Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Georg Striebel
    In Character
    Full Name: Georg August Striebel
    Nicknames: Gogo
    Birthdate: June 22, 1874
    Current Age: 9
    Occupation: N/A
    Hogwarts House: unknown
    Wand: None yet
    Blood Status: muggleborn
    Social Class: middle
    Father- Ferdinand Rudolph Striebel - 45- Photographer (pb: Stefan Kurt)
    Mother- Alwine Dorothea Striebel (nee Alker) -39- Housewife (pb: unknown, source ggaabboo's flickr)
    Sister- Sophie Luisa Wolke (nee Striebel) -19- Housewife (Pb: Maude Branscombe)
    Brother-in-law- Felix Alfons Wolke - 21- Soldier (pb: unknown, source ReiRoWi's Ipernity)
    Brother- Luitpold Wilhelm Striebel - Beautiful Beast Boutique employee, Hufflepuff Alumnus

    Appearance: Gogo, like the rest of his family, is rather tall for his age at 5 ft tall. He has brown eyes like his father, dark hair like his mother and could practically be his older sister's twin if they were closer in age. The only member of his family that he doesn't resemble at all is his brother, with who m he is closest in the family (with his mother as a close second) despite the fact that they only live together during the summer. He is a bit skinny at 60 lbs, but not abnormally so. His right hand is his dominant hand and has good motor control that he's gotten from playing the violin and sometimes the accordion when his older brother, Poldi, is home for school holidays, which earns him a certain amount of praise from his tutor for his good handwriting. Thanks to his mother, he is usually very neatly dressed, though his clothes aren't the most expensive and he spends the majority of time in his less-formal play clothes anyhow. Even those are, however, usually clean and relatively new or at least newly worn. Poldi has always preferred hand-me-downs, so Gogo gets whatever clothes Poldi refused to switch out his older ones for when he was younger.

    History: Georg was born in a warm summer in Kassel in the newly-formed German Empire to a family that was less than joyous to say the least. An earlier period of happiness and prosperity had given way to financial strain and increasing frustration by their father, which made life very unpleasant for everyone else in the household. Luckily for young Georg, he was still too young to fully absorb the tumult in his world at the time and, was a largely happy baby and toddler. He walked and spoke early, earning a lifelong nickname for himself from his initial, clumsy pronunciation of his own name, "Gogo". He spent much of his time playing with Poldi and their sister, Sophie Luisa, being held by their mother and toddling about chasing their poor, tormented cat, exempt due to his age from sitting and listening to his father's long winded tirades about the ever-changing political state of their country.

    In 1876, the entire family gained a reprieve from those endless condemnations when their father (and husband, in their mother's case) decided to move to England, whose monarchy, to him, seemed much more stable, considering that it had lasted several centuries. He settled in Ipswich and opened another photography studio, all the while; saving whatever he could to bring his family over. Financially, it was a struggle for the family, but without their father's frustration affecting the atmosphere of the home, they all grew much happier. Gogo, continued to be the happy child that he always had been and his siblings joined the joy as well. Poldi took up the accordion and often took his little brother along to the local beer halls to listen to other accordionists play. They all visited friends in the neighborhood and played in the parks and forests just outside the city. He grew close with his siblings and mother as life before his father's departure escaped his memory.

    Then, in 1878, after two years on their own, they received word that there was enough money to fund their trip over to England. He was excited to be traveling to a new place and to not only see the ocean, which he had only heard of in bedtime stories before, but also to live so close to it that they could see it again and again as many times as they liked. It seemed like some grand fantasy world to him and he was overjoyed to have his father, who he idealized in his absence, involved in it all. Like the rest of his family, he was a little sad to be leaving the only home he had ever known, but being four, he didn't give it as much thought as they did.

