Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Veronica Grantham (née Cooper)
    In Character
    Full Name: Veronica Irene Grantham née Cooper
    Nicknames: Vic, Ronnie
    Birthdate: 3.23.1855
    Current Age: 30
    Occupation: Post Office Employee
    Residence: Knacker's Rd, the Slums
    Hogwarts House: would-be Gryffindor
    Wand: 10 ¼" tiger wood, unicorn tail, flexible
    Blood Status: half
    Social Class: lower
    • Maybelle Cooper : mother [1838 - ]
      Ulysses Weaver : father figure [1828 - 1866]
      Matthew Logan : father figure [1834 - ]
      Thomas Readner : father figure [1840 - 1876]
      Katherine [Cooper] : sister [1852 - ] Child of Maybelle Cooper and Ulysses Weaver
      Nathan Cooper : brother [1857 - ] Child of Maybelle Cooper and either Ulysses Weaver or Matthew Logan
      Warren Cooper : [1858 - ]
      Trenton Cooper : brother [1860 - ] Child of Maybelle Cooper and Matthew Logan
      Betsy [Cooper] : sister [1863 - ] Child of Maybelle Cooper and Ulysses Weaver
      Fidelity Cooper : sister [1867 - ] Child of Maybelle Cooper and either Ulysses Weaver or Matthew Logan
      Christian Cooper : brother [1870 - ] Child of Maybelle Cooper and either Matthew Logan or Thomas Readner
    Appearance: Vic stands relatively tall at 5'5", though there's hardly anything to her. She's always been slender, though mostly due to lack of nutrition. With age she's gained a more womanly shape, but it's often hard to see as her clothes are rarely the right size. She wears what she can get her hands on, though it's mostly second-hand things she can find and fix up to wear. Veronica tries to look presentable when at work, but it's hard sometimes. Vic keeps her honey-blonde locks tied back in braids or up in a bun, especially at work. She prefers to keep it out of her face most of the time. Her grey-blue eyes are always watching, keeping an eye on her brood and there is often a smile on her face. She is right-handed.

    6.23.2855 |€œ Veronica joins sister Katherine as the second child born to Mayebelle Cooper and Ulysses Weaver.

    1856| Ulysses starts his 5-year jail sentence for petty theft. Matthew Logan replaces him as Maybelle's live-in companion.

    1857 |€œ Nathan joins the girls as the first boy.

    1858|€œ Warren is born.

    1859 |€œ Kathy gets her first job in a muggle textile factory. Young Veronica hardly notices her sister's daily absence as she is too busy worrying about Nathan and Warren. Four-year-old Vic feels like it's her responsibility to look after her baby brothers.

    1860 |€œ Trenton is added to the family. Veronica accepts him easily, though she was wishing for a sister this time.

    1861 |€œ Ulysses is released from jail and rejoins the family. Matthew leaves them and that upsets Vic as he's really the first man she's know to be a father figure. She is weary of Ulysses, but doesn't show it. Instead she focuses on taking care of her brothers.

    1862 | Vic finds a job with a laundry service at the ripe old age of seven. She is loath to leave her brothers at home, but she has no choice. They get into quite a bit of trouble. After a serious cold, Kathy joins Veronica at the laundry, which is nice. Vic enjoys spending time with her one sister and despite the fact that Veronica is not the oldest of the two, she still mothers Kathy.

    1863 |€œ Kathy receives her Hogwarts letter and Vic is intrigued by the notion of going to school. They manage to send Kathy with their meager funds and now Vic is looking forward to her turn. Besty joins the family, Veronica is thrilled to finally have a little sister.

    1864 |€œ Ulysses causes far too much trouble for his own good and screws up big time, needing to be bailed out of a bad situation. This robs the family of the money they need to fund her sister's schooling. Vic is disappointed that it costs Kathy her education but nothing much surprises her any more. This is the year Vic shows her first sign of magic in a moment of shock at work. An accident causes one of the presses to malfunction and break. A piece of it was about to fall on Veronica, but she stops it before it can and moves it. Thankfully only Kathy is around to see. They tell their parents when they get home, though Vic is keenly aware that she will most likely not get the chance to go to school when the time comes.

