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Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

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Where the Legends Get Made
May 5th, 1888 — Ollivander's London
Sirius had not forgiven his mother, but he was quite pleased to be going wand shopping with her. Before he got his Hogwarts letter, too - not that there was any doubt that he was a wizard. Even better, it was just the two of them. No annoying brothers, no Belvina - nothing but Sirius and Mother, which put a bit of a self-satisfied bounce in his step as he sauntered past the nursery on the way out.

He hated apparition, and got the spins when the pair of them arrived outside of Ollivander's with a crack! It took Sirius a few seconds to regain his balance, but once he had, he popped back up to his full height with that same bounce. "What kind of wand wood do you have, Mother?" Sirius asked.  Instead of opening the door to Ollivander's, he instead stared blankly at it - he was bold, but not bold enough to cross the threshold on his own.

Ursula had never been at odds with her eldest son and it was a new experience she hoped never to repeat. She would have liked to have taken him with her but for many reasons she hadn't been able to and now he didn't love her as much as he had. This was not something she was willing to accept, she was determined to win back his love and then some.

The only way she knew how to go about this was to spoil him rotten. Getting him his wand early seemed like the perfect way to win him back over, it was without a doubt the most exciting part of preparing for Hogwarts. Furthermore, Ursula wanted to claim this sentimental milestone for herself and didn't want to share it with Phineas or Elladora. Whenever Sirius thought about how he got his very first wand, he'd have to think of her.

As soon as Sirius was assembled to leave the house, Ursula took his hand in hers and apparated to Ollivander's. He looked a little unsteady on his feet when they arrived but it was good for him, he was old enough to be trusted not to vomit on her and every good wizard had to get used to apparating. He'd thank her for it when he was learning how to apparate but that was a very, very, very long way off yet.

She released his hand and moved hers to his shoulder. "Chestnut." Her first wand had been a Beech wood wand she had insisted on having simply because it was the prettiest one in the shop but she'd come to appreciate the chestnut wand if only because it actually performed her and she supposed the reddish brown hue wasn't unattractive. "With a dragon heartstring core. Shall we find out what yours is?" His would be something impressive, something rare and worthy of the great wizard he was destined to be, she was sure of it. She gave him a gentle nudge of encouragement towards the door.


"I like the sound of dragon heartstring," Sirius said cheerfully. He knew nothing about chestnut, but dragon heartstring was badass. Unfortunately, it still seemed that Mother was forcing him to open the door on his own. But he couldn't let her see that he was nervous -- he was never supposed to be nervous.

Sirius stepped forward, a show of deliberation, and opened the door. He held it for Ursula, and stepped inside.

Deep in the back of the shop, Meri heard the bell but ignored it for a moment, finishing a note in her log book.  The sound meant someone had come through the front door and she half hoped it was a coworker.  When no one came through to the back she was forced to accept that she'd have to give up her project and go out front to help a customer.  It was so easy to loose her self in the work that it was hard to drag herself away from it.  She even briefly wished someone else could do the front work but she knew she'd be far to curious to see who ended up with what wand to ever completely give up fittings.  She wiped her hands on the simple apron she wore, fragrant with the old polish stains and new wood chips that decorated it, and left it on her work bench for when she returned.

When she came through to the main room she didn't bother pausing behind the counter.  Judging by the boy's apparent age and the accompanying adult this probably wasn't a quick stop for polish.  "Welcome," she smiled.  "Time for a wand already?"  It was only May after all.   She took in how he stood at the front, his posture and stance and already cypress and aspen shot through her mind.  Of those two she favored Aspen for no reason she could put her finger on but the cores played enough of a roll that her guesses were rarely much help
Buying Sirius' wand, albeit a little early, ought to have been what impressed upon Ursula that her eldest son was well on his way to adulthood but instead it was the simple gesture of holding the door for her. Her son was a perfect little gentleman and for all her vanity, she was still awed at her own achievement as a mother. Because of course it was all down to her and no one else. A wand shop was no place to have a sentimental moment, however, and so a brief look of pride in his direction would have to suffice.

Turning her attention instead to the woman who presumably worked there, she gave her a cursory glance before speaking. "Indeed it is. The letter is just a formality, after all, there's no question of his attendance." Even if Sirius were somehow a squib she would insist on his attending anyhow, if it didn't make him soak up some magical aptitude then it would at least serve for appearances before she saw him cast out and told everyone he had died. "Mr. Ollivander will be with us shortly, I assume?"

