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Character Master List - Charming - 07-27-2013


An asterisk (*) next to a character's name designates a player's main account.

Urgent PMs should be directed to that account.

Té; Founder
26 | She/Her/Hers | GMT -6 (DST)
Barnabas Skeeter*Middle ClassDueling Commission Head of Office

Beanie; Administrator
20 | She/Her/Hers | GMT -5 (DST)
AberdeenLower ClassThief
Adeline XavierMiddle ClassWife
Andren LovegoodUpper ClassFirst String Beater for Puddlemere United
Arthur PettigrewMiddle ClassCaptain of the Hogsmeade Howlers
August Echelon-ArnostUpper ClassOwner of Chance L'Amour
Barrett KeeneMiddle ClassGhoul Studies Professor and Gryffindor Head of House
Cassius Lestrange*Upper ClassFirst String Seeker for the Chudley Cannons
Dorothea PottsMiddle ClassDeb
Elliot CarmichaelUpper ClassDivination Professor
Emma MacmillanUpper ClassWife
Evander DarrowMiddle ClassAssistant Head of the Department of Magical Education
Jonathan WebsterMiddle ClassApparition Test Director
Julian DearbornMiddle ClassThird Year Hufflepuff; Beater
Justin RossMiddle ClassDMLE Head & WG Member
Kieran AbernathyLower ClassCrime & Politics Reporter
Lucinda CavanaughUpper ClassWife of Wesley Cavanaugh
Malcolm MacFustyUpper ClassDragon Keeper
Micajah VablatskyMiddle ClassDivination Scholar
Oscar StrettonLower ClassSixth Year Ravenclaw
Overstreet RichardsonLower ClassAuror
Rosaline BennettMiddle ClassRavenclaw House Matron
Thiago CaldieraUpper ClassSad Alchemist (Salchemist)
Zelda FiskMiddle ClassMagical Accidents & Catastrophes Employee

Kayte; Administrator
26 | She/Her/Hers | GMT-4 (DST)
Aldous CrouchUpper ClassAssistant Head of the Department of International Magical Co-Operation
Astrid ParkinsonUpper ClassHead of the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, Wizengamot Member
Atticus SharpeMiddle ClassOwner & Inkeeper of the Irvingly Arms
Aurelius FoggMiddle ClassHead of the Department of Magical Education
Balthazar UrquartMiddle ClassMember of the Wizengamot
Benjamin TurnerMiddle ClassSixth Year Ravenclaw Prefect & History Club President
Blythe FairchildMiddle ClassFifth Year Slytherin Prefect
Catigern WeasleyMiddle ClassOwner of Beautiful Beast Boutique
Charles JameshillUpper ClassDirector of St Mungo's Hospital
Elijah UrquartUpper ClassSecond Year Slytherin Chaser
Evelyn AbercrombieUpper ClassSocialite; Head of the Pendergast School for Young Roses
Ezra VablatskyMiddle ClassAssistant Head of Spell Damage @ St. Mungo's; Reluctant Seer
Felicity RileyUpper ClassFounder of the Irvingly Infirmary
Fitzroy PrewettUpper ClassCaptain & First String Beater for the Chudley Cannons
Gaius MalfoyUpper ClassHead of the Research Committee
George WaterfordMiddle ClassThird Year Ravenclaw
Hamish DarrowMiddle ClassHistory of Magic Professor; Hufflepuff HoH; Deputy Headmaster
Herbert FudgeMiddle ClassDeceased Proprietor of the Sanditon Resort
Hiram BirchLower ClassWorker at The Florist Potts
Holliday FudgeMiddle ClassFourth Year Ravenclaw
Honoria UrquartUpper Class(Legal!) Wife of Caspar Urquart
Ismene SwiftMiddle ClassSemi-Desperate Deb
John SmithMiddle ClassSolicitor and Bigamist
Lucius LestrangeUpper ClassWizengamot Member; Lestrange Patriarch
Madeline BellMiddle ClassFirst Year Gryffindor
Maeve ConnollyUpper ClassAuror
Nathaniel GallivanUpper ClassOwner of Quality Quidditch Supplies; Chudley Cannons' Sponsor
Nikolai SleptovUpper ClassDefence Against the Dark Arts Professor
Patsy FlynnLower ClassDisgruntled Hogwarts Reject
Roslyn RossMiddle ClassWife of Justin Ross
Tatiana LestrangeUpper ClassDevious Debutante
Threnody MohrUpper ClassDTF.
Virginia CarmichaelUpper ClassDebutante/Werewolf