    1865 |€œ For their own good, Nathan and Warren are put to work and find jobs as newsboys. Veronica sincerely hopes to help to keep them out of trouble, though it is highly unlikely. At ten, she already has more than she can deal with, babysitting both her parents and siblings most of the time, when she wasn't working. At least with the boys out of the house and focused they were more likely to keep their noses clean.

    1866 |€œ Finally her turn to go to school and it looks like she will go! She gathers Kathy's old texts, says her good-byes, holds her worries in tight and heads off to school. Vic is sorted into Gryffindor and she feels almost as at home there as she does with her family. She struggles to learn to read and write and is often behind in her first term, but she's determined to do the best she can. She makes a fair few friends, but her good luck runs out around Christmastime when three of her siblings and Ulysses fall ill with Dragon Pox. Her siblings recover while Ulysses does not. Veronica feels blessed to have kept her siblings through the ordeal and would rather be home taking care of them than at school. It had been a great opportunity but she realized where she was truly needed. Ulysses' passing hardly phases Vic and she feels horrible for it, especially considering he was her father, but she is too busy to miss him much. Matthew rejoins the family.

    1867 | Fidelity joins the family and the irony of her new sister's name is not lost on Veronica, however she welcomes the newest addition to the family with open arms and enjoys the fact that she returns the joy back to the family.

    1868 |€œ Trenton causes trouble yet again and seriously enough this time that jail could be involved. Matthew gets him out of it however and Vic hopes he learns his lesson. Warren seems to take their talking-to more seriously, which is a relief. Nathan's Hogwarts letter arrives, but the Coopers don't even entertain the notion of sending him.

    1869 |€œ Warren's Hogwarts letter comes and goes as Nathan's had. Veronica wishes her brothers would have gotten the chance to attend school, thinking it would be good for them, but it seems it's just not in the cards for them. Nathan is too smart for his own good and worries Vic, but nothing ever comes to light against him, even with his new job. Kathy, in a decision not so shocking to Vic, strikes out on her own after her seventeenth birthday.

    1870 |€œ Her mother is pregnant yet again and this time it causes far too much tension for fifteen year old Veronica. Apparently Maybelle was having an affair with some new man and this bothers Vic. Her mother's inability to focus on one man leaves Vic wary of love and she is beginning to doubt its existence. A huge argument ensues and Matthew leaves them, threatening to take some of the kids with him. Vic is almost tempted to ask him to take her too, but he ends up leaving alone and it's an odd relief for Veronica; she wouldn't have handled separation too well. This new man, Thomas moves in with the family but Vic pays him no mind. As far as she's concerned with Kathy out of the house and her mother unable to focus on anything she's in charge and she takes that very seriously. Christian is born the same year.

    1871 | Trenton finally lands himself in jail, to nobody's surprise. Nathan manages to get him out, earning severe disapproval from Vic; she was hoping Trent might learn his lesson, but Nathan to the rescue means he won't. This is followed up by Trenton's Hogwarts letter.

    Vic's pessimistic views on love are tested this year as she meets another lower class boy by the name of Doyle who is charming and flirts shamelessly. She puts him off for along time, but he's persistent, charismatic and kind. He breaks down her carefully put-together barriers. They start a tentative, innocent relationship and against her better judgment, Vic is smitten. She refuses to end up like her mother and keeps things strictly innocent.

    1872 |€œ After her 17th birthday comes and with the wand she'd purchased so long ago, forgotten in her drawer, Vic starts teaching herself some household spells. They come in handy and make things go quicker, but she is by no means a master of magic.

