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As he fell, Ford recalled the trials of Gulliver during his interactions with the Lilliputians.
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Oryndia Noble
Full Name: Oryndia Aurelia Geraldine Noble p. Graham née Fawns
Nicknames: N/A
Birthdate: December 31, 1849
Current Age: 43
Gender: Female
Occupation: Socialite
Reputation: 9
Her collection of living children was large enough on its own, but then she remarried to a widower with his own large brood. A proud Scott at that.
Residence: London (Primary Residence)
Highlands (Seasonal Residence - Husband's family home)
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Wand: Maple, 10", rigid, veela hair
Blood Status: Halfblood
Social Class: Upper Class
Husband: Callum Noble (1848)
---Stepson: Bhreac Noble (1873)
---Stepson: Alasdair Noble (1874)
---Stepdaughter: Cairistiona Noble (1876)
---Stepdaughter: Donella Noble (1878)
---Stepson: Ragnall Noble (1880)
---Stepson: Ramsey Noble (1880)
---Stepson: Rodric Noble (1880)
Daughter: Lorna Noble (1886)
Son: Gregor Noble (1888)

Late Husband: Charles Graham (1839-1881)
Daughter: Florence ___ née Graham (1869)
Daughter: Ariana Graham (1872)
Son: James Graham (1874)
Daughter: Julia Graham (1874)
Daughter: Camelia Graham (1877)
Son: Lawrence Graham (1879)
Son: Clifford Graham (1881)

Brother-in-Law: Haskell Graham (1859-1891)
---Sister-in-Law: Theodosia Graham née Robins (1866)
---Nephew: Tiberius Graham (1886)
---Niece: Mariana Graham (1888)
---Nephew: Nathaniel Graham (1890)
and other Graham siblings-in-law and nieces/nephews

Father: ___ Fawns (18##)
Mother: ___ Fawns née ___ (18##)
Sister: Paula ___ née Fawns (1846)
---and family
Brother: Mortimer Fawns (1848)
---and family
Sister: Cornelia ___ née Fawns (1853)
---and family
Sister: Dorothy Fawns (1856)
Sister: Mozelle ___ née Fawns (1857)
---and family
General | Oryndia's hair is a rich, dark brown that falls straight when let loose from being pinned in intricate styles of the era. Her blue eyes are a bright comparison. She stands at a confident 5 foot and 7 inches.

Expressions | Despite her class, Oryndia is rather expressive. Bold and true to who she is. Her face is rather fair in comparison to how she uses it to express herself.

Deportment | "You stand tall, now stand straight," rings in her ears whenever she even comes close to slouching. It brings a sense of annoyance to her when she thinks too hard on the matter. She doesn't typically sit as rigidly as she stands, but it's still decent for a lady of her standing.

Fashion | She tends to allow her friends to help her pick out the latest fashion.

Accessories | Oryndia favors necklaces above other accessories.

Scent | Perfume from various shops, even from other countries at times.

Distinguishing Characteristics | Nothing of significant note.

Face Claim | Caitríona Balfe

Early Youth
1849Oryndia is born in the late hours of the last day of 1849. Had one more hour gone by, she would have been born in a new decade. She is born as the third child and second daughter of her parents.
1853Another daughter is born and named Cornelia.
1856 Dorothy, another daughter, joins the family. Later in the year, Oryndia displays her first signs of magic by making a book her governess placed in front of her disappear.
1857The last child, another daughter, is born and named Mozelle.

Hogwarts Years
1861Oryndia joins her older siblings in Hogwarts and is sorted into Gryffindor. This surprises the majority of her family, which would have guessed her for the Ravenclaw sort.
School Year of 1863-1864Electives begin and Oryndia chooses arithmancy, ancient studies, and ancient runes.
Summer 1867Oryndia meets Charles Graham. A lovely and intellectual man. Despite their age difference, they both grow fond for one another and continue to write one another once Oryndia goes back to school.
School Year of 1866-1867Despite her wishes to take more, she cuts her sixth year classes down to DADA, history of magic, potions, magical theory, arithmancy, ancient studies, and ancient runes.

Debutante Era
Early June, 1868In only a few weeks into her debut, Charles officially begins courting her.
Late September, 1868Charles and Oryndia announce their engagement. Oryndia hopes for a Christmas wedding, near but not exactly on her birthday.
December 25, 1868Her wishes are realized on a large, expensive wedding - had to be, for the plans to not take a year to look this good. Her parents are excited, but also a little annoyed that she insisted on such finery with only a few months' time to prepare.

Beginnings of a Socialite
Late 1869Much like herself, her first born child is brought into the world late into the year. A girl named Florence.
1872Another girl is brought into the world and named Ariana.
1874 Twins are born. First a boy, then a girl. James and Julia.
1877The muggle riots occur. Her family flees to the countryside, and another child is born and named Camelia.
1879Another son is born and named Lawrence. Oryndia is glad that James can now have a brother, knowing that her own older brother wasn't fully content to being the only son in a family of girls.
Mid-1881Six months into her pregnancy, Charles dies in a potions accident. Oryndia is heartbroken and its a miracle that she doesn't loose her pregnancy.

Late 1881Instead, she gives birth to another son, Clifford, late into the year. Her first Graham child and her last Graham child both being born late into the year.
1881-1883Oryndia mourns. Not only for social propriety, but because she genuinely grieves for the man she loved. Even still, late into her mourning, she knows that she will soon need to acquire a husband, for the sake of her children. She doesn't court anyone, but does take note of older single gentlemen who may likely be willing to marry a widow. She doesn't do this with an abundant obviousness, but rather in private and with true close friends.
1884Enter an era outside of mourning. Through a mutual friend, a courtship is more arranged than anything else. Between Oryndia and a widower by the name of Callum Noble. The two are well matched in personality. One thing that makes Oryndia hesitate slightly is the fact that the man has plenty of children of his own. But still, the chemistry is undeniable, and he doesn't seem deterred by the number of children that she has. By the end of the year, the two announce their engagement.

Wed Again
1885Callum and Oryndia are wed.
1886Oryndia has their first child together. A daughter named Lorna.
1888Oryndia has their last child together, as the healer insists that she should not try any longer. A son named Gregor. Florence debuts and Oryndia does enlist her sisters' help at the beginning due to her pregnancy.
1890Ariana debuts.
1891After some discreate research, Oryndia finds contraceptives and suggests them to her husband. Both want to still be active with one another without risking Oryndia's safety, so Callum agrees to try it. They have since been sexually active with use of condoms and the hopes that they continue to work.
1893Florence marries.
IN PUBLIC: Despite her upbringing, Oryndia is opinionated and will speak her mind when she feels emboldened to do so. This is how her friends see Gryffindor as a good match for her. Even so, she doesn't work as a way of complying to social norms. Still, her interests in academics does filter into her everyday conversations and she is unapologetic about it.

IN THE HOME: Overall, she is more practical in terms of mothering than emotional. The nannies and the governesses are more likely to handle a child's tears, but Oryndia does have a tendency to give good advice when her children have the mind to ask. Or... even when they don't. This can be helpful or strenuous depending on the situation.
Amortentia | Old books and rich whisky

Patronus | West Highland Terrier

Boggart | A living shadow. One might guess at her fear of darkness, but it's up for interpretation.

Hogwarts Clubs| Book Club, History Club

Star Sign | Capricorn

Hobbies | Oryndia actually adores studying history and scholarly text.

Pets | She has two cats, Diamond and Chester. She also has a cocker spaniel named Romeo.
Name: Kelly
Age: 24

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