Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Werewolves of London [3-5]
    See Inside... Thread 
    • As was his custom, the Russian perched lazily on his desk, nodding at each student as they arrived in the classroom. The blackboard behind him had a large white circle drawn on it, but no other indication of what they would be studying.

      Nikolai had toyed absently with the idea of subjecting his OWL students to the same sort of competition his NEWT students had endured before the Christmas holidays, however February was hardly the most comfortable time of year for such a feat. For now, at least, their lessons would remain strictly classroom-based, but that did not mean they couldn’t have a bit of fun with them.

      Satisfied that most—if not all—of his charges had indeed arrived, the lanky wizard rose to his feet, one hand fidgeting with his wand while the other picked up a piece of chalk.

      “Mr. Allaway!” he called out abruptly, looking to the Gryffindor. “What are we learning about today?” Nikolai watched in mild amusement as the wide-eyed fourth year tried desperately to come up with some sort of answer—but fourth years did not know conjuring, and so could not come up with something from nothing. With a soft chuckle, the professor threw his chalk at the blackboard, where it magically shattered, leaving the word WEREWOLVES written beneath the circle—the Russian’s sad attempt at drawing a full moon.

      “For those of you who do not pay attention to Professor Browne, there was a full moon on Monday. While that does not mean much to you or I, it has a great impact on those who suffer from lycanthropy—a condition I assure you fifth years will be tested on in May.” As he spoke, the professor began idly pacing the length of the room between the desks.

      Without warning, he rapped on one with his wand. “Can you tell me how one becomes infected?” he asked of the student seated there.
    With DADA being his favourite class, Tristan felt slight disappointment when he couldn't quite tell what they were supposed to be taught today. Professor Sleptov's white circle looked rather mysterious and Tristan wondered if it was some symbol of dark, forbidden magic.

    But now. It was supposed to be a full-moon and today they would be learning about werewolves. Easy and fun enough!

    He didn't even feel startled when Professor Sleptov asked him a question, because he was so very confident in his knowledge. "By being bitten by a werewolf, sir." he responded confidently.

    DATE: February 15th, 1884
    TAG: DADA class
    WORDS: 193

    Pet wore a light frown on her forehead as she doodled lightly in the corner of her parchment. She usually wasn't one for doodling and not paying full attention but Defense Against the Dark Arts classes had been difficult that year. She had to sit in a room with her father and pretend he was just any other professor, not her beloved father who had betrayed her mother and remarried without so much as a word before presenting some girl as his new bridge. She had begun wishing her mother alive more often again now, she had gotten over the loss of her a while ago but if her mother hadn't died, she and Eva wouldn't have a little girl for a step-mother. Even Eva had had more time with their mother than she had, her own memories of her were already a little hazy.

    She watched for a moment as a Gryffindor boy answered the question her father had asked. She hoped her father didn't call on her at any point in the lesson, she actively tried to avoid him noticing her during classes of late but it didn't always work.

    • “Close, Mr. Carmichael,” Nikolai responded with a wink. While the Gryffindor’s answer was certainly correct, the professor was well aware that it could be more specific—and wasn’t prepared to give out house points for something anyone might guess. “But you could be nearer to the mark. Does anyone wish to help out Mr. Carmichael with the small detail he’s forgotten?”

    DATE: February 15th, 1884
    TAG: DADA class
    WORDS: 153

    It was difficult remaining silent in her Defense Against the Dark Arts classes because of her father when she knew answers to questions; her instinct was to answer them not think them and remain silent on the matter. Maybe a part of her liked letting people know she was intelligent because Eva had the looks and social graces, she had to make her own identity and that was with her intelligence.

    Somewhat reluctantly, Pet raised her hand and answered the question, refraining from giving her father eye contact. "To be infected by lycanthropy, one must be bitten by a werewolf in wolf form during the full moon. A werewolf in human is only capable of transmitting mild, wolf-like side-effects and benign, yet permanent scarring. In most cases, muggles will not survive an attack by a werewolf under a full moon." Pet looked down at her desk again and began fiddling with her quill.

