Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Leander Grantham
    In Character

    Full Name: Leander Cole Grantham
    Nicknames: Le by his buddies, Cole by his mother.
    Birthdate: October 7th, 1857
    Current Age: 27
    Occupation: Nuisance officer
    Hogwarts House: Slytherin
    Wand: 10 ½ inches, Redwood, Griffin feather, Firm
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Lower Class
    • Mr. Grantham, father,
    • Edna Helene Luckett, mother, 1841-
      • Calvin Lucas Luckett, brother, 1872

    Leander is usually somewhat askew; A crooked collar, a missed button, scuffed boots. Beyond these small details he is well kempt. His wardrobe is limited, investing in what quality he can afford rather than quantity and as such his clothes are modest but well fitting. His job basically requires he bathes on a daily basis and while he may start his day out as trimmed, it doesn't usually take long for the scruff to creep back in. He is a respectable 5'8" with a hearty but not thick build and has blue eyes and is right handed, on the back of which he has visible scar.

    The early years of Leander's life are a blur to him and much of what he assumes to be true comes from his own guesses and deductions. He has vague ideas and memories but for the most part details were skirted around when he grew curious enough to ask. His mother was prone to reference"your father" often enough but without any details it fostered a distant and fluid idea of what a father was. The one thing she firmly insisted was that his last name was Grantham. Without a doubt.

    In one of his few clear memories he remembers being hungry, devious, and overly confident. He was reaching for what he thought was an abandoned roll on an empty table at a cafe but instead he was treated to a knife from the occupant at the table. To this day the scar is easily visible on the back of his hand and he is occasionally plagued with twinges of pain.

    His first display of magic was apparently not noteworthy enough to be remembered by his mother but she did like to remind him of how he had summoned things from top shelves, sending them crashing to the floor more than once. He eventually received his invitation to Hogwarts and to this day he has no idea how is mother afforded it. He strongly suspects his absentee 'œfather' was involved. The sorting hat had a strong inclination to put him in Slytherin and they debated for a few minutes he finally relented. To this day Le is mildly embittered by his placement there. A lower class halfblood in the slytherin house naturally attracted negative attention and quickly learned to diffuse situations and defend himself when that was impossible.

    He struggled greatly in his first and even into his second year but a few teachers and older students had seen something in him and were integral in bringing his reading and writing up to par. The summer after his third year he returned home to find he now had a brother. Calvin was old enough to sit up and reach for attention but Leander was not surprised Mr. Silas Luckett was nowhere to be found. He would eventually marry Edna and Leander grew to tolerate the man but rarely said more than a few words to him. By the age of 16 he was both literally and legally on his own. His mother was still his mother for a few practical purposes but there was a tenderness that had long been missing. He knew his mother loved him... in her own way and when he was home he did what he could to make sure his brother got the attention he needed.

    Leander graduated in 1874 with good grades and got to work immediately taking what odd jobs and internships he could get. Through the course of things he landed a stable job at the ministry as a Nuisance Officer. He loves it and finds it highly amusing at the same time. Imagine getting paid to make sure businesses empty their chamber pots regularly and fining people who don't bathe often enough!

    He has become very protective of his brother and is intent on providing for him in every way that his mother and Silas fails. Lee moved

    Simply put Leander has a propensity for happiness. As if emotions are largely a choice, he feels life would be better spent in a positive mood. He has an easy-going nature and is prone to smiling. When he is upset he is more likely to grow silent than to shout and will remove himself from most situations but he has been pushed to physical expressions more than once. The slums are not a dainty place. He is more casual than upper victorian etiquette might dictate but he has manners enough to a maintain a job at the Ministry and the acceptance of most of his peers. He has profound respect for most people but has a long memory for someone who has lost that respect.

    Sample Roleplay Post:
    Leander Cole Grantham removed his hat with the kind of casual flourish that suggested he'd had the same hat for a long while and ran his fingers through his hair. With a smirk and a glance to the scattered clouds above he dropped into a crouch, pulling his wand out to point at the stopped drain. The stagnating water swirled lazily around his boots as he quietly mouthed a spell. Though passers by would see nothing, something caused Leander to laugh aloud. Straightening up he spun on his heels and faced the shop that was opposite of the stopped drain "Oy, Conway!" he called to the shopkeeper who had suddenly ducked out of sight. "“I have told you before: you can't dump your garbage down this drain."

    The man did not reappear but answered none the less "That ain't mine! How do you know its mine? Could be anyone's rubbish." Leander had crossed the street, leaving damp footprints on the sidewalk, and poked his head through the door, finding the man crouched down below the window sill."Because, once again, it is hair that is blocking the drain" He cast a glance around the shop. It was the sort of catch-all shop you might find in the slums. The man offered any service one could imagine but he was particularly known for haircuts and close shaves. He held out his hand to the man with an amused smile and pulled him up into a standing position. "Please don't make me fine you." with a tip of his hat he turned to leave the store "“and don't start burning it again. Smells something fierce." He chuckled to himself as he strolled back up fourth street, writing a ticket for maintenance to address the sewer. To be fair the sewer pipes in the slums were outdated and perhaps if they were in the same shape as High Street they would not be so easily clogged by Mr. Conway's disregard.

    Out of Character

    Name: Fawkes, Fawkesy
    Age:Contact: AIM- wordweaver457, PM here
    Other Characters: Sophia Denbright
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