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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Emilia Wright for Jude Wright. Casually alienating offspring since 18882.
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

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He'll be Fin-ished
May 5th, 1888 — Connolly House, Ireland

Lorcan was married. He didn't understand how such a thing could be such a surprise while also being not, but that's exactly what it was. Lorcan was married, and now he was living off somewhere with his new bride. He would have returned that evening with a brighter expression, but he wasn't sure what sort of atmosphere he was in for at the Connolly residence that evening. Had Lorcan only told him and their brother? Were the cousins — including Maeve — aware?

Apparently Finlay wasn't.

"Wait, he didn't tell you?" he whispered quietly, wide-eyed as he stared at his younger cousin.

Finlay Connolly

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"Er... no, he didn't," Finlay responded awkwardly, still not quite sure how to take the unexpected news, "Did he- he told you I assume?" This business made him uncomfortable. He could only imagine what the adults of the family (despite being nearly thirty, his definition of adults was his parents and their generation) would think of this and how awkward the next few months of family dinners would be because of it. Would Lorcan attend? Would his wife? He hoped that they were in love and it wasn't some trick. It reeked of amortentia, but Finlay couldn't help but to hope that his cousin had found true love and just simply couldn't wait to marry her. After all, why wait to start forever with someone? Why delay one's happiness to suit societal norms? Thought the man who wanted to be a herbologist but became a below average healer instead thanks to family expectations.

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Finnian scoffed in a mockingly-offended manner. Of course Lorcan had told him! They were bothers!

"Why do you even ask? Lorcan doesn't hate me so much that's run off and get married without telling me!" Except he really had, but at least he'd had the decency to tell him immediately afterwards!

(Not that Finnian was trying to look at it through that lens.)

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It was silly to be wounded, he knew that, but he felt his heart twang just a little bit anyhow.

"I didn't realize he hated me," He replied in a tone that was meant to be light to mask his hurt, "Do you think they'll be coming 'round for family dinner soon?" What was the protocol for honeymoons for surprise elopements? Were they taking a honeymoon? Would they have a gathering to celebrate when they returned? Finlay had never put much thought into these things. He was far too focused on the concept of happily ever after, rather than the logistics of it.

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Finnian was too daft to realize that his words could be seen as insults, so he continued on in his gossipy fashion. "I'm not sure—it all depends on how the other family members react to the news. Could you imagine Maeve?" he asked with raised brows. He'd be surprised if his brother hadn't received a howler—or worse, cursed candies—in the mail!

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Finlay winced at the very idea, "I'm glad I'm not in Lorcan's shoes right now, that's for sure." His sister was hardly known for her patience, grace and understanding. "Do you think she'll opt for a curse, a howler or just generally making his life miserable? What if she decides to just move in with them and refuses to leave? It's not like he'd be capable of forcing her out." What Maeve wants is what Maeve gets. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, says, or does. It was a quality that he both feared and admired.

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Finnian snickered. "Can you really see Maeve subjecting herself for Lorcan's nonsense in the evenings after work? She might murder them—and then I'll have to defend her in front of the Wizengamot," he laughed, not one to take this so seriously. Besides, if Lorcan had a babe, did it really matter?

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"There's that," He agreed with an accepting shrug. Maeve would probably strangle them both in that situation. "Maybe she'll be a responsible, mature, respectable adult and not do anything in retaliation at all." The hope was incredibly lofty, but those kind of thoughts were ones that Finlay was rather good at.

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Finnian gave Finlay a look. "I wouldn't go that far," he said. "At the very least, she'll rise up from the fiery pits of hell and condemn then to a life of nonstop badgering."

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"That's much more Maeve-like," He admitted. His sister was quite good at making herself a thorn in your side - a lesson he'd learned as a young child. This was why he tried to steer clear of her. She could crack his very bones with how sharp her words were.

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Maeve might have been a demon-woman when she was angry, but Finnian doubted she'd break the law - be it through trespassing or other, more nefarious means - to prove her point. "I'll tell Lorcan to be on the lookout; she's still likely to pull something. It might be more petty than violent, though." Or it could be completely unsubtle and maybe even explosive, who knew?

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Finlay's mouth flattened into a doubtful line, "We can only hope. Maybe she'll get busy with auroror- auror...ing-" What a difficult word to say, "and she'll tire of pestering them quickly. I don't know what she'd even be trying to do though, it isn't like they can just get unmarried and go back to how it was before - unless she has a time turner hidden up her sleeve."

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Finnian shook his head. "No, she's more likely to try and prove a point," he said, "You know, make them miserable - make Lorcan regret ever getting married." And if Maeve managed to make the new Mrs. Bryne miserable, he might be able to get some quality bonding time with her. She was supposed to be hot!

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"Either way, I want to be as far away from her as possible when she does whatever it is she decides to do," He crossed his arms, already convinced that it would be a spectacle that he would want absolutely no part of.

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Muffling a snicker, Finnian took a step out and gave a dramatic shrug. "Just don't try and act too suspicious when she comes around," he teased, "or else you might find yourself on her bad side."

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