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A Father's Penitence
April 25th, 1888
Scrimgeour Household
The last few days had been eerily quiet in the Scrimgeour household. There had been no owls delivered, no mention of Annabelle and it felt as though there was a grey cloud ever-looming over the house.

Argus could attribute the tensions in the house to his own actions; he knew him coming home and taking his anger out on his wife - the mother of his unfortunate daughter - wasn't the best course of action but it was all he could think to do. Especially with how Annabelle had acted.

How dare his daughter try to stand against him and defy him. How dare she try to hit him with the stunning spell. How dare she run away.

He had made no attempts to find her though hoped she had splinched herself bad enough during her apparating that she had bled out. And though Media had, rather quietly, suggested he contact the aurors offices to locate her, Argus was not going to. That would suggest he cared and to care for someone who has disgraced the name of Scrimgeour, to Argus, was beyond weakness.

Julius was nowhere to be seen and Media had retreated to her own bubble (through fear of being on the receiving end of the retirees aggressions, no doubt). All that was left was to seek comfort in the one daughter he knew to be a climber and someone whom he could be proud of.

Moving from his office, rubbing his face, Argus quietly approached the room his daughter was situated in holding a small glass of whiskey. He didn't pay too much mind as to what she was doing; he just needed assurance that at least one of his children loved him.

Julius cared for Argus, as much as Argus could tell, and he acted as a son should; though there was always an air of despondency between the two. Being the eldest, Argus had hoped Julius remembered his father from before the attack and not as he was now.

His daughters, however, would only have ever known Argus as he was now. And to him, any sign of affection from @Araminta Scrimgeour solidified that he was still a good person, even if he didn't act it sometimes. Her presence seemed to calm him sometimes - and it was when he was around her, he felt reminiscent of what it was to be a loving father (however short-lived).

"What is it you're doing, Araminta?" Argus asked quietly as he stood in the doorway to the room, "I wish to speak with you about a few things."

Before allowing her a response, Argus moved to sit next to her; a rather exceptionally un-Argus thing to do.
Since the twenty-third, the tension in her home was thick and suffocating. From what she’s heard from the maids, her poor mother had received her father’s anger but she had rarely seen him after that.

Minty wanted to know what had transpired between her twin and her father. She wanted to find out where her sister was. Was she eating? Was she sleeping somewhere nice? Is she with muggles? Had she decided it was best to run away with someone? Is she actually still in Britain?

Out of desperation for a word from her sister, she had even sent a letter that she knew would never get a reply.

Not knowing Bella’s whereabouts gave her a great deal of stress causing her to cancel any invitation for her, and now she was just stuck at home. It didn’t help that Julius - her only source of assurance that everything would be okay- was probably at work. He at least could look for her while she can only sit and overthink.

Music had always been magical for her. It helped her calm her nerves and everyone seemed to smile whenever she played. Araminta was trying to find an easy piece from the abundance of music sheet that she had in the music room when her father entered the room.

She unconsciously straightened her back and she clutched the paper in her hand. Despite what Argus might have done with Bella, she knew father loved her and her brother as he always has. Minty loved her father just as any daughter would, she had heard of stories of his heroic acts before his fall and greatly admired him.

Moreover, he was one of the reasons why she tries her best whether it be in academics or the womanly arts and is pleased to know that he could be proud of her. But recently, she sometimes questioned her love for him. However, it was painful to see Bella fear the place that she was supposed to call home.

“What is it that you wish to talk about, Father?” Please, this don’t let it be about Annabelle

- She is the identical twin of Bella Scrimgeour. Your character might mistake her for her twin -
Argus could see his daughter straighten her back when he spoke. He could see her fingers wrap around the music sheet when his voice brushed past her ears. He could almost see the tension as his voice permeated through the room.

It was sad, sometimes, to see the way his children responded to him. Sometimes, he thought, their reactions were based on fear and not on respect though he quickly shook those thoughts from his head.

Why would they fear him? Argus had been nothing but a brilliant father to them and he deserved their respect. It seemed Araminta knew that.

Quietly as he sat down, his daughter asked what it was he wanted. Argus let out a sigh and began shuffling the parchments in front of him in an attempt to keep busy. He could tell there was something she didn't want to discuss and he wasn't going to press it. Not yet.

"I want to talk about your future," the former auror began, "You are a Scrimgeour and that has a certain... amount of social responsibility, my darling child." A pause, "You will be coming out to society soon and I wish for you to find a suitor who is right for our family."

