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As he fell, Ford recalled the trials of Gulliver during his interactions with the Lilliputians.
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Sully Murphy
Full Name: Sullivan Arthur Murphy
Nicknames: Sully, Murph
Birthdate: March 30th, 1852
Current Age: 41
Occupation: Field Medicine Instructor for the Auror’s Office
Reputation: 8
Residence: Bartonburg South
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Wand: 10 ½” balsam fir, dragon heartstring
Blood Status: halfblood
Social Class: middle
Saoirse Murphy née McGee | [1862 - 1888] wife
Molly Murphy | [1882] daughter
Alora Murphy | [1886] | daughter

Benson Murphy | [18xx] father, retired auror
Siobhan Murphy née — | [18xx] housewife
Aine — née Murphy | [1857] sister and family
Brooks Murphy | [1860] brother and family
Maeve Murphy [1864] | sister, governess

Sullivan stands at an unusually tall six feet and carries himself in a bit of a slouch because of it. He has dark brown hair, a perpetual layer of stubble hiding a strong chin, and bright green eyes. Sully is not open with his expressions, he tends to keep a rather austere look upon his face, unless engaging with his girls or family. He dresses casually outside of work and is right handed.


March 1852
A Firstborn Son
Benson and Siobhan Murphy welcome a healthy baby boy.
And a Girl
After quite the gap, another child joins the family, to be named Aine.
The Brother
After another gap, an eight year old Sully understands the new baby thing a little better.
In his first display of magic, a bored Sullivan winds up changing the family cat different colors, pretending to use a stick for a wand in the garden.
Sullivan nervously leaves behind his two siblings and a very pregnant mother to head to Hogwarts. He is sorted into Hufflepuff. As the kind of person who wants to take care of others, he finds this fitting. Mave is born that spring, a whole twelve years after his own birth and Sully is sad he wasn’t home to welcome her. He spends the summer doting on the infant and his other younger siblings before returning to school in September.

The rest of his schooling flows without much note. He takes interest in potions and creatures, does well in herbology and charms, but some of the other core classes he struggles in. His exams go about as well as expected in fifth and seventh year, well enough for him to pursue becoming a mediwizard after school. Healing intrigues him, but he knows he’s not cut out for hospital life.
In Training
In spending his required year, Sully realizes he has taken the right road. He has a penchant for calming those on the job, becoming a reliable, steadfast first responder to those in need.
Summer 1871-1878
With his internship complete, Sullivan is released into the wild world of work and though he knows he’s good at what he does, he feels wildly unprepared for adulthood in general. It gets easier as time goes on, though he never quite gets used to the feeling of losing a patient, he cannot imagine doing anything else with his life. He even relocated to Hogsmeade in 1877 to make it easier to be closer to work.
The Spark
On a fairly straightforward call, Sully meets one Saoirse McGee. She’s gotten herself into a little pickle that requires hospitalization.Sully checks in during her convalescence, but he doesn’t push the matter. He’s been focused on work for so long that he doesn’t quite know how to fit anything else into his life.
Lightning Does Strike Twice
It turns out the Saoirse McGee is quite accident prone and winds up calling for a mediwizard. Sully responds and is surprised to see her once more. This time he doesn’t shy away from taking a chance and it works out. By year’s end they are engaged.
Wedding Bells
Sully and Saoirse tie the knot in a late spring wedding and purchase a modest home in South Bartonburg. It takes a little while for them to get into a rhythm with his unpredictable hours, but things settle into their honeymoon phase.
The Next Generation
With the news that Saoirse is expecting, Sully starts to think about his time at home and ultimately decides to make a somewhat upward move and slide into the Auror’s Office as the Field Medicine Instructor. The more predictable hours that allow him the time to be home balances out the fact that he isn’t quite doing what he loves. He warms up to the job, as he finds he does enjoy teaching young, hopeful trainees life-saving skills they will need on the job. Molly is born to a pair of ecstatic parents who are enthralled by her.
Baby No. 2
The pair welcome a second daughter to be named Alora.
Tragedy Strikes
The Fog descends upon Hogsmeade and as unnerving as it is, things appear to be alright. Sully puts in a lot of hours at work trying to help the office out as best he can. Saoirse, on an errand through the fog to the heart of town, gets lost and attacked. Sully does not find out until she is brought to the hospital and it’s too late to save her. Obviously devastated. Sully struggles to pick up the pieces and get through.
There are too many memories in their home and so Sully packs up the girls and moves them closer to a townhouse with a little garden and a cozy feel. His youngest sister Maeve comes to live with them and help with the girls in addition to the nanny and their housekeeper. It allows him a little more breathing room and a chance to start over.
With Molly due to start Hogwarts in September, Sully is only slightly having an existential crisis. What he’d imagined would be happy events of buying her wand and her robes has a shadow cast upon it. Maeve thinks he should get back into the marriage mart, but Sully is still hesitant.

Sullivan is a hardworking family man who takes nothing more seriously than being a good father to his children. He took the loss of his wife incredibly hard and is having a hard time opening up again. In his youth he was outgoing and opinionated, tamed by his lovely wife’s more quiet temperament. He is a present father and holds that responsibility above all else. He is naturally nurturing, though can be stubborn and

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