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ASK ME ANYTHING [Voice Memes v.2]
On the old site we had this thread and we should totally bring it back. The rules are simple: person B (the next person) asks three Charming-related questions to the person above, which person A (me, in this case) answers by editing their post.


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there are few beauties that compare to a ladyset
omg Kayte talking about The White Ferret in that original thread, how did I miss that?!



- What's a character idea you'd love to play but won't app for whatever reason?
- Which of your ships had the most authentic spontaneous development?
- Which of your characters would you personally enjoy being friends with most and least?

Audio recording >>

For anyone wondering, I used Vocaroo, which lets you record in browser!

- How did you get the inspiration for each of your characters?
- Favorite site-wide plot and why?
- Do you have any new characters in your muse that you may or may not make in the near future?


Magic by MJ!

gimme something, Kelly :P

- What personality traits do you share with some of your characters?
- Which two of your characters would you ship if you didn't play both of them?
- What's your favorite character type to play?


there are few beauties that compare to a ladyset
Okay, Bree. I'm gonna take a risk here.

~ Who are your top three favorite characters that aren't yours, across the entire site?
~ What's your favorite ship, site-wide?
~ Any of your characters you'd ship if you didn't play both of them??? >_>

@Ophelia Devine -- here we go, I finally did the thing.

[Image: bdJtsG.jpg]
such a heavy broken heart, can't take the weight of all these scars
- If you had to play your characters in a different setting (not Victorian era or not Potterverse) where would you set them?
- How would that setting affect their personalities/their plots?
- What one song always gives you muse? For which character?

(you can limit it to three characters to save time if you want xD)

Link to my answers: https://vocaroo.com/i/s08r2fkbQeSH
And embedded:
Audio recording and upload >>
Alright why not jump on the band wagon:

If you could only play one character stereotype/archetype which would you choose and why?
Think of your top three characters, got them? Good, now how would you kill them off?
What character do you find the most difficult or challenging to play?

I'm gonna swoop in here before anyone takes the opportunity;

Have you ever taken the Pottermore sorting quiz? If yes - did you agree with it?
What's your thought process for choosing a playby for a character?
I just gotta know - how'd you find this place?

Side note: Kelly wants to answer that second question you asked Lynn.

@Felicity Gallagher - Here are your answers, and here is the playlist I mentioned.
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[Image: bdJtsG.jpg]
such a heavy broken heart, can't take the weight of all these scars
Alrighty then! If you got the voice of Jim Cary in your head then my job is done! :P Just kidding.

So as requested:
1) Think of your top three characters, got them? Good, now how would you kill them off?
2) What are things that you do to help get you in the right head space to write; does it vary by character?
3) What is your all time favorite thread that you have participated in on Charming?

For Lynn <-- The original story of Mareal woot!
- Tell us a story about a thread in your RP past that went somewhere totally different than where you originally thought it would. How did you think it would go, and what actually happened?
- Who were the characters involved and what was their background/ relationship before the thread?
- How did that thread effect events moving forward?

For Bree!

Audio recording software >>
Oooh I got some!

- Is there a certain character type you struggle to play? One you just don't enjoy playing?
- Rank your characters in order of least magically skilled to most magically skilled.
- Who is one character that you've always wanted to thread with but have never had the opportunity to?

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there are few beauties that compare to a ladyset
Y'all have convinced me:
    – Which one of YOUR characters do you most identify with? Is there any other RPer whose character you most identify with?

    – You've just received your letter to Hogwarts. You're allowed to tell ONE person in your life. Who do you tell?

    – If your top five characters could meet one of the original HP characters, who would they most get along with? Who would they most clash with?
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[Image: s6D6bz.png]
amazing secret swap gift by MJ <333
1) When will I be getting more Benari in my life?

1) Your characters find themselves in the middle of the war against Voldemort. Death Eaters prowl the streets and fear is rampant - how do your characters cope/survive/contribute to the war effort?

2) How does the Victorian setting impact the way you write your characters?

3) Amelia's animagus form is a barn owl, if the others were able to animagi what would they be?

fabulous set by Lady <3
- What would each of your characters major in at university in a modern AU?
- Which characters are the easiest to write?
- If you lived in the wizarding world in the Victorian era with the knowledge you have, what would you be doing?

EDIT: For Renny

set by MJ!
1) What's the most evil thing you have done to a character?
2) Who was your first character ever and do you still play them in some form or fashion?
3) Before Harry Potter what verses did you care to rp in?
Since voice memes are back in vogue!!
My answers!

The questions for the next person!
Which if your characters is your favourite?
Which board character would you most like to have a drink with?
Which class would you most like to have taken at Hogwarts?

[Image: 3tPS0x.png]
Kit made a lovely gift! <3

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