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Diary of a Young Lady
September 4, 1889

It is nice to get back into a routine at school. I’m enjoying my courses so far. While mother might believe that ancient studies is a waste of time, I feel that it is very interesting. Sloane and Calla would hate it, but at least I don’t feel like I have to pretend to dislike it just because everyone else it bored. Divination is interesting as well. I admit that I wish Calla and Sloane were with me in at least one of my electives but I am enjoying them. They come back talking about CoMC every day, but I don’t think I’d enjoy the course much. Honestly, art remains one of my favorite courses. Plus Maddy is taking it with me so I have someone to talk to as I sketch.

Matthew is back to thinking he is so grown up. Granted, he never really stopped thinking that. But now that we are school and he is continuing with NEWT courses instead of OWL courses he is almost intolerable. At least Henry is still as cheerful as ever.

I think I am most grateful to be back at school because I feel like I can live my own life. Home sometimes feels suffocating with all the rules and expectations. At least at school I can be with my friends and take courses that interest me.

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September 7, 1889

There are some names you hear about around the school and today I finally met one of them. I’ve heard of the Lukeson family often and I know a few of the siblings, however, I’ve never met Mr. King Lukeson. He was very kind to me when Peeves startled me and my bag ripped. He helped me gather my things. He is very handsome as well, although I hardly doubt he’d ever see me as more than some little kid. He treated me as if I were a first year! Well I did my best to remedy that. I do hope I run into him again. He didn’t seem at all like Matthew which was refreshing.

I’m enjoying my new courses this year. It’s been refreshing being able to take Art and I feel like I am making a great deal of progress with my paints this year. Divination is fun as well and ancient studies is very fascinating, although it is sad that Sloane and Calla aren’t with me. Sometimes I feel as if they are all growing so different from me with their love of magical creatures and quidditch. It’s almost like I am being torn in two parts. The part that wants to be like them and the part that wants to be what my family expects of me. I like my dresses and teas, my painting, and history. But that doesn’t mean I can’t still be their friend. Perhaps I am worrying needlessly. It’s only the first week of class and I know things will get better.

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September 14, 1889

I received a letter from mother yesterday. I had half expected to find it full of criticisms and faults after I didn’t take Earth Magic. I had written her a letter explaining that these would prove more useful in a drawing room than Earth Magic might, hence why I had chosen them. Her letter didn’t even mention these courses beyond asking how school was in general. I admit that I was relieved for that. Especially after my conversation with Calla this summer. Perhaps if I seem like my goal is the perfect debut once I receive my NEWTs than I needn’t fear her suggestion of Pendergast. Truly though, I could not suffer being taken from my friends.

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September 21, 1889

The first Hogsmeade weekend is coming up! It will be nice to finally get a break from the castle. It is always so quiet on Hogsmeade weekends if you don’t go. But this time there is going to be the first Harvest Festival! It’s all anyone has been talking about. There will even be a Pumpkin Regatta on the Black Lake!

I was going to ask Sloane if she would be my partner for the regatta but she already had partnered with Maddy, so when Calla asked I was happy to do so. I admit it surprised me that Sloane and Maddy were going to partner. I had almost expected that Calla might partner with Sloane, after all they were friends before they met me at Hogwarts. But instead she went with Maddy. I suppose I shouldn’t be upset by this, we’re all friends, but I just thought that Sloane and I were closer than Maddy and her. Maybe it’s all the time they spend together at quidditch.

I am probably overthinking it, but I feel like with all my other friends in quidditch, that I am missing out on things. Perhaps one day they will wake up and realize they have nothing in common with me. I don’t like getting my hands dirty and flying isn’t exactly my thing, sure it is fun, but I’ve never wanted to play quidditch (not that mother and father would let me anyway). I am probably just being overly sensitive, Matthew always says I am, maybe he is right for once. I suppose I am being childish.

At least I have Calla to work on the pumpkin with! That is better than simply watching the event take place. I should hate that very much.

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September 23, 1889

Cameron and I were discussing the Pumpkin Regatta today. He seemed kind of put out about the whole thing, so we discussed it after divination. I didn’t realize how much Cameron felt like the odd man out because of his friendship with the other girls and myself. He had thought to partner with Maddy but she is partnered with Sloane and everyone in his dorm is already partnered up. I wish I could partner with him, or do something more to help. But I don’t know what else to do. He is going to ask Calla if she knows anyone. I hope that this whole thing doesn’t make him want to stop spending time with us. We all would miss him. I’d miss him.

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