    • Theodore had come into class in blissful ignorance, entirely unsuspecting of what the class today would be covering. He rather liked Defence Against the Dark Arts, and had been a good mood, talking quidditch with a few friends as they entered.

      Once seated and ready to pay attention, Theodore's good mood shattered with the same force as the chalk smashing into the blackboard when he read what it had left inscribed. Werewolves. His heart gave a thud, his jaw tightening before he could stop himself, knuckles tensed beneath the desk. He'd already done research of his own. Knowing more couldn't be a bad thing. But having to discuss werewolves in class, academically, impersonally, casually, as if his father was not afflicted by the very condition in question... and all without giving the merest hint that perhaps something wasn't right?

      The task at hand seemed daunting at best. Theodore knew the answer to the first question, but didn't heard Tristan's answer, couldn't chime in afterwards before Miss Sleptova, and wouldn't have, anyway. He wasn't usually shy in class, but today it might be easier just to keep quiet.

    [Image: ItRCHA.png]
    • The wizard smiled encouragingly at his daughter, but the smile faded when she seemed unable to meet his eyes—as had been Petra’s habit of late.

      Nikolai wished his daughters had not been so resistant to his remarriage; while he certainly could have handled it better (showing up with a wife had not been any stroke of brilliance), their reaction, he thought, had been entirely over-the-top. He had not rebelled in the slightest when his father had married Ana, and Ivana had been a glorious boon to the family. His girls, though, seemed to think their pending sibling an oncoming plague.

      “Correct, Miss Sleptova. Take five points for Ravenclaw,” he said with little emotion. Class was not the time to dwell on his family problems. “As Miss Sleptova says,” the professor continued, now addressing the class as a whole, “The condition is called lycanthropy. Is anyone able to tell me its cure?”
    Tristan was slightly displeased when his answer didn’t seem to please the professor, but he could see where he had gone wrong. His answer was rather vague and Tristan wasn’t planning for that to be repeated.

    When Professor Sleptov asked another question, Tristan raised his hand again, confident that this time he could give a good answer.

    “There is no cure for lycanthropy.” Tristan said. “Once someone is turned into a werewolf, they cannot be cured from that state. Various potioneers over the ages have claimed to have found a cure, but all of their tries have so far been in vain. I suppose the best werewolves can do is gag themselves during full moons, as to not hurt themselves or others.”

    Marvolo gritted his teeth when pretty Miss Petra earned points for her house from her own father. It was a double edged sword for him - on the one hand he understood the nature of family loyalty better than most and couldn't fault them for that. On the other he saw it was nepotism, though he didn't know the word, and scowled at the girl and the Gryffindor as they spoke in turn.

    He hated this class. It was filled to the brim with tainted blood, so much so that he always found himself a seat near the window or door less he choke on the odour of corruption, and he was of the opinion that the dark arts had no defence.

    "Why should they gag themselves? Let them loose in Irvingly," he muttered.
    [Image: 314b86p.jpg]
    set by Soph!
    [Image: ftr3_zps3946c19e.png][Image: incestbtn.png]
    • Idly, the Hufflepuff doodled a wolf onto the parchment intended for notes. Well, it was supposed to be a wolf—the redhead frowned slightly when he realized it looked more like some sort of sheep-monster.

      Percy enjoyed Defence Against the Dark Arts usually, but today’s lesson was quickly proving far too theoretical for his tastes. Before Christmas, Andren Lovegood had gotten to take part in a real competition—there had been Dementors and everything!—as part of the class, but the fifth years were stuck answering questions and taking notes? To the beater, it didn’t seem in the least bit fair. While he doubted a third year would be up to such a task, surely there could not be that big of a divide between fifth and sixth years!

