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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Carson Bixby for Sloane Bixby. You can take the middle-aged man out of quidd—oh, apparently you can't.
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

Barnabas Skeeter in CYOA: Group D

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Diary of a Young Lady
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December 25th, 1887

It was so nice to be home for Christmas and see mother and father and Miss Hughes again. And of course Henry. Matthew of course teased Henry about being so little and acted as if he weren’t happy to be home. I think for once I understand, but I was happy to see my family again. I hope my friends have had such a good time home as I have.

Mother loved the locket we gave her and father loved his pocket watch. Henry seemed happy with his toy soldiers, and even Matthew looked happy with his gifts. Of course I think I got the best gift. This journal. Mother said that every young lady should have one. But that she must not let anyone know her thoughts beyond its pages. She even taught me a charm for keeping the pages sealed! I can’t wait to try when I get home. She told me it is a very lady like pursuit to keep a journal and as I’m growing into such a fine lady it was time for me to have a place to share my thoughts. I intend to do just this.

January 4th, 1888

School has begun again and I am quite glad for it. I miss mother and father and Henry, but I’m glad to be back. Henry looked so sad when I returned home, but if I’m honest he just seemed so young when I was home. I wonder if Matthew thought that of me on his first break. It is nice to see my friends though. Other young ladies my age are quite a blessing after two weeks with only my brothers. I’m sure Sloane understands with all her brothers!

January 8th, 1888

I know mother will disapprove but I’ve written to father about the dueling tournament. It’s just not fair that Matthew gets to try his hand at dueling and I’m suppose to just sit there any watch! It’s not like one dueling tournament at school will make me a duelist when I grow up! Besides, if I don’t learn now how will I ever be able to protect myself? Plus there are plenty of girls here who are in the dueling club! Not to mention the quidditch teams. At least I’m only asking to do something practical.

I hope father doesn't say no.

January 10th, 1888

He didn’t say no! He even included several tips about how to win my duel! I’ve signed up for the tournament. Oh! I’m so nervous. But excited. I’ve been going over the spells we’ve learned in class and been trying to practice them. I hope I don’t disappoint father.

January 12th, 1888

I did it! I really did it! Matthew keeps saying that mother will be disappointed in me. But I don’t regret it. Even if I didn’t win, it was worth it. Miss Scrimgeour is the best in our year so really I ought to be proud I even won one round, if not the whole match. I’ll have to try harder next year. Maybe I’ll enlist the help of Mr. Blackwall next time. After all he was very helpful with studying for potions.

January 14th, 1888
Mother wrote me reminding me to be more lady like. I could tell she wasn't happy I dueled. She included advice on how to better my embroidery and reminded me to focus on my studies rather than my extra activities. I suppose she could have been much harsher. Miss Hughes sent me a note as well, reminding me that all knowledge is useful. I wonder if she is trying to soften mother's words. For all my friends at school I do miss her.

February 4th, 1888
Classes are keeping me very busy. I wish I had more time to write to you, my dear little book,
but it feels like the homework will never end. When I finally do have a moment I can at least have the companionship of my friends, but sometimes the quiet of confiding in you can be more calming. Not that I mind their noise, really I enjoy it. But at times it is nice to have a break. I shall try to make more time for you in any case.

[Image: pJDOHc.jpg]
February 9th, 1888

Matthew keeps mentioning the kitchens, but he won’t tell me where they are. It is simply maddening. I loved the kitchen at home and was always watching Mrs. Podmore as she made treats or even potions. She and Miss Hughes use to let me help when they brewed simple potions. You wouldn’t tell with how difficult I find potions now that I am on my own. But there is something homelike about kitchens. Perhaps I can find it on my own. After all, I did see Mr. Blackwall before Christmas break in the lower corridors with a lot of food. I suppose he found the kitchens there as it is nowhere near where the Ravenclaw common room is supposed to be. I shall have to see if any of Sloane’s brothers have told her about the kitchens, maybe she will be up for an adventure and we can go find them.