Faced with an employee of Ollivander's, Sirius found himself suddenly shy. He didn't duck behind Mother - he wasn't a baby - but smiled up shyly at the woman (who was really only barely taller than he was.) He likely would have stayed silent, but at Mother's words Sirius couldn't help but protest: "I don't want to wait!"

Meri set her face into what she hoped was a pleasant but neutral expression.  It wasn't the first time this sort of thing had happened and was honestly why she still wasn't sure if she should advertise the wands she made as her own.  What if no one wanted to buy a wand made by a woman?

"Unfortunately Mr.  Ollivander is not in and is not expected for some time.  If you have a special request you can place it with me and I can relay it to him."  After a pause to let that sink in she added "Or I can help you now"

Ursula didn't even bother trying to hide her displeasure. While she would, given the choice, rather see Sirius fitted for a wand by a man, her issue in this instance stemmed more from the lack of prestige afforded to the unknown stood before her. Who was she? Certainly not an Ollivander. Her son deserved to be served by the famed wandmaker himself, not a lowly shop wench! Were it not for Sirius' supplication - even if it did grate a little - she would have departed with the promise of returning when the gentleman whose name was on the storefront was at her leisure.

In the end, it all came down to pleasing Sirius and while she feared he might resent her later when he realized his peers and inferiors had been presented their wand by an Ollivander, the more important matter was how he would feel now if she denied him the immediate gratification she had worked him up for. Ursula could only hope that the man himself returned before this inept substitute matched him with his wand. "Darling," she tried to sound diplomatic as she looked to her son, "if you want your wand now then you shall have it, but if you wait, I will see to it that Mr. Ollivander himself puts aside an entire afternoon to make sure that you have the very best wand he has to offer." At least this way he couldn't so easily blame it on her if he wished he had waited for Ollivander. "What shall it be?"

"I want it now," Sirius complained, fixing Mother with an expression he had almost definitely inherited from her. What did it matter who gave it to him, as long as he acquired it?

To her utter dismay he opted for haste rather than expertise but who was she to say no to him? Not to mention, she really didn't like being on the receiving end of that look he was giving her.

Ursula disguised her disquiet as best she could with an indulgent smile. "Now it is then!" Her smile abruptly faded as soon as she turned her point of focus from her son to the not-Ollivander stood before them. "You needn't inconvenience Mr. Ollivander, but I appreciate the offer. My son will require a truly exceptional wand, the best that you have."

"Of course."  she assured, pleasantly surprised that they'd decided to stay.  Moving to collect a measuring tape from behind the counter she cast one last look back towards the work room where her project lay abandoned .

"Is there anything specific you are looking for? Of course the wand will choose but special orders are not unheard of if not entirely... encouraged."  she asked, tapping the measuring tape so that it unspooled itself from her palm and flitted over to begin taking measurements of the boy.  "Oh, I'm Ms. Reid."  she added belatedly, her attention already drifting over to the shelves of potential wand candidates.
Sirius did not have any specifics in mind; he just wanted a wand he could use right now. Maybe he could even make Phin's ears bigger. He held out his arms for the measurements and tried not to look too petulant, seeing as he had gotten his way.

"I want my wand to be sharp," Sirius said, meaning sharp as in cool, because he couldn't look stupid. But no wands looked stupid, really, just the wizards using them.

"Sharp.  Right..."  she murmured, tapping her chin as she scanned the shelves of boxes.  The measuring tape did have a purpose, one she'd relied on more when she was a bit newer to this whole thing but now... now she preferred to at least start with intuition.  She thought of it as intuition because her Sight seemed to be very unhelpful in the matter - the one time she'd like it to speak up a little.  Not that it was worth reaching for a vision, that was a line she tried never to cross, still it would be neat to be The Wandmaker Who Gets It Right The First Time Every Time.  

She started with 3 boxes:  one to her right, one over the boy's left shoulder, and one from a top shelf she had to summon with her own wand.  Placing them on the counter she grabbed another that had been waiting to be put away and added it to the pile.  Starting from the top she opened the first and extended it for his inspection.

"11 inches, Black walnut, Abraxan feather"
Sirius gave the first wand an over-dramatic wave with his right arm. It caused no effect, and he scowled at the lengthy stick that the woman had handed him. "Next one!" he exclaimed, more enthusiastic than demanding.

Meri was a little disappointed when the wand didn't pick him.  It was a beautiful wand and she admired it as she placed it back in its box, setting it to the side.  That particular wand would find lovely home, she could feel it.  

"Alright! 10.5 inches, Poplar, dragon heartstring"  she held the next for him to try, energized by his enthusiasm.

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