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Victorians could hire 'professional mourners' to attend their loved one's funeral. These people would partake in the procession and were not allowed to speak, just look awfully sad! — Rune

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"The Prodigal Sister" for Ophelia Devine. Faked deaths, scandal, and schemes!
Kristoffer was going to be great at this, because he was great at everything. Also his memory was greater than everyone else's, because he bet no one else had ever lost their virginity somewhere exotic like Morocco. Hell, he bet no one else had even lost their virginity. Inexperienced losers.

Kristoffer Lestrange in Shining, Shimmering Splendour

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7 Deadly Sins

Complete seven threads, one where your character displays each of the Seven Deadly Sins — Pride, Lust, Sloth, Envy, Weath, Gluttony, and Greed. Each thread should be at least ten posts, with at least three being your own. Character accounts can be combined.


And they became friends in my head
15 May, 1888
— Anais—
Oh, Anais everything is going downhill so quickly. I’ ve already lose some dignity because of that article about my sister in Witch Weekly. What more if it was the Daily Prophet – a more credible tabloid- telling the world that my father committed a crime. We’ ll lose everything. We’ ll lose our father, I’ ll lose my social standing and my brother might lose his job.

PS. I can see next the Witch Weekly issue: The Downfall of the Scrimgeours or something equally terrible.

— A. Scrimgeour—

Anais Beaumont
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