[Image: pJDOHc.jpg]
February 11th, 1888

I confide homework is beginning to get dull. I find myself longing to do things much more than actually focus on classes. Even History of Magic which has less of the tales Miss Hughes use to include and more dry facts about who fought whom and when. Where are the heroes dear Miss Hughes always told me about? I admit among my other dull subjects are my music lessons, I would much rather focus on my drawings and paintings than on which cord of the harpsichord I need to hit. Mother says musical skill will make me more desirable, but I wish to stop my lessons. I think I will write to her about it.

On another note, yesterday Sloane and I went on an adventure to find the kitchens. We got terribly lost as neither her brother, Wallace, or Matthew had given us any form of directions. But we did find it in the end! I had no idea so many house elves worked here. There were so many of them. They were perfectly kind and gave us a snack that wouldn’t spoil our suppers. It was a wonderful break from our studies.

[Image: pJDOHc.jpg]
February 14th, 1888

Yesterday I made mother and father a valentine card, and even one for Henry. I use to send one to Matthew too, but we’ve both grown to old for that. Mother sent me one as well, I always wish to make mine appear as fine as her own, but I end up with too much lace here or too much glitter there. This year I did enchant the cards to appear like they were snowing. I had to ask for help from the Matron, but she didn’t seem to mind. It was a rather unremarkable day beyond that for being St. Valentine’s day.

[Image: pJDOHc.jpg]
February 19th, 1888

I truly don’t mind school, but why is it that tests and papers are assigned at the same time in each class? It makes it that much harder to keep up on my studies. Mother always says to use my time wisely at school, but it is so hard to study for a subject as dull as Magical Theory. I’d much rather be practicing magic than reading about why we have magic. I suppose this is why I don’t mind practicing charms homework, even essays in charms are not as bad as those in Magical Theory. I don’t think I shall ever get the hang of Transfiguration, however. I barely managed to turn a match into a needle and now we are expected to turn matchboxes into pincushions. As Miss Hughes says though, I shouldn’t ever give up or doubt what hard work will do. I shall strive to listen to her more when focusing on my studies.

[Image: pJDOHc.jpg]
February 26th, 1888

It has been an endless parade of papers and tests in the past week. Everyone has been just as busy as myself. I am more likely to have a conversation with one of my friends as we work on papers than I am to find them at supper. It almost feels as if we are all on our own and yet as if we are all together - even if we aren’t talking. I do miss having time to simply spend with them, even the chatter before bed as quieted down as we stay up until curfew and then crawl into bed exhausted. Why is it so different from when school began?

[Image: pJDOHc.jpg]
February 27th, 1888
I didn’t know how I didn’t realize that Calla’s family runs the florist in town. But today I ran into Calla in the greenhouses. I don’t really know why I was there other than I wanted to get away and they briefly reminded me of home. Not that I’m home sick or anything! But I did want to feel like it was spring and get away from homework. And well, anyway, I ran into Calla. I actually knocked her down and I do hope that she forgives me for it. But she told me about her family and honestly I felt much better after that. I think I will miss Calla when summer comes. But perhaps Mother will let me go see her and Sloane. I shall have to ask her at Easter break.

[Image: pJDOHc.jpg]
February 28th, 1888
Did you know that you could get stuck on the stairs here at Hogwarts? I certainly did not. But on my way to supper this evening the stairs simply ceased to continue moving after they had started! It was terribly awful considering the fact that I was late to supper anyway and very hungry. I did meet a nice Ravenclaw boy a few years older than me, but the Matron of Slytherin was there too and she managed to fix the staircase, luckily we weren't stuck for long.

[Image: pJDOHc.jpg]
March 5th, 1888
Matthew has been giving me a hard time about joining flying club, but when Sloane had mentioned it back in September it sounded like fun. How was I to know that I wouldn’t be a great flyer. I get through flying classes alright, and sometimes it’s not too terrible at flying club, but lately the broom I’ve been borrowing has a tendency to fly on its side. It’s very difficult to fly and I find myself clinging on for dear life. Today was rather embarrassing as I managed to make it a few feet off the ground and then it just decided to hover on its side with just enough height to skim me across the ground. Everyone else makes it appear so easy. I shall try to practice more, maybe the other girls will want to fly with me as they all seem to wish to be on the quidditch team.