Olive; Administrator
21 | She/Her/Hers | GMT (DST)
Adelia LovegoodUpper ClassSpinster
Antigone LestrangeUpper ClassPetulant Wife
Armando DippetUpper ClassReally, really old
Brutus KettleburnLower ClassKenmare Kestrels First String Beater
Charles MacmillanUpper ClassAss. Head of the Dept. of International Magical Co-Operation
Efigénia CaldieraUpper ClassDrugged Debutante
Herschel DawlishUpper ClassWizengamot Interrogator
Marcella WeasleyMiddle ClassTragic Victim of E.D.
Mariana MacnairUpper ClassPoison Peddler
November MalfoyUpper ClassActually Someone's Wife
Petra SleptovaUpper ClassDebutante
Phyllida RummageMiddle ClassCare of Magical Creatures Professor
Questor SprylyLower ClassApprentice Broommaker
Ramona FoggMiddle ClassFirst Year Gryffindor
Suzuko LaytonMiddle ClassMagical Education Secretary
Tessa Van PattenLower ClassMadam of The Painted Lady
Theodoric JameshillUpper ClassAuror?!
Ursula Black*Upper ClassTroll(op)

Bee; Moderator
30 | She/Her/Hers | GMT-5 (DST)
Adella CalendarMiddle ClassSeamstress at House of Lytton
Angie SwanLower ClassGingotts Cursebreaker
Baxter KeeneMiddle ClassHealer-in-Charge, Artifacts, Hogsmeade Hospital
Brighid ConnollyUpper ClassReluctant Pendergast Rose
Claudius LestrangeUpper ClassMember of the Committee on Experimental Charms
Cora SmithMiddle ClassFifth Year Gryffindor
Daffodil PottsMiddle ClassSeventh Year Ravenclaw
Eavan MacKayMiddle ClassMagizoologist
Elsie Beauregard*Middle ClassJunior Librarian, Crowdy Memorial Library
Eugene ScamanderUpper ClassHead of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office; Wizengamot Member
Everett GrimmMiddle ClassBroom Regulatory Office Employee
February LynchMiddle ClassDebutante ... GASP!
Gemma SimpsonMiddle ClassApprentice Herbologist
Harvey BeauregardMiddle ClassPersonal Assistant to Thom Pettigrew
Jesse HatchittMiddle ClassAccidental Magical Reversal Squad Memeber
Leon LupinUpper ClassEntrepreneur; Silent Partner,
the Painted Lady
Mason SkeeterMiddle ClassHerbology Professor
Nathalie JenningsUpper ClassMagical Bugs Healer, St. Mungo's
Nemo FiskMiddle ClassMuggle Liaison Office Employee
Nora AbercrombieUpper ClassDebutante
Ottilie PineLower ClassMediwitch, Hogsmeade Hospital
Phineas BlackUpper ClassHogwarts Headmaster
Quincey HoneydukeMiddle ClassProprietor of Honeyduke's Sweet Shop
Regan PendergastUpper ClassSponsor of the Appleby Arrows
Ruth LockhartMiddle ClassHousewife
Sloane BixbyMiddle ClassFirst Year Gryffindor
Sydney PodmoreUpper ClassAsst Head, Creature-Induced Injuries, St. Mungo's
Veronica GranthamLower ClassHousewife
Wesley CavanaughUpper ClassDept. Head, Magical Games and Sports

MJ; Moderator
Adaline ReidMiddle ClassHousewife
Ari FiskMiddle ClassPotion and Plant Poisoning Healer
Basil StrettonLower ClassManager of The Three Broomsticks & Penny Dreadful Writer
Calliope RileyUpper ClassWidow
Edward MohrUpper ClassCaptain and Keeper for the Appleby Arrows
Elias Grimstone*Middle ClassBroommaker
Ephraim VablatskyMiddle ClassUnspeakable
Halvar KirmaniUpper ClassAncient Runes Professor
Jeremy RohlwingLower ClassMuggle
Jude WrightMiddle ClassActivist
Kristoffer LestrangeUpper ClassSixth Year Slytherin
Lorcan ByrneUpper ClassMediwizard, St. Mungo's
Lorna Van PattenLower ClassHogwarts Reject
Porphyria DempseyUpper ClassPoet
Prunella VaiseyUpper ClassDebutante
Salazar SlughornMiddle ClassHead of the Being Division
Theodore GallivanUpper ClassFirst Year Auror-in-Training
Tybalt KirkeMiddle ClassFirst String Beater for the Hogsmeade Howlers
Worthy PaineLower ClassMagical Maintenance, Hogsmeade Hospital
Zadie PineLower ClassSecond Year Slytherin

