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Issue #226 - Why is Percival Adlard Jr. Still Unmarried?
Heard Around Town!

Mr. Evander Darrow took in his niece last month! I heard she's too much of a handful for him and he's desperately seeking a wife as we speak!

Apparently Minister Ross is looking to replace the Balthazar Urquart as Head of the Department of Mysteries after December's calamity. Could you imagine having to fire your friend? I could never do politics...

Someone told me Headmaster Black is considering retiring next year. I hope it's true!

Who thought it was a good idea to let that Eleanor Goyle run the Beast Division? I'd never trust a woman to deal with all the creatures. Soon enough we'll have a dragon problem, and then a werewolf problem, and then we'll all be doomed!

I wonder what's to come of the Mulciber family after Mr. Ernest Mulciber's accident. I heard his wife doesn't want him showing his face outside—says it might damage the family's image. The poor children!

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