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Victorians could hire 'professional mourners' to attend their loved one's funeral. These people would partake in the procession and were not allowed to speak, just look awfully sad! — Rune

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Kristoffer was going to be great at this, because he was great at everything. Also his memory was greater than everyone else's, because he bet no one else had ever lost their virginity somewhere exotic like Morocco. Hell, he bet no one else had even lost their virginity. Inexperienced losers.

Kristoffer Lestrange in Shining, Shimmering Splendour

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The Thing I Was Before
May 15th, 1888 - Ministry of Magic Offices
Usually if he was going to get hired, it happened before the client's face was plastered onto the Daily Prophet. Similarly, usually August was significantly more willing to take on a client who was going to pay him this much, but he just wasn't sure. The headlines reminded him of his older brother, Sebastian. So this meeting was, technically, a paid consultation.

There were several rounds of Ministry security clearance - he even had to turn over his wand which convinced August that, if nothing else, Scrimgeour was dangerous - and then, finally, the door to Mr. Scrimgeour's interrogation room was opened by one of the Ministry security guards. August stepped inside and held up his 'LEGAL COUNSEL' badge.

"Mr. Scrimgeour," August said. "Before we start, I have some policies for you to be aware of: don't lie to me, don't lie to the Wizengamot, and if there are any other illegalities I should be aware of, tell me now."

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The last few weeks has been nothing short of detrimental to everything Argus held dear. Ever since his daughter had decided to vanish, the former auror had found himself at the end of the very thing he had to punish her for; rumours and gossip. And it had only escalated when she decided to show herself once again.

Aurors - old colleagues - had entered his house and arrested him pending investigation about what had happened the day he visited his daughter. Law enforcement seemed to be under the impression that he had done more than just discipline his child and some seemed loathe to arrest the person they used to work with. Others, however, seemed more than happy to take him into custody.

 Once he was taken to the Ministry of Magic, Argus had his wand confiscated and was assigned what appeared to be a full-time security detail. Did they think him a dangerous dark wizard now? What had Annabelle told them? That he tortured her and attacked her viciously with malice in his eyes? How many lies had she told?

Despite his thoughts on these proceedings, Argus was certain of one thing: his family was now suffering because of his daughters actions and he was angry though in spite of his anger, he found himself calmly sitting in an interrogation room awaiting one August Echelon-Arnost. He had been told some good things about the defense lawyer though Argus had some very different thoughts on how liberal the lawyer seemed to be.

He didn't care much for the lawyers views on society at the moment, however; he was more interested in whether the lawyer could help so he offered August a very nice sum to be his defense lawyer.

Argus nodded as the lawyer entered the room and returned the greeting, "Mr Echelon-Arnost," Argus shuffled in his seat, "I have no intention of lying to anyone. This situation has escalated more than it ought to have."

Argus wasn't aware of having done anything illegal to begin with so the question of more illegalities frustrated him slightly. He thought it best to not say much more than the lawyer asked, however.

Instead, Argus peered over to the guard standing just outside the room - visible through a slit in the door - before turning his gaze back to the lawyer, "What is it you wish to know, Mr Echelon-Arnost?" Argus looked firmly forward, his fingers locked together.
August sat down across from Mr. Scrimgeour. He set his cane against the table and eyed the man across from him. Scrimgeour was tall, but not as tall as August - but there was a certain physicality to him. This was a man who had been an auror once. It was a man who had the potential -- the potential - to have tortured one of his daughters. What August needed to know, now, was the truth - as his potential client saw it.

"When the prosecutor has you on the stand, he's going to ask you many detailed questions about your daughter, and what happened between the two of you on April 23rd," August explained, "So we're going to start at the beginning, today."

There were a few ways that he could go about this. August pulled out his notebook and marked the date at the top of the paper.

"Your daughters, Miss Annabelle and Miss Araminta Scrimgeour. What are they like?"

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Argus let his eyes wander to the cane as August placed it carefully on the table, noting the small knots in the varnished cherry. The former auror's thoughts drifted momentarily to why August had a cane. He had seen August's limp when he had come in but Argus hadn't much thought on it.

Now however, as the lawyer spoke, Argus wanted very much to talk about the cane and what happened to August. He didn't want to talk about Annabelle. He was fine talking about Araminta; she was everything he'd wanted in a daughter though the very thought of having to talk about his other daughter did nothing short of make his blood boil.

Argus cleared his throat, moving back in his seat, and nodded at August's words.

"Araminta is a perfect example of how a young lady ought to be," Argus began succinctly, "She's respectful and knows what her status in life is. She is a good child."

Argus paused, perhaps longer than he ought to have, as he pondered how to talk about his other daughter. The one people are claiming he assaulted, the one he allegedly tortured.

"My other daughter is...-" Argus swallowed, "She's misguided."