Nolan; Moderator
22 | He/Him/His | GMT-5 (DST)
Emerald WeasleyMiddle ClassTrainee Hit Wizard
Flitterbloom VaiseyUpper ClassHead of the Committee on Experimental Charms
Gabriel VablatskyLower ClassEmployee at Flourish & Blotts
Morris WraithLower ClassCleaner at the Beautiful Beast Boutique
Sebastian UrquartMiddle ClassSecond Year Slytherin
Theseus Greengrass*Upper ClassObliviator

RE: Character Master List - Charming - 07-27-2013


20 | She/Her/Hers | GMT -4
Adalynne BanneUpper ClassDebutante

25 | SHE/HER/HERS | GMT+ 1 (DST)
Alfred BottMiddle ClassLittle Ghost Boy
Georg StriebelMiddle ClassThird Year Hufflepuff
Luitpold Striebel*Middle ClassBeautiful Beast Boutique Employee

22 | she/her/hers | GMT -5
Eleanora BrownhillMiddle ClassCharity Organizer; Author
Ivory KamariaUpper ClassSixth Year Ravenclaw
Jacob BabineauxMiddle ClassPuddlemere United First String Seeker
Justus PilliwickleLower ClassLawyer
Marceline GillumMiddle ClassCoach for the Holyhead Harpies
Prudence SilvertreeUpper ClassWidow
Souri Avninder*Lower ClassCook at The Hog's Head
Zian ZhaoUpper ClassLiaison @ Ministry of Magic

18 | She/Her/Hers | GMT-5
Andrew BinghamLower ClassAccidental Magic Reversal Squad Member
Annabelle Scrimgeour*Upper ClassSt. Mungo's Welcome Witch
Augusta SelwynUpper ClassThird Year Ravenclaw
Cameron GillenwaterMiddle ClassSecond Year Gryffindor; Chaser
Cornelius Sherington IIIUpper ClassVicount Hillingham
Dionisia TweedyLower ClassMagical Bugs Healer at Hogsmeade Hospital
Flora HallidayMiddle ClassFifth Year Ravenclaw
Frida LestrangeUpper ClassFourth Year Hufflepuff
George LiveseyUpper ClassGentleman of Leisure
Georgia WhitledgeUpper ClassEtiquette Instructor
Handsome WhitledgeUpper ClassSeventh Year Gryffindor; Head Boy; Keeper
Holly ScrimgeourUpper ClassFirst Year Slytherin
Marlowe ForfangMiddle ClassAlarmingly Obsessed with Werewolves
Roselaine JugsonMiddle ClassFifth Year Slytherin; Chaser
Stephen FlintUpper ClassHead of the Department for the Regulation & Control of Magical Creatures
Tripper JamesonUpper ClassFifth Year Gryffindor; Beater
Violetta LestrangeUpper ClassDebutante
Willoughby FollywolleUpper ClassDaily Prophet Quidditch Correspondent

OLD | She/Her/Hers | GMT
Aeror*BeastCentaur Chief
Andronicus WilkesFirst ClassFirst Year Slytherin
Angus GreybackUpper ClassFirst Year Gryffindor
Antonia GreybackUpper ClassFirebrand Socialite
Ari ScrimgeourUpper ClassStepfrod Debutante
Benevolence Montague Middle ClassOwner and Florist at Montague's House of Flowers
Cecily CarmichaelUpper ClassHogwarts Malcontent
Circe PodmoreUpper ClassSocialite and Wife of Hudson Podmore
Estella ValendurisUpper ClassScatter-Brained Authoress
Francois Faucher-De LoncreyUpper ClassFrench Liaison to the Ministry
Ginevra BlackwoodUpper ClassChaser for the Chudley Cannons
Gwendolyn Vane-TempestUpper ClassCountess of Adinbury
Ichabod MalcorvusUpper ClassMaster of the Malcorvus Institute
Irene FudgeMiddle ClassSecond Year Slytherin; Debutante in training
Madeleine BackusLower ClassSeventh Year Hufflepuff
Meserimus ValendurisUpper ClassPotions Professor and Slytherin Head of House
Mordecai GradgrindUpper ClassOwner of Knockturn Asylum
Natsuko MountbattonUpper ClassHeiress
Severino ZabiniUpper ClassExperimental Potioneer
Ulysses WesternraUpper ClassDirector of Hogsmeade Hospital
Viola OrsinoLower ClassFace Changing Valet