    In the end, it was all a bit of a disappointment. He discovered soon after their arrival that England was not too different from Germany in a lot of ways. There were a lot of big differences too, but nothing particularly magical about them nor was his father the bold but loving adventurer that he had pictured back in Kassel. He was a good deal more contented and lenient than he had been two years before, but as Gogo had nothing to compare it to, he found the older man stern, intimidating and hard to please. Then, when some magic finally entered their world in the form of Poldi's Hogwarts letter arriving and then being confirmed by a representative from the school, all it did was take his older brother and best friend away from his for what seemed like an eternity. Still, he made the best of it all, playing more with Sophie, learning English quickly enough, making friends and continuing to communicate with Poldi by letter with his mother's help. He picked up the violin on his father's demand and, unlike his brother, didn't mind it too terribly, though it was hard for him to stay inside for as long as he had to in order to get in any reasonable amount of practice. He couldn't say he's ever really had a passion for it, but he does like to play jaunty Irish tunes that he's picked up here and there and even the classical songs are fitting sometimes, if he's feeling sad. One time (or, rather, period of time) that it was particularly useful was two years ago when his sister, Sophie, returned to Kassel to marry Felix Wolke, a soldier and one of their former neighbors with whom she had been corresponding romantically by letter for a year. He was left alone with his parents in the family and, while he still had plenty of friends in the neighborhood and in his tutoring sessions next door, he still felt rather lonely for quite awhile. But, after two years, he's gotten used to corresponding with her by letter like he does with Poldi when he's away at school and he's further cheered by his recent signs of magic, including but not limited to shaving a neighbor's cat without so much as touching it after she had pushed him off of a goat cart that he and a friend were playing around with, accidentally apparating when he's particularly bored or frightened (which he hasn't told his parents about for fear of being punished) and changing the vegetables on his dinner plate into dessert. It may be two years away still, but he's extremely excited about the prospect of going to Hogwarts just like Poldi has been and becoming a real, trained wizard.

    Personality: Like many nine-year-old boys, Gogo is a ball of energy and doesn't always think before he acts. His primary concern when out playing is not whether or not something is safe, but rather, if his father will find out about it or not and, if so, whether or not he's likely to get in trouble for it. With this mindset, he's gotten rather good at getting away with things and can be quite mischievous when his father isn't around. When he is around, though, it's an entirely different story. He's quiet, well behaved and just generally cautious, because he knows that one slip up could end up with him getting a prolonged and angry lecture coupled with varying amounts or time in his room, a beating with the belt or being forced to swallow some of his father's non-lethal developing chemicals depending on the severity of the offense. Despite his mischief when he' not closely regulated, he is a strong student and favored by his tutor, who had never managed to pin any of the mischief that goes on in their makeshift classroom in the neighbor's sitting room on him. He is quite outgoing and is used to speaking not only for himself, but also for Poldi and their mother, whose English isnÃ't good. Consequently, he has many friends in his neighborhood in Ipswich. His most preferred playmate is his older brother, who he tags along with endlessly during school holidays and does his best to emulate him during those periods of time, leading his appearance to become somewhat more disheveled in summer (he would do the same around Christmas, but everyone in the household is required to wear their best during the holiday season).

    Sample Roleplay Post: Poldi was oddly aware of everything going on within his body as he walked briskly through the bustling crowd of people milling around the international market. His heart was beating as if it might soon burst through his chest, his lungs were stubbornly refusing to expand fully, leaving him very nearly gasping for breath and his stomach was rolling like a stormy sea within him. It all stood in stark contrast to what he had felt from the moment he had left his parents' house this morning to just a few moments earlier when he had left his spot on a bench near the entrance in search of a German merchant somewhere in this labyrinth of booths. The only remnant of those hours long feeling was numbness in his legs which had previously ruled over every part of him aside from his mind, which had raced almost faster than he could follow for the entire day. He felt as if he was just floating along now, one thought driving him forward, chasing him away: he had failed.

