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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

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May 11th, 1888 — Outside the Potions Classroom
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Pru had hit a slump. Monday would bring the first of her OWLs and she was anxiously awaiting them. She'd had high hopes that Gryffindor would go on to compete for the Quidditch Cup, but that dream had been rudely shattered last weekend. She was fully confused about her future playing for the Holyhead Harpies. Perhaps Handsome had been correct, and she had started too late in the game.

She had stayed later than usual in the potions classroom after class in order to assist a classmate in cleaning up a concoction that they'd spilled as everyone else was leaving. Once that was done, the pair exited the classroom. Pru was slightly ahead, only to stop short in her tracks as a man stepped into her path.

He was incredibly tall and thin - his head nearly brushed the ceiling - and where his face should be was just a blob, with no distinguishing features. He was dressed in what was obviously his finest, such as what a groom might wear. He even had a rotting floral boutonniere that smelled of death attached to his lapel. His fingernails were several inches long, which nearly disguised what he was offering to her in his palm - a wedding ring.

Terrified, she fumbled for her wand in her robe pockets and screeched, "Don't you come any closer!"
Edgar was worried of what would happen during summer. Things were different now, Aunt Guinevere and Uncle Ryder were gone, his cousins were orphans, Aunt Jade was acting as a guard dog of said cousins. A guard against him and his parents, and his siblings. What would happen over summer? How would relationships with his family be?

As summer had approached, he had become in less denial of his discomfort, at least to himself. But with that came distracting thoughts of family, and in turn, he wasn’t always perfect at keeping up his concentration. As a result, his classmate and Edgar had to stay to clear up a spilt potion. After they were done, Edgar trailed behind the fellow Gryffindor.

Stopping just in time to not run into her, he stared at the ‘man’ from behind her. Scrunching his nose at the sight of where the thing’s head was supposed to be, he took a couple steps back. It unsettled him. Taking a moment to think, his eyes widened. A boggart? Running loose in Hogwarts? Had it gotten out of the DADA class room?

“Miss Browne, it’s a boggart.” He stated. Trying to think, he couldn’t remember the spell off hand. Had they even learned it yet? It was hard to remember with everything else rushing through his mind.

Emmeline had been on her way to do some extra practice with her potions, one of the classes she felt she was relatively good at though knew that a little practice was never a bad thing. With just one more year before her NEWTs, she was determined to be at the top of her game. Not to mention, she quite seriously wanted the Head Girl position. It would require hard work and determination on her part, both of which she had a great deal of.

Happily humming as she went along, the cold lower levels of Hogwarts, a woman on a mission. She stopped dead in her tracks, however, at the sight of two younger students staring head on at something. She heard the young boy tell Miss Browne it was a boggart and had a feeling the girl was perhaps a bit frozen in fear.

"Miss Brown," she said calmly and soothingly as she came up quietly behind them, "Show it no fear. That's exactly what it wants from you. Do you know the incantation for Boggarts?"

She looked at the boy then, racking her brain for his name as he was a fellow Gryffindor. "Mr. Rey," she said, grateful she'd remembered, "Can you step a little bit away from the Boggart? It will help to confuse it." She hoped both the students weren't too frightened as to not be able to heed her advice.

[Image: psFZTN.png]
Pru vaguely registered that Mr. Rey had spoken to her. A boggart? She'd managed to get her wand out and point it at the creature. Fear had paralyzed her. It couldn't be a boggart. Boggarts weren't frightening. Theoretically they were, but when they'd learned about them in their textbooks she'd been distinctly bored. She looked over the top of her trembling hand at the thing — this was the most terrifying thing she'd ever seen. (Which, she realized belatedly, was exactly what a boggart was.)

Fortunately, Miss Woodcroft appeared and had seemed to take some control of the situation.

"N-no," She was unable to tear her gaze away from it to properly address the prefect, "I don't r-recall it! Stop!" She shouted as the thing took a step closer to her, the ring in its palm glinting in the torchlight, "Don't move, boggart!" At least knowing what it was - and that it wasn't actually real - offered her some small semblance of reassurance.
Edgar tried to stay calm and reasonable. He had other things that were far more troubling than a man with a ring and blob of a head. Miss Browne seemed to be frozen with fear, which didn’t help anything. Part of him wondered why she feared a ring so much, but it was none of his business and not very important at the moment.

Hearing Miss Woodcroft, he didn’t take his eyes of the boggart, but did listen carefully to her words. About to follow the prefect’s instructions, he flinched slightly with alarm at the sudden exclamation from Miss Browne. Taking a moment to collect himself, he did as Miss Woodcroft advised.

Emmeline nodded thoughtfully as Mr. Rey slowly listened to her, despite Miss Browne's exclamation. "Shh," she said, still trying to remain as calm as possibly and keep her tone soothing, "It's alright." She took a brief glance at the boggart, hoping the creature had took note of Mr. Rey's movement. If he moved far enough, yet still close enough, away it would start to confuse the creature.

"Now, once the boggart takes note of Mr. Rey, it should confuse it," she said simply, her focus now on Miss Browne, "Once it's confused, it won't know what form to take. That's the best time to strike." Another quick glance was turned to the boggart before she moved closer to Miss Brown to hopefully help steady her shaking arm. "When you see it start to waiver in its form, you'll cast the Riddikulus spell," she said, eyes only on the girl before her, "Do you think you can do that?"

[Image: psFZTN.png]
After this was over, she would find comfort in the support of her housemates. Pru's heart pounded in her chest. Though she knew it was just a boggart and it couldn't really harm her, it was just so real looking that she couldn't shove the panic away as well as the other two. Then again, boggarts took the form of what each person was most fearful of. It wouldn't have been as frightening for them.

She nodded in response to the prefect. Yes, yes she could do this. She gripped her wand more tightly, ready for the boggart to begin to shift. Just as it began to mold into another shape - presumably Mr. Rey's fear - she shouted, "Riddikulus!"
Emmeline couldn't help but to beam at the young girl with something akin to pride. It could be hard to face one's fears and still be able to act but Miss Browne had proven she could do just that. She wanted to clap for her but waited to do so, wanting to make sure that the boggart was indeed taken care of.

[Image: psFZTN.png]
Edgar watched as he boggart had started to change as he had moved. At first it wasn’t easy to tell what it was, but before Miss Browne cast the spell, which was quite impressive given her emotional state, he started to tell what it was. It seemed to start taking the shape of a familiar form. Edgar hadn’t met the man often, but he could still tell what the form of his grandfather looked like, even if the boggart hadn’t fully changed.

But then the spell was cast, and it was changed again. Well, while Edgar didn’t fear his grandfather, he assumed that it was what his grandfather was going to do was something to fear. Perhaps he’ll figure that out in class at some point. Unless he had already and was just too drained to remember. How this year had turned into a blur.

Nothing happened. Oh no, the spell hadn't worked! Desperately, she stepped toward the beast and shouted more strongly, "Riddikulus!" Thankfully, the boggart vanished this time.

Pru blinked for a few moments and then turned to smile at each of her housemates with relief, "Well, that's done. Thank you for the help." She wasn't certain how a boggart had gotten into the hall to begin with. Likely Miss Woodcroft, being a prefect and all, would inform the appropriate personnel. As Mr. Rey left for his next class, Pru was approached by the prefect to get more one-on-one practice. The seeker quickly agreed to it and the two were on their way to a classroom.

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