Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Persephone C. Van Helsing
    *Updated 8/27/17*
    In Character
    Full Name: Persephone Clio Van Helsing
    Nicknames: Sephey
    Birthdate: 8th November 1868
    Current Age: 18
    Occupation: (Very Reluctant) Pendergast Rose
    Reputation: 4
    Pendergast School, Irvingly (currently)
    Morgana Crescent, Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade
    Hogwarts House: Slytherin
    Black Walnut, 10”, Firm, Ashwinder Ash -- broken in 1885; PMG Quodpot accident
    Ebony, 10”, Firm, Dragon Heartstring -- bought in April 1885
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Upper
    Godfried Van Helsing, Paternal Grandfather (b. 1811)
    Annika Van Helsing (née Bjoergen), Paternal Grandmother (b. 1813)

    Abraham Van Helsing, Father (b. 1837)
    Mina Van Helsing (née Brown), Mother (1841-1871); deceased at 30
    Sadie Van Helsing (née -------), Stepmother (b. 1846)
    Sophronia Van Helsing, Sister (b. 1860)
    Corinne Van Helsing, Sister (b. 1863)
    Artemis Van Helsing, Sister (b. 1865); estranged as of 1882
    ---- Broderick "Brody" Van Helsing, Nephew (b. 1882); illegitimate
    Roxanne Van Helsing, Sister (b. 1866)
    Valentine Van Helsing, Sister (b. 1867)
    Terpsichore Van Helsing, Sister (b. 1869)
    Adrianus Van Helsing, Half-brother (1882-1882); stillborn

    Various aunts, uncles, and cousins, though the most notable of her extended family is her first cousin, Imogen.

    Appearance: [Don't forget to mention height, build, wand hand, clothing, etc.]
    (LATE) AUTUMN OF 1869 | Persephone Clio is born as the sixth child and daughter of Abraham Van Helsing, and his first wife, Mina. Her infancy was neither tedious nor very interesting, and while she was fussy on occasion, she proved to be a rather calm and curious baby -- much to her Nanny's relief.

    YEAR OF 1869 | Around Persephone's first birthday, the final and last daughter of Abraham Van Helsing was born, and was promptly named Terpsichore. Given her age at the time, Sephey had no set opinion on the new addition to the family, though she definitely enjoyed having a playmate in her younger sister once she was old enough. 

    SUMMER OF 1871 | Sephey was three when her mother had been brutally murdered by a vampire during the family's summer vacation to America. It had been a rather devastating affair, leaving her father and her eldest sisters -- Valentine, especially, who had been with her mother the night of her murder -- shocked and thoroughly shaken. Sephey and Terpsichore had been far too young to understand the particulars of their mother's death, and the real truth as to how their mother had died was concealed from them for quite some time.

    AUTUMN OF 1871 | Despite the lingering shock of Mina's death, life moves on for the Van Helsings, and Sophronia departs for Hogwarts where she was sorted into Ravenclaw. 

    SPRING OF 1873 | Sephey is five when she first shows signs of magic by turning one of her sisters' favorite doll into a slug. 

    AUTUMN OF 1874 | Another of Sephey's elder sisters, Corinne, leaves home for Hogwarts. She is sorted into -----. 

    This is also the year that Sephey begins her pre-Hogwarts education with her governess as well as the basics of Vampire Hunting. She proves to be a rather enthusiastic pupil, eager to learn and delve deeper into her studies, though she had a bad habit of neglecting the subjects that disinterested her -- much to her governess' annoyance.

    Etiquette Lessons
    Music -- Violin
    Foreign Languages -- French & Italian

    AUTUMN OF 1876 | Artemis leaves home to join Roni and Corinne at Hogwarts. She was sorted into Slytherin upon arrival. Sephey begins to feel the (unwelcome) effects of a dwindling household. 

    AUTUMN Of 1877 | A year later, Roxanne leaves for school, leaving only three remaining Van Helsing daughters left at home.