Argus shuffled in the seat slightly, "I'm sure you're aware that I visited your sister yesterday. It was nothing bad. I had to show her that her actions - her... disrespect toward how a young lady ought to act - was not acceptable. It will have an impact on her future. I do not want that for you. Do you understand? I want the very best for you, Araminta."
Her eyes shifted between the music sheets and then Argus. Now, her future…wasn’t really the first thing that was on her mind right now.  And she wasn’t past her prime as a debutante to really worry about finding a husband. And as her father had said, her husband had to be someone who would fit the standards of her family and she will take her time to woo the right gentleman.  

The same thing could be expected for Bella and she did attract a Crouch, another prestigious pureblood family in Britain but the wrong Crouch.

It was nothing bad was probably an understatement if her father had to take her anger about it but she’d hardly press on what transpired between him and her twin. Minty would rather find her sister and talk to her herself than risk receiving the same fate as Bella because of her curiosity.

“Of course, Father. I as well only want the best for our family” she answered docilely. It was surprising to hear these words from her father rather than her mother. Most of the time, it was Mrs Scrimgeour reminding the girls about husbands and suitors.

- She is the identical twin of Bella Scrimgeour. Your character might mistake her for her twin -
"Good," the patriarch said, his tone firm  - almost cold - as he placed the parchments down, "then I am to trust that you would not make the same mistakes as your sister."

The sudden change of subject was met with an equally sudden change of demeanour. Argus wanted to ensure his family were loyal to him; he wanted to make certain they knew what he had done and why. That he had not done anything wrong.

"I wish not have to explain to you the importance of family, my darling child. I'm faithful you already know. Your sister, however, wasn't aware - it broke your mother's heart every day seeing those articles about her." Argus tone dripped with false compassion, though convincing as it was, "and I wanted to set her right. I went to speak with her as you know; though she apparated away. I can't lie to you, Araminta, our conversation got heated and I had to show her her place in this society."

At this point, Argus stood up and pulled his wand from his robes and placed it on top of the piano. His fingers then clutched the whiskey glass and he moved across the room, taking note of all of the books and parchments that were stacked neatly on the shelves.

"I can remember when you told us that she was at Hogwarts," Argus was speaking quietly, his gaze no longer on his daughter; his eyes scanning the shelves, "I knew then that our lives would change - and I feared it was for the worst. I was correct in that yet," He turned to his daughter, "You never ceased to make me proud. Your unfaltering loyalty to this family - to me - is something I cherish, Araminta. You are my daughter and that is something that cannot be taken away. Do you understand?"
The change in her father’s tine did not go unnoticed and it sent shivers down her spine. Her eyes followed him as he stood up and walked around the room.

She still didn’t know what her father wanted out of this conversation. First, marriage then now, their beliefs. She knew very well the values of family and reputation. Araminta probably inherited her obsession with her own social standing from him. And it was obvious that something had happened between the very moment she found out that Bella hadn’t returned to the Flint Manor. It was a peculiar attitude, even for the wayward Bella. Poor, Bella.

There was fear in her eyes, for a split second, after seeing his wand laid on the piano. Then he proceeded to speak about the past. It almost sounded like he blamed her for bringing Bella to their lives. For causing the problem. “You know, I’ll always be by your side, father. Julius and I will never abandon the family” she spoke but she did not dare move from her spot. She knew that even after she married, her loyalty will remain with her natal family.

- She is the identical twin of Bella Scrimgeour. Your character might mistake her for her twin -
"I know," Argus said as he pulled a book mindlessly from one of the shelves. Les Misérables. It was a good book, Argus recalled, for being written by a Muggle. It was something he'd read when he was a child though couldn't recall exactly why it was in his possession. It was just one of those things that had been passed down, he supposed.

Opening the leatherbound book, Argus flipped through the pages nonchalantly, "And I'm to trust you to understand that what transpired with me and your sister was not something I had intended and if she is hurt, it is not by my doing."

His eyes were fixed on the book as he spoke, his tone was casual and dismissive.
“What happened, father?” She inquired worriedly. Minty was worried for two things a) was because she couldn’t bear to know what terrible thing he did to put Bella in her place and b) to be told that she wasn’t in the place to know. But he’d been going on for circles on how Bella was the disappointment of the family and how their meeting didn’t end well. And him needing reassurance that he was doing it for the family was suspicious. She wanted to know exactly what happened.