    He was absolutely sure of it. He had failed in every way. As a student, as a son, as a wizard, as a man, even, it seemed to his frantic mind, as a human being. His OWL results have arrived this morning with the post, surely dropped in earlier by owl, and he was positive to the core of his soul that they were rife with T's and D's. He would surely be expelled and he just couldn't face his parents after that. He had made them one promise when he went off to school for the first time nearly five years ago; not to waste their money and that was exactly what he had done. They had scrimped and sacrificed to give him as much opportunity as they could and he had been too feeble-minded to pass even the first serious academic hurtle with which he was faced. Now, the only way to spare them the burden of having to look at his face every day know that he had failed them was to return to Germany and live with his sister, Sophie, and her husband. He knew that there was nothing that he could do to make her relinquish her love for him; and Felix had professed himself to be a dreadful student for long enough that he wouldn't turn him away for his academic downfalls no matter how much he deserved it. The only issue was that due to the fact that he had only as much money in his possession as his parents thought he might need to buy his school supplies for the year, he would have to burden his countrymen here with his troubles so that he might gain passage with one of them on their return trip to Germany and there couldn't be a man in the world who could hold his head high after so pathetic a show of dependency as that.

    His only consolation in all of this was the col weight of his accordion resting on is back with its leather straps sitting nicely on his shoulders. He had remembered to grab it this morning even in the semi-unconscious daze that had followed his receipt of the envelope containing his test scores, which still weighed heavily and much less pleasantly in his hand, unopened and threatening, but at the same time, utterly irrelevant. He already knew what it contained and had moved beyond it to the new life that it heralded in. As long as he has his accordion and his sister, he could live through the shame. The violin, he would probably give to the merchant who helped him make the crossing as compensation. He didn't want it anyway. If he had been thinking more clearly, he would have probably left it behind for Gogo to use after he grew out of the smaller one that he was playing at the moment. He actually enjoyed the distrainable instrument and would need a piece of his older brother around lest father attempt to cajole him into forgetting that he had one. But he would adapt either way. He was strong and smart. Even the stigma of having a brother that was too thick to make it past the fifth year wouldn't hold him back too much at Hogwarts. Now that he had started to show magic, the world was at his doorstep. He would be an outstanding wizard and, really, did one family need two of those? Perhaps this was all for the best.

    By this time, the pounding in his chest had waned a bit and his pace had become less frantic, though he still didn't feel as if he was taking in full breaths and his stomach was still churning. He couldn't quite tell if he was actually calming down or if fatigue was simply setting in. After all, he had walked quite a ways this morning. There had been portkeys to take him to the world cup grounds, but they had been quite a trek to reach and before he had even set off for them, he had traveled several miles in the direction of wizarding London, which had been his original destination before he realized that his fate was already sealed. Whether fatigue or diminishing panic had quelled his racing heart mattered little when it came down to it as, mere moments later, he saw something (or, rather someone) that brought it straight back up to the rollicking pace of a runaway train. Elsie Beauregard, an acquaintance from school had just stepped out of a crowd around a booth of colorful glassware almost directly in front of where he was walking. He stopped in his tracks to avoid colliding with her, but the damage was already done. there was very little hope that she wouldn't notice him now and the last thing that he needed was to be forced into conversation at the moment, He wasn't even sure that he was capable of it. Quite frankly, he was fairly sure that if he even so much as opened his mouth, he might vomit and that would be wholly unbecoming and most certainly make things a great deal worse. His only hope now would be that she somehow overlook his distress and let him pass with an acknowledging nod (which was possible as she was a rather shy girl) or that she was currently overcome with a bout amnesia or temporary blindness and wouldn't recognize him (which seemed far less likely). He also has the option of turning and running in the opposite direction, but that would make him look utterly mad and might initiate a series of events which would end up with him being locked away in an asylum. So, instead, he just gave her a quick nod and hoped for the best.
    Out of Character
    Name: Addie
    Age: 22
    Contact: pm
    Other Characters: Luitpold Striebel (Gogo's brother)
    How did you hear about us?:RPG-D

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