    Sophronia graduates at the end of the 1877-1878 school year, and proceeds to become a member of the Order of the Dawn -- a society of vampire hunters -- following their father around Europe on different missions. 

    AUTUMN OF 1878 | Valentine joins the rest at Hogwarts, and Sephey feels the absence of her sisters quite keenly during this time. So much so that she often took to playing her violin just for some kind of noise

    YEAR OF 1880 | The Van Helsing patriarch decides to remarry, and settles upon a woman not too much younger than his first wife who went by the name of Miss Sadie ------. Sephey hadn't been too keen on the idea of her father remarrying, as she believed that they had been doing just fine on their own -- and she didn't much like the look of her new stepmother, either -- but consoled herself with the thought that she wouldn't have to deal with the woman anymore than was necessary as she received her Hogwarts acceptance letter in July. 

    AUTUMN OF 1880 | Finally, Sephey arrives at Hogwarts where she was sorted into Slytherin along with her sister Artemis. There was, of course, a brief moment where the Sorting Hat had considered putting her in Ravenclaw, but deemed her as more of a Slytherin in the end. 

    SEPTEMBER 1880 - MAY 1881 | Sephey's first year begins on a smooth note as she attends her classes, gets acquainted with her classmates, becomes familiar with her surroundings. While she does well in many of her classes, and finds them all equally fascinating, it's the wand-based classes that excels in and enjoys the most. Hence why she joined Dueling and Transfiguration clubs at the beginning of the year. Though she rather enjoys Potions, as well.

    SEPTEMBER 1881 - MAY 1882 | Excepting the removal of Magic Theory from her class list, Sephey's second year is nothing out of the ordinary, though she does join Potions Club in order to better enhance her potioneering skills. She also learns, a few weeks before Christmas break, that her stepmother was with child.

    WINTER OF 1881 | The household is thrown into tumult when, during the Christmas holidays of 1881, it was discovered that Artemis was pregnant out of wedlock. Abraham tries to quickly and quietly fix the situation, sending Artemis away to Amsterdam to wait out her pregnancy. Though to the public, she is disowned and cut off. Having always viewed Artemis as a role model of sorts, Sephey is intensely disappointed that her sister would be so reckless, and rarely speaks to her now because of it.

    SUMMER OF 1882 | Due to her stepmother's advanced pregnancy, the family is unable to retreat to their Bavarian estate during the summer. To Persephone, that was a sure sign that the summer would only bring more disappointments, and unfortunately, she had been right, as Mrs. Sadie Van Helsing gave birth to a stillborn son not too long after. Distraught, Sadie's mental health deteriorates (severe Post-Partum Depression?), leaving the family to think that she was slowly going mad, though no one has yet taken immediate action to help cure her. For mourning purposes, they name the baby Adrianus Van Helsing, and have a small funeral service for him consisting of just the family.

    Later in the summer, Artemis had been safely delivered of a baby boy. According to her letter, the child was named Broderick -- "Brody", for short -- and that she and her lover were now living on the continent. Though Sephey knew that the only reason why they were able to afford a living at all was because of their father's generosity, and his unwillingness to see his grandchild go without. 

    SEPTEMBER 1882 - MAY 1883 | Sephey was relieved when the new school term started up again. The farther she was from home, the better, and she threw herself into her studies. At the end of her second year, she had been required to choose up to three electives for her OWL studies, and she'd chosen Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, and Ancient Studies. All three of which were vastly interesting, though she often had a spot of trouble with Arithmancy. 

    This is also the year that she realizes that she wants to work after Hogwarts, though where and within what area, she had no clue. 

    SEPTEMBER 1883 - MAY 1884 | Sephey's fourth year proves rather interesting when, a month before the Christmas holidays, she becomes acquainted with a certain seventh year Gryffindor by the name of Mr. August Lynch. He was the last person that she'd ever thought she would befriend -- as he was of the sort that usually irked her -- but something about August drew him to her, and the two kept a steady correspondence of the holidays. It's within these letters that they initiate a competition to see who could cast a corporeal Patronus first. 

