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Fern-hunting parties became popular, allowing young women to get outside in a seemingly innocuous pursuit with less rigid oversight and chaperoning than they saw in parlors and drawing rooms. They may have even had the occasional romantic meetup with a similarly fern-impassioned beau. — Bree

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Bunny Devon for Anne Devon. My fair lady of the night
Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

Barnabas Skeeter in CYOA: Group D

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you get no context on either of these.

Quote:Olive: embrace the strange sensation of the tiny zucchini hair, reminiscent of legs a few days after shaving


bee made me this set and i love it
Post Log
In which Olive's activities come to light...

Quote:[×][o]Olive on Suicune: It gave me a toxic update D:
1 min ago
[×]Té: Okaaaay
2 mins ago
[×][o]Olive on Suicune: this one was entirely on Microsoft >.>
3 mins ago
[×]Té: Your not denying it is awkward...
3 mins ago
[×][o]Olive on Suicune: omg
3 mins ago
[×]Té: Too much p0rns
3 mins ago
[×]Té: I feel like you have computer issues on a quarterly basis Olive
4 mins ago
[×][o]Olive on Suicune: I DID NOT WANT TO DO THIS
4 mins ago
[×][o]Olive on Suicune: Guess I'm gonna have to rename my computer shortly :cry:
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This is the woman who tries to tell you Olive has issues.
Bottom to top!

20 secs ago
25 secs ago
35 secs ago
Kayte: body
35 secs ago
Bree: handle
45 secs ago
Kayte: Length
45 secs ago
Kayte: Grip
50 secs ago
Fawkes: becuase meri is a lady and refuses to have the word shaft in her philosphical post about wandlore
1 min ago
1 min ago
Fawkes: i need a word for the body of a wand - the wood part - that isnt shaft

bonus, by Fawkes:
Quote:10 secs ago
Fawkes: only a man can truly appreciate and therefore craft such a... penile tool
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set by MJ!
Post Log
Bree forgot this one... since we are in the mood to immortalize my immaturity.

Quote:Fawkes: and/or 'omg why are you a wandmaker? do you love penis or soemthing?
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Quote:Olive: my memory of last night is starting to blur into my memory of other movie nights
Olive: this time next week I will only have a memory of a single, very long movie night
Can you imagine? Hours of Charming Movie Night xD
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So, Dom's face happens to be the same as a char I have elsewhere that is 1/2 of a ship I have with Pepeto so Pepeto went lurking on Dom and then:
Quote:Pepeto: Finish reading his profile, what an Hufflecutie
Me: *sharing Dom's reaction to that statement* Dom:
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avs by bree!
Quote:Fawkes: killian jsut wants to go home
Fawkes: and for no one to get pregnant in his waiting room

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set by MJ!
Post Log
[×][o]Lynn: I thought w/o context that Olive signed someone up for fog and Beanie was just straight up "I will kill that character"
2 mins ago
[×]Olive: plz do
2 mins ago
[×]Beanie: Olive I'm gonna kill him
3 mins ago
[×]Olive: Why is this pervert still heeeeere ;cry:
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brb i am Anxiety
Quote:1 min ago
Jon: XD
1 min ago
Kelly: Every purists thoughts ever
1 min ago
Jon: Oh woopy
1 min ago
Jon: "if Woopy was to be honest, he also thought this teacher must have had a terrible childhood if he studied muggles."
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Magic by MJ!
[Image: pbH8Qz.png]
[Image: IyGtyD.png][Image: fbG6udO.png]
[Image: uZwWyBq.jpg]
[×][o]Jon: as in you know the sex
5 secs ago
[×]Té: OMG YES
10 secs ago
[×][o]Bree: go awaaaaay
10 secs ago
[×][o]Bree: omg
15 secs ago
[×][o]Jon: just now it's the genital punching variety
20 secs ago
[×][o]Jon: they're continuing with punches bree
20 secs ago
[×][o]Hawke: #truth
25 secs ago
[×][o]Bree: Febric started out with punches :eyes:
35 secs ago
[×]Té: love hate relationship maybe?
35 secs ago
[×][o]Hawke: Apparently he likes 'em fiesty and is pushing her to the limits
35 secs ago
[×][o]Kit: arguing can turn to passion
45 secs ago
[×]Té: ahahahaha
50 secs ago
[×][o]Jon: so that worked out
50 secs ago
[×][o]Jon: and now they're arguing
1 min ago
[×][o]Hawke: I may have talked Jon into making a Glen Powell faced character JUST so he and Emmy could hit it off
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Discussion of the Force:
Quote:Me: I have the perfect video for you, gimme a sec

Jon: That's not a theory
I've said thus for so many years
And Last Jedi hints heavily at it too.
Me: But legit, watch it.
Jon: Also I've seen that vid more than once lol
Anything super Carlin I've probably seen
Me: So yeah, dark side, not evil, actually lets people express emotion.
Jon: Yep. Jedi are religious zealots
Me: The sith just need to really rethink the whole ‘killing people’ thing
Jon: LMAO truuu
Me: Mhm. Sith have so much potential, but as the bros said, they mix their ideology.
Jon: That's why I'm all for grey Jedi and am so happy they all but confirmed it as canon in last jedi

Magic by MJ!
[Image: pbH8Qz.png]
[Image: IyGtyD.png][Image: fbG6udO.png]
[Image: uZwWyBq.jpg]
What happens in the fog stays in the fog.

Quote:Kayte: Hamish and Connie are going to be the parents of their group
Kayte: except dad's drunk and mum's too sarcastic to be loving xD
Lauren: And probably flirting with Carmelina
Kayte: Mum or dad?
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Lauren: If you scroll though B quickly enough they look like an awkard family
Two daughters and a son, dad's son from first marriage, parents who Do Not Have Sex Anymore and mom's gf, who is the reason for the previous
It's a sitcom waiting to happen
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[Image: uUQiz4B.jpg]
set by MJ
Quote:Lauren: If the sphinx kills Connie it's not in the spirit of 20gayteen, just sayin'
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Like Bree needs a reason for poor sleeping habits ;)

Bottoms up!

Quote:55 secs ago
[×][o]BreeWalrus: 12 days of charming more like 12 days of harming
1 min ago
[×][o]BreeWalrus: 12 Days enables my poor decision making my prompting me to stay up 24 hours a day to make sure I don't miss anything
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