      Idly, he went back to work on his doodle.
    [Image: qxtjiv.jpg]
    NEWT CLASSES: Astronomy, COMC, Ghoul Studies
    set by MJ

    [Image: v5bl14.gif]
    Defense Against the Dark Arts was one of her favorite classes. Combine it with the talk of magical creatures - werewolves, in this case - and she was entranced.

    She tapped her nails against her desk as Professor Sleptov asked questions, but it was more of a focusing gesture than anything - the only time Zelda was actually distracted was when she heard the voice of the third year Slytherin behind her.

    Unleash werewolves, on muggles? Some people were so awful.

    Zelda turned around to give the boy her very best Look, because there were some things she couldn't ignore even if she had wanted to.
    [Image: uUQiz4B.jpg]
    Werewolves? Clarissa hoped that she would never have the misfortune of coming across a transformed one or be turned into one. Now, that would be horrible. It made her wonder though, would she still be made to marry Justin if she were to become a werewolf? Would Justin even want to marry her? She made a mental note to ask him. Was it even legal for werewolves to marry? Clarissa did not know and she was certainly not planning to ask!

    She was usually not one to space out in classes but lately she had wondered what the point was. She had only learned before the Christmas break that she had been betrothed to Justin Adams, which made all her hard work thus far, seem a waste. At any rate, she jotted down the notes of the class. Even if she was destined to the shackles of a bride, at least she would not be a stupid one!
    [Image: oicvlM.png]
    While Persephone enjoyed Defense Against the Dark Arts, she was much more interested in learning defense spells rather than dark creatures, but she supposed that the subject of Werewolves was intriguing enough. Personally, she would much rather learn how to defend herself against a werewolf as she could easily do the research upon the dangerous creatures herself, but she was aware that there were some students - and she was not going to point out anyone, in particular - who were not very inclined to crack open a book, and so sit through the lesson she must!

    Sitting at a desk adjacent to one of her roommates, Miss Clarissa Cosgrove, Persephone scribbled down some notes onto a piece of parchment as she listened to the lesson with some interest. She would, of course, make it her mission to thoroughly study the topic when she had ample enough time to, but she reasoned that jotting down the particulars would benefit her in the long run, and besides, she did not want to be perceived as a slacker!

    However, her attention was soon diverted by the sound of muttering coming from her right, and Persephone raised her eyebrows. Unleash werewolves upon the muggles of Irvingly? That was just as dangerous as subjecting people of all types - magical or not - to a horde of bloodthirsty vampires! And Persephone could not help but slightly shudder at the nasty image in her head, but rather than dwell upon it, she refocused her attention back onto Professor Sleptov's lesson. Unleashing werewolves, indeed, Persephone thought as she once again began scribbling some more words upon the parchment.

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    • “Mr. Carmichael unfortunately has the truth of it--a truth for which he will take five points, by the way. There is no cure; once an individual has been turned, they are doomed to a monthly curse.” Though he could hear murmuring of some sort, Nik could not quite make it out, and so chose to ignore it. He doubted that, whatever it was, would be of much value to the class.

      Nik turned to the board, picking up a piece of chalk to actually write this time (a rarity for this particular professor), lazily scrawling “Identifying Factors” under what was already printed.

      “Now, who can tell me how to tell a werewolf from a wolf?” the Russian asked. “No need for hands, just call them out!”

    DATE: February 15th, 1884
    TAG: DADA class
    WORDS: 60

    Pet didn't feel much victory about winning house points for her answer like she usually would have were she in someone else's class but it didn't stop her from blurting out another answer. "They have a shorter snout than the true wolf." She could have elaborated further but she felt like she had said more than plenty for one lesson.

    "They can also be identified via the tuft of their tail," January piped up. It took a lot to be able to do so but she was relieved to have been able to throw something into the class discussion. Now that she had said her bit, January was planning on staying silent the rest of the lesson. Speaking up in class was always much too daunting for the shy Gryffindor.
    [Image: m0Vcez.png]