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Fern-hunting parties became popular, allowing young women to get outside in a seemingly innocuous pursuit with less rigid oversight and chaperoning than they saw in parlors and drawing rooms. They may have even had the occasional romantic meetup with a similarly fern-impassioned beau. — Bree

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Now that he had walked up to them, he couldn't exactly whirl around and get going. That would be rude. And was not, presumably, how straight men seduced their future wives.

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That Burning Sensation
April 16th, 1888 — Irvingly Infirmary

He had been on fire. One thing had lead to another, and he had been on fire.

True, the flames had been doused, but Atticus Sharpe knew better than to leave it at that. After assuring all involved parties half a dozen times that he was quite capable of finding his own way to the infirmary in spite of what the 'fire crab' had done to him (claws aside, the beast had not looked at all like a crab!), the innkeep had diligently done just that, wincing at each swing of the afflicted arm. Though not at all a medical professional, the muggle had enough life experience™ to know that the burn was not dire, but it still stung something awful.

By the grace of God, Belladonna was not working today—in fact, all of the nurses were, for the moment, conspicuously absent, and so the Welcome Witch instead showed him to one of the healers after he insisted he didn't mind. Once she knew who he was—that his sister was a magical nurse here—the young lady had few objections.

Now, there was little to do but wait, perched on a chair in an examination room.

Miriam Trelawney

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It wasn't every day that fire crabs set one of the local muggles on fire, and it certainly wasn't every day that MT was actually called in to heal a muggle. She was - although she would never admit to it - a little nervous about it. This was what the muggle physician was for, wasn't it?

Miriam had to fetch a burn salve, magically enchanted bandages, and three small potions from the supply closet before she could actually go see him. Arms full, she opened the door with a combination of her elbow and using her entire body to push it in, just to find herself faced with Mr. Sharpe.

"Good afternoon," she said cheerfully, "I'm Healer Trelawney - thank you for agreeing to see me, Mr. Sharpe." She set her supplies down on the counter.

She was so young.

There were a great many things about the magical world that Atticus had had to get used to over the years, but the fact that one could be a fully qualified physician—no, healer—when she looked scarcely old enough to have left school was altogether new. Doubtless, his surprise registered on his face, and Atticus hurried to rectify this.

“My mother did not raise a foolish lad, Miss,” he answered kindly, trying not to look directly at her lest she feel his scrutiny, “and I would be fool indeed to turn my nose up at a perfectly qualified witch to wait for a muggle, ‘specially when it was something of the magical variety that saw me here in the first place.”

Atticus didn’t think that a burn from the fire crab was at all special, but hoped that his recognition of the creature’s origins would stop Healer Trelawney from thanking him when she was the one doing the favour!

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   Miriam Trelawney

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MT couldn't help but beam at that. "That's good to hear, Mr. Sharpe," she said cheerfully. He didn't seem like the sort to freak out on her - or at least, she was hoping that he wasn't. She supposed that she would find out in a minute.

"I have to take a look at the burn," Miriam said simply, "But it's best to chat while I do so." One of the criticisms her superiors had sometimes leveled against Miriam during her internship was that she did not have the best bedside manner; instead, she had always been direct-or-blunt. Having softened with training, she still was not an elaborative creature.

"You own the Irvingly Arms, right? Any weird customers today?" she said, having done her brief homework in a flurried conversation at the front desk.

Atticus chuckled even as he winced as he angled the arm so that the healer might better see it.

“Like many things, Miss, ‘weird’ is in the eye of the beholder,” the innkeep pointed out. “Lord knows my nephew manages to fit the bill, on occasion. Though as to today’s clientele, well, I was rather…occupied elsewhere.” Dark eyes cast down at the arm in question tellingly.

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It was a nasty burn, but Miriam had seen nastier in Artifacts Incidents, where cursed objects were liable to turn one inside out. "Fire crabs can be nasty creatures," Meer agreed with a sympathetic grimace, "Usually you need a license to have one. I bet someone bought him for their kid and then realized what a pain they are." If Cassandra ever got Theo one of those things, Miriam was going to have words with her.

She pulled the first of the small potions off of the side-table. A clear liquid in a clear bottle, it was bitter-tasting but effective. "This should numb the area," Miriam said, uncorking it for Mr. Sharpe.

It was at the zoological gardens he went to say, only to have a grunt of pain leave his lips instead.

"Numb is good," he answered with a pained smile. "It's topical, I trust?"

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Meer shook her head. "Its - erm, a potion, actually," she said, "You have to swallow it. Tastes a little nasty, though."

Atticus made a face that showed precisely what he thought of that plan. A witch handling him, well, that was one matter, but drinking magic? That was, if one might pardon the pun, a much more difficult pill for the muggle to swallow. Even with that aside, it smelled awful.

“I don’t suppose there is a plan B,” he tried to bargain, stomach already turning. The burnt flesh, the potion, the pain, the nausea—it was all far more than he had signed on for today!

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Meer's mouth twisted into something like a frown. "I can start with the salve?" she said, "And we'll see where that leaves us."

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