[Image: pJDOHc.jpg]
March 11th, 1888
Today was very odd. I was trying to write my magical theory paper and I heard a scream from nearby. I don’t know what happened but I fainted at the sound. I will admit that I was terribly embarrassed when two of the older students found me, but a seventh year prefect fainted as well. I didn’t know that boys fainted. It turns out the book he was reading was cursed. I don’t know why anyone would read a book out of the restricted section if they made you faint like that.

I rather hope I don’t cross paths with the two of them again. The girl is in my house but quite a few years older and as such not likely to really speak to me. The boy is a Ravenclaw and I don’t suppose I shall see him much again. Perhaps all will be forgotten in time?

[Image: pJDOHc.jpg]
March 14th
It finally feels like spring! We went outside after classes today to do our school work but we were much more interested in chatting and the sunshine. I felt foolish because a squirrel startled me and I jumped - right into Tatianna’s lap! She said she was alright and we all laughed it off and enjoyed the rest of our afternoon but I’m not sure I’ve very found of squirrels now.

[Image: pJDOHc.jpg]
March 24th
I’m beginning to think the library is bad luck for me. Mother encourages me to study there and yet weird things keep happening when I do. A couple weeks ago it was that whole book incident. Then today it was Mr. Blackwall.

I was working on my magical theory essay when I saw all these bubbles and it sounded like someone was sick. I went to see what was going on and if I could help and it was Mr. Blackwall. He was sick on bubbles. I asked him if he wanted me to get help and thought he meant I could help him and then the Ravenclaw from the last time showed up. It was so embarrassing. Luckily Mr. Turner was able to help Mr. Blackwall and now Mr. Blackwall is resting up. I plan to scold him when he is better not to do such things when no one is around to help. What would happened if we hadn’t been there?

[Image: pJDOHc.jpg]
March 31st, 1888
Mother allowed me to go Easter Egg hunting at the park today with Sloane. Her older brother accompanied us, Mr. Bixby seemed rather nicer than Matthew or Wallace. Perhaps not all older brothers are awful when they grow up?

I found an egg that turned into a bunny and named her Lucky. Mother says that Hogwarts won’t allow bunnies and that she won’t have a bunny at home. Lucky was bright purple and I had hoped to keep her but she insisted that I allow Lucky to go home to her family in the park. I suppose Lucky will be happier there anyway but I will miss her.

[Image: pJDOHc.jpg]
April 5th, 1888
Mother says I should use a bigger vocabulary. It will make me sound like a real lady. I’ve been trying to practice in you, dear journal, but she still says I need to speak with bigger words too. She promised that if I write bigger words in you then I will begin to use them in conversation too. She gave me a pocket dictionary at Easter. So I shall try because I wish to sound like an eloquent lady someday. See? I used one right there.

[Image: pJDOHc.jpg]
April 16th, 1888
I met the most dreadful house elf today. Okay, maybe he wasn’t entirely dreadful. But he did yell a lot. It wasn’t my fault though. I suppose I did explode my potion in class, but it really was an accident. Professor Valenduris was kind enough to allow me to leave class early to wash up but then I met a house elf of the stairs, I believe his name is Woopy, and he started yelling at me. I even offered to help but he only got madder. When I left to go back upstairs he seemed a bit kinder, but still very upset. I hope he is alright and that I really didn’t make too much trouble for him. Mr. Waterford, the Ravenclaw who I got stuck on the stairs with, said that house elves live to serve, but Woopy didn’t seem to like that idea. And he did the most awful thing, he clawed his arms and wouldn’t go to the hospital wing. I really wish there were a way I could help him.

[Image: pJDOHc.jpg]

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