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Two Dead After Apparition Incident
— The —
Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
April 25th, 1888
Victims unlicensed and of age

News broke late yesterday afternoon that two bodies had been recovered at the sight of a grisly apparition incident that resulted in the fatal splinching of two young males. Medical examiners on sight immediately identified the wounds as resulting from a splinching accident.

The two boys, who have been identified as Mr. John Sweeney and Mr. Edgar Baker, were both twenty years of age and unlicensed. The parents of the two deceased, who gratefully spoke to the Daily Prophet regarding the incident, spoke of how the boys' desires to learn how to apparate.

"One of Edgar's greatest regrets after leaving school was being unable to take apparition lessons to receive his license. Without the money for horses or carriages, traveling to remote locations for his job has proven difficult, and finding time off work to take classes had proven impossible in the short-term," said a distraught Mrs. Baker.

"He was such a happy child. It pains me that there aren't better options available to members of society who can't afford to take time off, or can't stay at Hogwarts long enough to get their licenses. Surely the Ministry could do better!" said Mr. Sweeney, who later told us he'd be speaking to Ministry representatives.

The Daily Prophet was able to speak to Head of the Department of Magical Transportation, Mr. Benjamin Ross, who assured us action would be taken to assure incidents like this would never happen again.

"It's unfortunate that the protections put in place to prevent incidents like this did not prevent the tragic deaths of two young citizens," he said. "The Department of Magical Transportation will be reviewing our practices to assure young people have the opportunity to learn to apparate, whether they're seventh years at Hogwarts or out in the workforce."

The Daily Prophet, along with the Department of Magical Transportation, would like to remind people of all ages that apparating is one of the most dangerous types of magic to do without proper practice and a Ministry-certified license.
Ian Pengloss
Written by Bree

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