr. Casimir Babineaux (Mathias maternal cousin).
    • Lady's Maid: French. Pureblood or halfblood. 30+. Tends to Mrs. Beaumont, though has been known to provide assistance and act as a chaperone for both Miss Beaumonts.
    • Maids (3): English or French. 15+. Pureblood or halfblood. At least two of the three are likely sisters and were employed after their died in an accident. The other maid took on a motherly role for the two girls when they were orphaned.
    • Housekeeper: 50+. Widowed. English. Pureblood or halfblood. Been with the Beaumont family since they moved to England in 1856 and was previously a maid.

    @Mathias Beaumont, Head of Household
    Mathias lives here in London with his infant son and is currently mourning the death of his wife and infant daughter. Mathias and his wife moved here in 1886, and brought many of the staff from his previous home in Wellingtonshire. Though as of July, Mathias has retreated to the Beaumont family estate in Milford Haven, Wales, and has brought his staff with him.
    • Role: Specifications
    • Role: Specifications
    • Role: URL 'œcause role is played

    @'Name Here', Head of Household/Played Contact
    • Role: Specifications
    • Role: Specifications
    • Role: URL 'œcause role is played

    ,,,, still WIP but I'M TRYING
    Since his wife and daughter's death on July 17, 1887, Mathias has not left the home and refuses to take visitors. Letters can be sent to him for contact, but there's no guaranteeing he'll write back. He's not eating or sleeping regularly and refuses to leave his son's presence most of the day.
    [Image: GBGMm4.png] [Image: pMNqm4.png]
    Armando Dippet, Head of Household
    Ophelia Dippet, Played Contact
    • Butler: 40+, male, respectable, literate.
    • Cook: 30+, female, respectable.
    • Maid: Not Perenia. 14+, female, respectable.
    • Maid: @Perenia Kaylock, technically just a maid but preforms some lady's maid functions for Ophelia; does hair, helps her dress, and occasionally acts as a chaperone when Armando can't be bothered.
    • May live on the premise or elsewhere.

    Tiberius Lestrange, Head of Household
    Antigone Lestrage, Played Contact
    • Head Butler,  male, 30+, literate, respectable, not muggleborn. Discreet.
    • Valet,  male, 25+, literate, respectable, not muggleborn. Discreet.
    • Lady's Maid,  female, 25+, literate, respectable, not muggleborn. Discreet. @Ellie Coulston
    • Cook,  male, 20+, respectable, not muggleborn. Discreet.
    • Nanny,  female, 20+, respectable, not muggleborn. Discreet.
    • House Elves, (Two), either gender, purchased since 1882.
    • All live on the premise in the countryside. Non-negotiable. Must be able to look the other way for dark magic.
    • No Muggleborns or Squibs, but uneducated folks are fine.
    • Reputation negotiable depending on cause.

    Thom Pettigrew, Head of Household
    The staff is divided between those who were hired by Thom at his Wellingtonshire estate (indicated by a T) and those who previously worked for Thom's father at the Lancashire estate before the man's death in 1884 (indicated by a H). The family lives in Hogsmeade during the season and in the country the rest of the year. Most of the staff transitions with them except as indicated by a *, which means they reside at Lancashire year round. All staff live on the premise unless they have expressly made other arrangements. There is a subtle rivalry between the "new" servants (T) and the "old" (H) and the "old" are quite scandalized that Thom does not employ a valet. All are lower class obviously, but background is open; any blood status/level of education is fine and squibs are allowed for maid/gardener/caretaker positions. POCs encouraged!
    • Butler: 30+, male, literate, respectable. H Doesn't care for Thom, but that's on the down-low. Incredibly devoted to @Lucy Pettigrew as she's the last relic of the "old estate." Also responsible for hiring/overseeing temporary staff for events and balls.
    • Housekeeper: 30+, female, literate, respectable. H and quietly thinks the estate is going to shit under Thom but is too discreet to say as much to anyone. Dislikes Hannah and thinks she will never be suitable to be mistress of the house. Also responsible for overseeing decoration/execution of events and balls. *
    • Nanny: Keavy O'Fannon. Does not tend to talk much to any of the other servants and generally considered a poor choice by the H staff.
    • Lady's Maid for @Lucy Pettigrew, 35+, female, pureblood or halfblood, respectable. H. Long suffering.
    • Lady's Maid for @Hannah Pettigrew, 25+, female, respectable. @Mary Rowe
    • Maid: 22+, female, respectable. Has an arrangement with Keavy where she watches the children if Keavy is called away for midwife duties. The friendliest of the staff where Keavy is concerned. T
    • Maid B: 14+, female, respectable. T * @Louella Kaylock
    • Maid C: 14+, female, respectable. Hired in 1886 and therefore an outsider to the T/H rivalry. Previously worked for @Leon Lupin *
    • Footman A: 20+, male, respectable. H Also employed as a waiter for balls. There is a mostly-friendly rivalry between him and Benji (below). One of them will be moving to Wellingtonshire when the season starts but it hasn't been decided yet which one, and they're in constant competition to try and prove they're the better footman.
    • Footman B: 16+, male, respectable. T @Benji Lee
    • Cook: 25+, female, respectable. H Something of a peacemaker where the T/H divide is concerned. Rather maternal and more or less adopted Gerald (below) when his mother--who was the "city" cook--died last year.
    • Cook's Assistant: 7+, any gender.  Either hired recently (1884 onward), or is the spawn/sibling/relative of one of the other servants and started working recently.
    • Gerald: 11, cousin of @Benji Lee and orphan of the late "city" cook, who died late in 1886, after which he was more or less adopted by the surviving cook, above. Gerald may be the cook's assistant listed above or may run around as the gardener's/caretaker's assistant depending on your wont. He has the option to go to Hogwarts for at least his first year if he chooses and it's negotiable after that.
    • Gardener: 20+, male. T, constantly frustrated that the caretaker has a stick up his ass. Occasionally sleeps with Keavy but no one else on the staff is aware. *
    • Caretaker: 30+, male, H, does not get on with the gardener whom he thinks is a prissy city boy. He also thinks he is far inferior to the old gardener and does not have the experience required to suitably tend to the very expansive gardens at the estate. *