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Fallin Down the Rabbit Hole
(February 25, 2019 – 8:52 PM)Sisse Thompsett Wrote: Holy Guacamole! That’s a lot of plot ideas. I love them! However, with baby due in just a few weeks I’m going to try and limit what I agree to. Some I’d love to take on once I adjust to our new normal.

That being said:

Regina & Lucy idea sounds like lots of fun. I’m totally down for the idea of Katerina and Lucy being friends. I did enjoy the Ace thread so totally down for another. Will probably hold off on threads for Lucy until the season opens, but if you are okay waiting until then I’d be happy to do something

Nimmie will likely need Warwick to judge her soon. She’s getting involved in a relationship with an American Ship Captain, I’m sure he’d have something to say to her. As for her and Perenelle, I love the idea of them chatting. Transportation is an issue, but if she had attended season events the past few years my bet is Nimiane may have thought of her as a safe person to talk to and form a friendship that perhaps has Perenelle visiting her? I’m willing to do a Perenelle thread this week if you are game for it.

Would love to try a Katerina thread once the season starts up.

Yes! Once the season is over I am totally down for this. And definitely up for a Goodluck thread in the summer.

Yes and yes! Would love to do something when the season starts with Perenelle. As for Margaret, also love this idea. Would they have met this past season or would you like them to meet at an upcoming social event?

Ooo I like that idea. I have been eying Guineve’s open thread for Flo for a while. Would also highly enjoy a Blossom/Florence shopkeeper thread. Maybe a gossiping about other shops thread? I’m not sure about Earth, but willing to give it a try.

Always open for threads with Ellsworth, although I am gearing up to run classes for him so I may hold off to see what participation in those are.

Soooo I’m actually not sure where Asha and Tala are. But once that is figured out I’m happy to try and hurl him at others. He is still married to his first wife (fun fact) but would love to see him actually fall in love. As for Goodluck I’m cool with them running into each other some time this summer.

Right now I’m holding off on Galina threads since she is apparently embroiled in a lot. Buuut I do have a half idea of Galina admiring Blossom’s business whether or not they get along. Perhaps after the trial Galina might run into Blossom to ask how she does it? It’s been a development idea I’ve had in the back of my mind for Galina for some time. Just hadn’t quite gotten to talking to you about it yet.

I would love to have him be the one to rescue Guinevere! Willing to have him run into anyone you would like. He seriously needs threads and I’m willing to do those in the next few weeks. Any preference who first?

I may have already assumed that Camille and Sisse were friends (whoops!) and could definitely see her getting along with Claire. She does have an older 5th year brother so I could see her knowing some of the older students.

Definitely open to this option. Especially since Acacia is crushing on his BFF. Just saying.

For right now I’m good with family threads. But won’t rule out student threads in the future once things calm down for me a bit.

I'm definitely open on waiting till summer for Lucy threads. Especially for Ace since he'll officially be out of mourning by than!

Cool! Just let me know when you need the judgmental cousin to sail on by. Perenelle is often in society events, so I can see her making friends and coming to visit! I'm game for them having a thread. Perenelle is having a charity event at the end of March, so she'll be pretty happy to chat about that with a friend.

The season it is! Katerina will likely feel the pressure of "Just find someone" from her family and friends more during the season anyway XD

I'm thinking that Ace will wait till he's through with mourning to actually get involved in anything that he isn't doing right now. So his sponsoring will come later anyway. So that's all good! And summer threads for Lucky is awesome! He'll likely be wondering about what his future will look like after he graduates.

Great! And I'm fine with them either meeting this season or having met last season.

Go for the open! Always nice to see when people like my open threads! Blossom would like actually talking about shops and stuff like a normal person, so she'd be pretty happy to do so. Earth is odd, but really sweet. Her sister owns an antique shop, so she might be glad to chit-chat about the life of owning a shop, or ask for advice regarding raising children.

That's a good idea. I should probably put up a few classes as well (wishing that I had more muggle studies students XD)

The question for Asha and Tala is, is that marriage even legal then? Was kind of wondering about that as I looked at his app. And establishing Lucky more is awesome (maybe he eventually joins the Revs).

Maybe the old, bitter vampire might warm up to Galina if she's proven innocent and takes an interest in asking about Blossom's shop. She's reasonable, when she's not frustrated at the world.

I'd probably say Guinevere and Earth? And of those two if I were to choose one, Earth? Need to establish her more, and this could be a good way to go about it.

They can be! I just see Camille's muse as really insecure since she's always worried that her sister's gonna ruin any relationship she builds. So that said, they could have a thread were Camille's all self doubting, and Sisse's all like "Of course we're friends!". Acacia is my social butterfly, out of all of my older students. So they could likely get to know one another. And there's always Lucky if anyone wants to hear about quidditch. Let me know if you want any of the threads now or if you want to wait!

I had not realized that Somersby and Ignatius were BFFs. That would make things interesting.

True. But there is always summer and the new drama that comes with it. Let me know when you want threads with any of my darlings!

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