- She is the identical twin of Bella Scrimgeour. Your character might mistake her for her twin -
Argus inhaled and snapped the book shut, placing it back on the shelf. He didn't want to go into detail, he didn't want to lie, and he didn't want to get angry in front of his cherished daughter as he re-enacted what transpired between his not-so-cherished daughter and himself.

So, of course, he did the only reasonable thing he could think of. He picked up his whiskey, moved over to the piano, and grabbed his wand.

He then moved over to the other side of the room and sat on one of the chairs; "As I have said, I had to explain to her that she is my daughter and showed her her place within society. I did not do anything untoward, my child."

Of course, 'untoward' - at least in this instance - was a very subjective thing. After a brief pause, Argus placed the wand across his lap.

"I wanted to speak with you to ensure you understand the importance of obedience, Araminta Would you disobey your family?"

He said, taking another sip of his drink; his gaze was somewhat inquisitive as he awaited her answer.
Untoward meant a lot of things but her father might have meant that he had fired a spell on accident. Accidents happened especially when both of them were too stubborn to back out. And his father had never been the same from his accident years ago – according to what her brother and mother had told her. But how severe this untoward actions was, Bella’s return might only be the answer.

Disobedience was subjective too, especially within the family. If he were talking about disobedience like Bella’s then the answer was no. “Of course not, father. I grew up believing that obedience and loyalty to the family is what a woman of the Scrimgeour family must have.” She simply answered. But if she were forced to drop her beliefs and morals for the sake of her family then Araminta might think twice.

- She is the identical twin of Bella Scrimgeour. Your character might mistake her for her twin -
Argus nodded. It was nice to see his daughter knew the correct answer. He didn’t mind if she truly believed it or not. What was important to him was that she said it and acted in that manner. People didn’t care about what was beneath the surface, not really: so it was important to ensure the surface was as polished as it could be and Araminta seemed to be making good on that.

“Good,” He said with affirmation, “Because I trust you would be by my side whatever happens.” He stood up and took anther sip, “Your sister has made various mistakes during her youth and continues to do-so. There may come a time where you ought choose between your family or your sister. You will make the right choice.”

Argus believed there was a clear message he was conveying and he hoped his daughter would pick up on it.

[Image: BAKvaaS.png]
She frowned. “Do you plan on disowning her, father?” That was what most families did to their wayward daughter and Araminta would hate to see her sister in destitute or worst, be forced to cut ties with. While it would be better for the family (and herself) didn’t want to lose Bella for the second time. And she'd be forced to just watch because she had no power over her father.

- She is the identical twin of Bella Scrimgeour. Your character might mistake her for her twin -
Her question was somewhat unexpected but hardly surprising. His tone was clear; he was assuredly inferring what he was thinking but to suggest he would disown her? No. That wasn’t on his list of things to do. That was a scandal he did not want to bring his family into.

“Not at all,” Argus said confidently. He wasn’t going to. Not yet, at least, “though I need you to understand your loyalties to your family. She is your sister by birth, though not behaviour. Am I clear, Araminta?”

[Image: BAKvaaS.png]
Disowning Bella was definitly the easiest way to stop letting her sabotage their reputation and hearing that her father had no plans to do it was odd but reassuring. There was at least a part of him that still considered Bella as his daughter. Maybe... No, no. What she thought was too. much to ask for both sides. If only dreams can become a reality.

"Of course father, I completely understand. " she nodded meekly. "That I have to choose family over her."

- She is the identical twin of Bella Scrimgeour. Your character might mistake her for her twin -
Nodding once again, Argus moved to his daughter and softly ran his hands through her hair, “Good girl,” He said quietly and moved from the room.

“And know, I am your family. Do not ever forget that.”

With that, Argus left. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen in the coming weeks – or months – though he hoped his daughter – Araminta – would heed his words.

He was going to need their support.
[FIN for Argus]

His hands through her hair, A rare sign of her father’s affection, which she would have appreciated if they weren’t speaking of Anabelle. As soon as Argus had left the room, Araminta felt like she could breathe normally again.

'He was her family' she repeated in her mind. But will she be able to keep that? Bella was also her family and her other half. Minty went through her forgotten music sheets. She needed a release- something dark would be perfect.

- She is the identical twin of Bella Scrimgeour. Your character might mistake her for her twin -

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