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As he fell, Ford recalled the trials of Gulliver during his interactions with the Lilliputians.
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Enid Glynn
Full Name: Enid Glynn
Nicknames: N/A
Birthdate: January 24, 1873
Current Age: 20
Gender: Female
Occupation: Creature-Induced Injury Healer @ St. Mungo's
Reputation: 9
Her fam adopted a girl, who grew up to become a dragonkeeper apprentice. Enid is also incredibly close with her.
Residence: The Glen (Elsewhere)
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Wand: Elm, 12.75", slightly rigid, dragon heart string
Blood Status: Halfblood
Social Class: Working Class
Father: ___ Glynn (18##)
Mother: ___ Glynn née ___ (18##)
Enid is the third born of eight bio siblings, and has an adopted sister.
General | Enid has flowing locks of dark brown hair, complimented by brown eyes. Her stature of 5 foot 4 inches is slightly taller than the average woman.

Expressions | Her expression tends to come off as more serious than she actually is.

Deportment | She tries to carry herself in a professional manner, but she didn't have serious formal training to pull off 'proper ettiquite'.

Fashion | Her nicest fashion happens to be her healer uniform.

Accessories | She does have a nice hat that she saved up for.

Scent | Not the best, but not the worst. She tries to get cleaned up after a days work, when she has the time.

Distinguishing Characteristics | Nothing of significant note.

Face Claim | Emily Carey
Humble BeginningsEnid is born on a tree farm, the third child of Mr. and Mrs. Glynn. Overall, she is fairly quiet for a baby.
The FoundlingAfter another sibling is born, another joins their household by way of being found and named Gwyn Conway. As the two girls both grow up, they grow fond of one another. By the time that Gwyn is around six, there are nine total children in the house. Overall, Gwyn isn't exactly a good influence. Enid sometimes likes some of the more feminine ways of life and sitting still, but has a preference to follow Gwyn's whims. Mama tries to get Enid to get Gwyn to settle down. It sometimes works?
An Education
The First Few YearsEnid takes to her studies surprisingly well. Loves creating study groups, as working together is a great motivator for her. Even going so far as to drag Gwyn to some of these study sessions when she finally attends the following year. The two even enter Care of Magical Creatures together, as Enid decided to ask Gwyn what she wanted before Gwyn had the chance to choose electives - given that Enid was one year ahead and would have to pick first. In the end, Enid did end up receiving scholarships to attend Hogwarts further.
The Last Few YearsMaking it to her fourth year, she actually gets to spend one year in the same elective as Gwyn. She's thrilled and continues to attempt to help Gwyn improve her grades before the year ends. But it's not meant to be, and Enid is faced with leaving Gwyn behind once again to go off to Hogwarts the following year. Upon learning of the incident that almost killed Gwyn, Enid is determined to become a healer in the hopes that - should she be around the next time something like that were to potentially occur - she would have the ability to actually do something. She finds herself graduating with splendid NEWTs scores.
Young Adulthood
Where We StandAfter graduation, Enid has become a trainee healer at St. Mungo's. Gwyn expresses interest in becoming an apprentice dragon keeper. Enid cannot help but express her shock on the matter. The bond between the two seems to have become less solid, but Enid still seriously cares about Gwyn like a sister. Still, she tries to remain supportive - though will make a comment every now and then showing that this support is fairly surface level. It does inspire Enid to seek out the Creature-Induced Injuries department with a renewed spark of determination.
Love BloomsOutside of work, Enid's main spare time is spent in the Glen. Whether it be helping out on the family farm, or spending time in the local village. Every now and then, she would encounter Titus Yarwood. Charming, intelligent, and rather handsome. She had encountered him a couple of times when they were children, but it hadn't been abundantly significant back then. She's overall quiet about her feelings, even to Gwyn.
IN PUBLIC: Enid typically goes with the social wave. While opinionated, she waits to make the best approach. Still, sometimes she can be blunter than she means to be. Not often, but definitely sometimes.

IN THE HOME: Often enough, she's a lot more honest for those she cares about - though obviously not about everything. She's also significantly bolder once she feels comfortable.
Amortentia | She doesn't like to admit it, but she doesn't have the greatest sense of smell. Hense, she didn't want to admit in potions class that she has absolutely no idea what the scents really were.

Patronus | A rattlesnake.

Boggart | A dragon. No, Gwyn has not been told about that.

Hogwarts Clubs| Garden Club

Star Sign | Aquarius

Hobbies | Not really any.

Pets | The family owl?
Name: Kelly
Age: 24

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