    Which both had managed to do by April of 1884, though sadly, August had been the one cast one first, his transforming into a small hummingbird of sorts. Thus winning the bet. Though Sephey managed to cast hers not long after, and she was pleased to see that her snow leopard had easily trumped August's hummingbird in size and magnificence. 

    SUMMER OF 1884 | While illness and Fiendfyre ravished through Hogsmeade, Sephey and her family had relocated to their Bavarian Headquarters during the summer, effectively putting them out of harm's way. Something that Sephey felt entirely grateful for -- albeit somewhat guiltily, as many of her friends/acquaintances weren't as lucky -- and uses what freetime she has when not with her sisters to start semi-studying for her OWLs. And when her uncle's half-Kneazle cat has a batch of kittens later in the summer, Sephey is permitted to keep one. She names him Argus. 

    She also spent the summer writing letters to August (who was, thankfully, safe and sound at his uncle's residence in London), and while it may not have been as clear to the others, it was quite clear to each other that their affection was growing. 

    SEPTEMBER 1884 - MAY 1885 | Sephey's fifth year is a whirlwind as she devoted her time to studying for OWLs, sending letters to/visiting August on Hogsmeade weekends (appropriately chaperoned, of course), and participating in the Pan-Magical Games that, before she knew it, it was suddenly May and she was sitting her exams. Despite the many distractions, she was rewarded with the following scores:

    Ancient Runes - O
    Ancient Studies - O
    Arithmancy - E
    Astronomy - E
    Charms - E
    DADA - O
    Herbology - O
    History of Magic - O
    Potions - O
    Transfiguration - O

    SEPTEMBER 1885 - MAY 1886 | Sephey goes into her sixth year, deciding to continue her NEWT studies with Charms, DADA, Gobbledydook, Transfiguration, Potions, Ancient Runes, and Alchemy. In truth, she had also wanted to continue with Arithmancy and Ancient Studies, but with the (unfortunate) seven classes limit in place, she only chose the classes she thought would better aid her in her chosen career. Which was an Unspeakable for the Department of Mysteries, though the thought of becoming a Curse Breaker was rather appealing, as well.

    She is also surprised, but highly flattered, when she was named Transfiguration Club President at the beginning of the year.

    SEPTEMBER 1886 - MAY 1887 | Her seventh year presents to her the dilemma of what she wanted to do after graduation. For years, she had thought she'd like to become an Unspeakable, and had worked hard to ensure that she would meet all of the qualifications, though she'd never been able to shake the idea of Curse Breaking. Though fortunately - or perhaps unfortunately as Persephone would see it - the Easter break of that year saw her decision made for her by her father, and it consisted of neither career, but a more traditional path: that of a debutante. Which was hardly what she had wanted to be doing with her time - that sort of thing had never been her cup of tea - but how could she object when her father had taken her desires under consideration, and promised to release her should she not make a match within two years?

    Alchemy - E
    Ancient Runes - O
    Charms - O
    Defense - O
    Gobbledygook - E
    Potions - O
    Transfiguration - O
    INTJ. Ambitious. Determined. Focused. Ambivert. Energetic. Passionate. Forthright. Confident. Sneaky. (Can be) judgemental. Driven. Persistent. (Can be) obsessive. Family-oriented. Resourceful. Anxious. Secretly romantic. (Can be) manipulative. Imaginative. Friendly and kind to those whom she trusts and loves. Hates small talk. (Can be) slightly dramatic at times. Clever. An intellectual.
    Sample Roleplay Post: [At least a paragraph.]
    Out of Character
    Name: Miri
    Age: 19
    Contact: PM @Imogen MacFusty, plz! <3
    Other Characters: Imogen MacFusty, Garrett Wallingford, Rosamund Moody, Eliza Tremlett, Drusilla Travers, Abigale Abbott, Hortensia Moody,
    How did you hear about us?: Google!
    Sephey speaks with a light Dutch accent
    Please send all alerts to @Imogen MacFusty, thank you! <3
    [Image: n07G0lO.png]
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