What else could he say? That she was turning into nothing short of a common whore? That she would rather defy her family than accept responsibility for her actions and apologise?

"She was raised - before coming back home - by people who don't understand the importance of etiquette and social responsibility," the retiree continued, his tone shifting slightly, "forgive me, Mr Echelon-Arnost, I'm not entirely sure what else to say. Annabelle is not a child I can say I am proud of and I shan't lie about my disappointment in her."
Yeah, that was not going to play out well on the stand.

August didn't bother writing it down, because it did not tell him anything he didn't already know. "I understand, Mr. Scrimgeour," he said, "My family tree has its share of lackluster branches." No one had ever been arrested for assaulting one of those branches, but he could ignore that for the sake of this exercise.

"Did you feel this way before the rumors about Miss Annabelle Scrimgeour? I refer, mostly, to the debacle with Mr. Reuben Crouch."

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Argus couldn't help but think this lawyer was trying to get into his head. He didn't like it one bit. His head was the one place even Argus dared not venture into though he supposed that if he was going to try and avoid a fate within the walls of Azkaban, he should probably give August the thoughts dwelling in his head - at least the parts August asked for.

Argus nodded, "I've always been disappointed in how she is. When she was returned to to my family, she was not the type of lady a Scrimgeour should be and the way she spoke... It was worse than some common slum-dweller." Argus could feel his blood pressure raising slightly so he took a moment to inhale before continuing, "She has never understood that she can't just walk around doing whatever she wanted without a care in the world," the former auror had never cared much for his daughter; ever since her return it was evident that she was too far gone to be a valuable member of society, but she was a Scrimgeour and that, to him, held value, "but we took action to help her grow, and have her live with a more positive - or we thought - influence."

Media's sister had done nothing to help Annabelle grow as a woman and from what Argus could see, she had only acted to perpetuate whatever bad set of behaviours Bella had.

"And what has transpired between her and Mr. Reuben Crouch only... made me aware that my kindness shown to her in order to help her develop as a lady has fallen on the blind and deaf," a pause, "it infuriated me. I had done everything to help her and stop her acting like this--" Pulled from his rant by the sudden realisation that he was just rambling at this point, Argus interrupted himself, "Excuse me, Mr. Echelon-Arnost, yes. I had felt that way about my daughter before she had gotten involved with the Crouch boy."
There was a level to which Mr. Scrimgeour's frustration was understandable. There was a difference in the way that those of the working class and those of the upper class were socialized. The Scrimgeours were notorious purists, as well. So there was that frustration, but then there were the assault charges that the department was leveling, and the sense that Argus Scrimgeour was still similar to Mr. Echelon. August paraphrased Mr. Scrimgeour's words onto his notebook.

"Why did you decide to visit your daughter on April 23rd?" he asked.

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The next question August asked had an easy and fairly honest answer. Argus knew why he visited her and it wasn't - contrary to what the public may have thought - to assault her.

Argus moved once again in his chair and spoke with a calm tone, "To speak with her about her prior actions and seemingly constant appearance in that tabloid."

The former auror wasn't the type to go into a situation with the mindset of allowing it to escalate; he had not thought that violence was going to be the outcome of his meeting with his daughter but, unfortunately, his daughter did need to be disciplined. His temper may have flared but in the eyes of the Scrimgeour patriarch, he had done no wrong.

"I needed her to understand that she cannot act how she had been acting. My intention was never for the situation to end up the way it did."
That was good for Mr. Scrimgeour - it meant that there wasn't predetermined intent. August's face did not betray this, but he wrote down what Mr. Scrimgeour said on the notepad.

"What did you say to your daughter when you first reached her? What did she say in turn?" August asked. He wanted to know exactly when things escalated - and what the Scrimgeour patriarch intended to do once the escalation started.

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"I asked her why I kept finding her to be at the end of all that gossip and," Argus paused for a moment. What were his exact words? He couldn't remember them exactly so he had to paraphrase, "and if she cared about how her actions affected her family."

Inhaling, Argus twisted his wrists and moved once again in his chair. He wasn't very comfortable though he suspected it wasn't high on the priority list to make alleged criminals very comfortable.

The former auror continued and answered the next question, though his tone was audibly less calm and more furious at this point, "And she kept defending her actions as if they were not her fault. Her actions. As if anybody else was in control of her behaviour. She wouldn't listen to me when I tried to explain once again that her behaviours were her own; her transgressions were hers. Nothing I said would get through to her. I believe at one point she blamed society for her getting intoxicated, unchaperoned, with Mr Crouch and such." Argus exhaled and calmed his tone once again, "Excuse me. This went back and forth for a short while. I wanted Annabelle to take responsibility for her actions and understand the impact it would have on her family and, as true to her nature as birds fly, she would not listen."

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