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Sarah Moon
Full Name: Sarah Philomena Moon
Birthdate: January 4th, 1875
Current Age: Eighteen Years
Gender: Female
Occupation: Seventh Year
Reputation: 8. Her parents are "new money" and viewed as social climbers.
Residence: A large house with a neatly-groomed garden on the border of North Bartonburg and Wellingtonshire.
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Wand: Rowan, 11 inches, Unicorn hair, Unyielding
Blood Status: Pureblood
Social Class: Middle Class
— Moon, Father [18XX]
— Moon (née —), Mother [18XX]
James Moon, Brother [1866]
George Moon, Brother [1870]
Sarah is pretty. She has to be. That much has been nailed into her head from the time she was just a girl. Not a hair out of place, not a blemish uncovered, not a single stain on her skirt. She stands at 5'4" (which she's reminded is too tall every time she stands next to her considerably shorter mother) and thin. Her body doesn't have the curves society expects her to have, but it's fine—mother's added additional padding to her dresses since she first bled. It's fine. Truly.

Her skin is fair but with a noticeably olive undertone, and her hair is pin-straight and dark brown. She likes to dress in deep jewel tones, knowing anything too pastel or bright is likely to wash her out. She wields her wand with her right hand.
1875 | Sarah is born to Mr. and Mrs. Moon at their London home, their third and final child. The only daughter, too, and she immediately becomes the apple of her parents' eyes. Her father is an entrepreneur—or at least he claims to be. He's more an investor than anything, always eager to come up with (and invest in) new business ventures, but he always moves onto the next once he's made his profit. Her mother, a vain woman with expensive tastes, only encourages his shrewdness and enjoys spending her time dressing up her children like dolls. They have a reputation for social-climbing, but—of course—they take it as a compliment.

1879 | Sarah learns her first life lesson: appearances matter above all else. While on a rare weekly outing with her nanny, she tries to befriend a group of girls playing in the streets. After she ends up with muddied skirts, she receives a stern talking-to about how she need not play with those type of girls. She receives a nasty spanking for ruining her dress and is forced to soak in the bath under her the skin on her toes wrinkle.

1882 | By the age of seven, Sarah has mastered two languages other than English: Korean, her father's native tongue, and French, which her mother says is more important to know than most subjects she's learning. She can read and write, do maths, and knows the basics of history and geography. She studies hard, not out of a pursuit of knowledge, but a need for affirmation.

1883 | While making origami with her brother, her paper crane begins to fly away all on its own. It's her brother that recognizes it as her first sign of magic. Her mother forces her to try to replicate the display of magic, but she just can't. She spends the rest of the day trying and trying and trying, hoping not to disappoint her mother. She never succeeds.

1884 | Her brother graduates from Hogwarts. It's strange having him home all the time, but they grow closer. He's protective over her, and she looks up to him, following him around when he's home from work and begging him to take her out to the market.

1886 | Sarah goes off to Hogwarts. She asks the Sorting Hat to place her in Gryffindor, the idea of being brave and bold and honorable more desirable than any of the other houses' values. The Hat grants her wishes. Her mother sends weekly letters reminding her to "make friends with the right crowd" and "take her coursework seriously", so she does just that. She befriends the right people, does all of her homework, and studies into the late hours of the night when she's not confident in her knowledge. It doesn't make for a well-adjusted child, but certainly a hardworking one.

1887 | Peggy Clark—annoying, smart, pretty, wealthy, and a terrible know-it-all. It only takes a few classes into the school year for Sarah to recognize the patterns. When Sarah raises her hand, Peggy raises her hand a heartbeat later. When Sarah answers a question correctly and earns house points, Peggy piggybacks off her and earns house points. When Sarah masters a spell, Peggy manages to do it just a little better. Sarah doesn't say anything, worried that getting on Miss Clark's bad side will ruin her chance of befriending the wealthier girls in her year, but she doesn't bother to look away when Miss Clark catches her glaring at her.

1888 | Her elder brother bullies her into trying out his new broomstick over the summer. It goes all fine and dandy at first, but on her second spin Sarah falls approximately twenty feet an breaks her arm and sprains her ankle. Her newfound fear of heights becomes apparent when she struggles to climb the moving staircases at Hogwarts that fall without her legs shaking. She has to leave her room twenty minutes early in the morning just to work up the courage to climb onto the first step. She adds Divination, Ancient Runes, and Arithmancy for her electives.

1889 | Sarah finds herself sharing a few mutual friends with Peggy Clark. They're the type of girls her mother wants her to befriend, and they're nice enough, but Sarah can't help but hold her breath every time Miss Clark approaches the spot they've picked to picnic on the lawn, or when she slides into the bench across from Sarah to study. She's solidified herself as one of the girls nearest the top of her class—save for the few subjects she's already decided she has no interest in continuing beyond fifth year. Unfortunately, Miss Clark is also near the top of their class.

1890 | She attends her first Christmas party in Wellingtonshire, hosted by one of her friends from Hogwarts. A boy kisses her behind the spiral staircase. She cries and tells him never to do it ever again because she might retch. He gets all huffy and puffy and calls her an intolerable know-it-all. As if. It's embarrassing and terrible, and she spends the rest of the evening wrapped up in herself, avoiding her friends and her not-so-friends.

1891 | She takes her OWLs, and, much to her delight, receives high marks on all her subjects. The summer is a nice one, filled with praise from her mother, shopping trips to account for her growth spurts, and even a late-July trip to France with her entire family. She begins her sixth year with a full roster of classes: Alchemy, Ancient Runes, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Divination, Potions, and Transfiguration. She hates having to drop Herbology and Arithmancy, but her head of house swears that there's no way to accommodate for additional classes. At least Peggy Clark is also stuck with seven courses—many of the shared with her.

1893 | Sarah prepares to take her NEWTs and debut. Her mother seems to care less and less about her academics, which rattles her even more than the constant pestering about refining her figure and choosing the proper wardrobe for the summer. Merlin help her.
The only thing that annoys Sarah more than know-it-alls are people who think they know more than her. As the intellectual that she is, she does not pay mind to petty gossip (unless it is about herself) and knows better than to show her true emotions (unless you're being a twat and she's got you cornered).
※ Has a paralyzing fear of heights.
※ Fluent in French, Korean, and Latin. Has never been able to learn a language she's started studying past the age of eleven.
※ Is willing to read whatever nonfiction book is put in front of her and thinks fiction, as a concept, is silly (although she has read the classics so nobody can say she isn't well-read). An armchair expert in a variety of niche topics that she'll bring up when she's nervous.
※ Knows how to play the pianoforte as well as anyone else, but she truly shines when singing.
※ Makes origami out of parchment when she's bored and is well-known for littering the corridors with cranes.
※ Is very much a lesbian but wouldn't know how to explain it if you asked her.
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Name: Bree
Age: twenty-FOUR!

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