    Trenton and Betsy run away leaving Vic completely defenseless for the days they are gone. She blames herself for not keeping a better eye on them and makes the mistake of seeking comfort from Doyle in the ways she swore she never would. The encounter leaves her pregnant and feeling extremely foolish when Trent and Betsy return. Her own personal struggles leave her oblivious to the fact that her brothers are using her wand in her absence. Doyle, once Vic tells him she's pregnant, runs far and fast, never to be heard from again. It shatters Vic completely, absolving her of any lingering notion of love. Between malnutrition, the stress and the loss it's no surprise that Vic loses the baby early in the pregnancy, before she told anybody in her family.

    1873 |€œ Vic is still recovering from the miscarriage and a bout of depression, but she puts on a brave face for her siblings. As she picks up the pieces, she puts them back together with no room for falling in love. Any storybook notions she once held are replaced by hard work and the determination to keep herself from making any more mistakes like that. She focuses on her siblings instead of herself, proud of Warren for keeping up his jobs like his brothers could never manage.

    1874|€œ With Nathan's 17th birthday, he finds a job on Diagon Alley and Vic wishes he would keep this one.

    1875 | Warren turns 17 this year and Vic is starting to realize more and more that her siblings need her less and less. It's hard for her to accept, but she tries to push past it. She would always be their mother hen, but she knows that they need to have their own lives. She's trying to help them reach their dreams but things are so tight she just can't.

    1876 |€œ Thomas dies in a bar fight. Again Vic is not as phased as she should be by the death of one of her mother's lovers. By now she's learned that the only constant thing is life is family. People come and go, but only those in your family are important. She knows it hits some of her other family members harder than her, so she plays the sympathetic mother-figure as best she can.

    1877 |€œ The founding of Hogsmeade becomes big news across the magical community and Vic feels a strong pull toward the wizarding town. The urge to start over is desperate for her, but she is unable to convince her mother. Warren agrees however and she tries to refuse him, saying it should be all or nothing, but they go anyway and use up the money he'd been saving for his camera. It breaks her heart to do it and she swears she'll help him get the money back as soon as she can. The new start is good for her, she gets back some of her former optimism and enjoys the sleepy little town of Hogsmeade. Their tiny little flat is hardly big enough for the two of them, but Vic loves it instantly and it feels like home. She finds a job at the post office immediately, though her inability to read or write much is a bit of a hindrance, there was another gentleman in her same predicament who seemed to do alright. It was helping her to get the hang of it though she still isn't completely literate.

    1878 |€œ Warren magically comes up with a camera and Vic decides not to question it. She suspects their brothers had something to do with it, but she feels like he deserves it, so she doesn't pry. She gets word from her mother that things with Matthew have been fixed and Vic sends the most genuine well-wishes she can, but she's honestly glad to be out of that house.

    1879 |€œ The photography thing becomes big for Warren and he gets a position at the newspaper. Vic wishes he would keep his footman job, but can't say anything because she just wants him to be happy.

    1880 |€œ Fidelity and Christian come to join them in Hogsmeade, Warren moves out, which makes her sad, but it does make living with so many people easier, especially because it was tight with just two of them. She enjoys having some of her family closer again after having time away from them. It was a good reprieve but she had always been such a family person that she didn't even have to think about letting her siblings come live with her. Del gets a job as a waitress and with the two incomes they're doing pretty well.

    1881 - Present |€œ Things in her tiny little flat have fallen into a tidy schedule. Vic excels in running her home and keeping track of her siblings. Things and people come and go at the post office. Vic's reading isn't getting much better, but she has a good head for numbers and organization and she works hard so she's managed to keep the same job.

    Personality: extremely maternal; over-protective; realistic; good with money; good with people; loving; kind; patient; loyal to those who deserve it; social; afraid of falling in love again, guarded on that front; slow to trust those outside her family.

    Sample Roleplay Post: I refuse...
    Out of Character
    Name: Bee
    Age: 26
    Contact: PM Elsie Beauregard | AIM: beeblethebard | Skype: applebee33
    Other Characters: boo Lynn, boo
    How did you hear about us?: :P
    Vic qualifies for #FTR do you?!


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