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There's almost always some sort of IC event taking place—simply check out the board calendar to see what's happening! — Kayte ( Submit your own)
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Catherine Smith for Percival Adlard Jr..
The peppiest of widows~
This would have been very disturbing anyway but then Pet's eye popped out and started rolling along the bottom of the boat. Great. Maybe she would be so fortunate as to have a kraken surface nearby and pluck her off the ship with one of its tentacles and kindly drown her. Petra Sleptova in Land, Ho!
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Complete a thread started and set every month for twelve consecutive months. Each thread must have at least ten posts, and at least three must be your own.

Lonely Threads
Archelaus is reading the tragic New Years news and you chimed in.

[Image: xNGLmb.png]
You are the audience of one to Xaviers morning after.
Prefer an adult to take it!
Richard is just Tired, yo.

magical set by MJ!
Garrett's woken up to the news that the guy he was flirting with has died.

[Image: pZKf1G.jpg]
wonderful set by Lady!
Julius is enjoying tiny!quidditch at the Prewett appointment party~

[Image: 70mCNgn.jpg]
graphics by lady ♥ —
Fitz is probably flirting with you at his appointment shindig.
Come make Rommy play wizards' chess!
Chicken Licken, the sky is falling! Not really, but kinda. Open to one or more Hogwarts staff members who'd be lunching in the Great Hall on January Hogsmeade trip day.

Our Miss Goyle nabbed herself a promotion, but all work and no play is no beuno so it's break time!

MJ never ceases to impress ♡ —
Head Auror vs Horse. Whose side are you on?
Your character's come upon a cranky and hangry Azazel

Of course, even though she's cranky and hungry, she won't attack unless discussed between us first!

[Image: AzazelSig.png]

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