RE: Character Master List - Charming - 07-27-2013


23 | she/her/hers | GMT- 8
Ambrosia Shinnick*Lower ClassSpell Damage Healer
Constance HuntingtowerUpper ClassSecond Year Slytherin
Joanna TriggsUpper ClassFifth Year Hufflepuff
Killian TabinerUpper ClassHead of Spirit Division, playwright
Moriko MountbattonUpper ClassForeign Transplant
Mozelle RiosUpper ClassFifth Year Hufflepuff
Socellia MorzollaUpper ClassItalian Debutante
Tansy AbbertonLower ClassThird Year Gryffindor

Alcyone SlughornMiddle ClassFirst Year Gryffindor
Alexander EchelonUpper ClassHouse Elf Relocation Office Employee
Archelaus AbneyUpper ClassFourth Year Slytherin; Seeker
Attica PaxtonUpper ClassWidow of Elias Paxton
Aurelia VernonUpper ClassPendergast Rose
Benjamin TwemloveUpper ClassSt. Mungos Potion and Plant Poisoning Healer in Charge
Catherine WeasleyMiddle ClassWife of Caradog Weasley
Citrine WeasleyMiddle ClassFourth Year Ravenclaw
Clarissa Cosgrove*Upper ClassPendergast Rose
Dominic AdairLower ClassMercenary Vampire
Eoin FrielMiddle ClassSeventh Year Hufflepuff
Eros MohrUpper ClassBrat
Esteban ZavalaMiddle ClassCaptain & Keeper for Puddlemere United; Activist
Garrett CaveyLower ClassSt. Mungos Spell Damage Intern
Gaston DarbyUpper ClassGentleman of Leisure
Hope CrawfordUpper ClassSeventh Year Gryffindor
Howell MerrickUpper ClassGentleman of Pleasure
Hwan MoonMiddle ClassFirst Year Hufflepuff
Ignatius QuirrellLower ClassSixth Year Gryffindor
James BairdLower ClassSixth Year Hufflepuff
Jamesina McintryeLower ClassSt. Mungos Mediwitch
January LynchMiddle ClassDebutante
John Humphrey-MavisUpper ClassSecond String Keeper for the Appleby Arrows
Josiah RohlwingLower ClassPolice Constable
Kentigern MacFustyUpper ClassDragon Restraint Officer
Lily HuddlestonMiddle ClassMinistry Welcome Witch
Loretta BrowneMiddle ClassAwkward Turtle
Love DarbyUpper ClassDebutante
Maybelle MarriotUpper ClassThird Year Slytherin; Seer
Montgomery MoralesLower ClassBeing Extra™; Smooth Criminal
Morgana GauntLower ClassTearoom Staff at Hogsmeade Hospital
Mundungus MacFustyUpper ClassSeventh Year Gryffindor
Owain EdwardsUpper ClassSeventh Year Hufflepuff
Philip AymsloweMiddle ClassSweet Delights Owner; Investor
Rachel HartUpper ClassOblivious Debutante
Richard GladstoneUpper ClassMagical Bugs Healer In Charge @ St. Mungos
Roberto DevineUpper ClassKenmare Kestrals Sponsor
Rupert BinghamUpper ClassSixth Year Ravenclaw
Sage MacnairUpper ClassFourth Year Slytherin
Sebastiano FernandezMiddle ClassInternationally Renowned Artist
Seth AminMiddle ClassCaptain & Seeker for the Kenmare Kestrals
Sparrow BloodworthLower ClassFirst String Beater @ Chudley Cannons
Storm VesperLower ClassShapeshifter
Tobin CartwrightUpper ClassFifth Year Slytherin
Tom GrantMiddle ClassThird Year Auror in Training
Tristan MichaudMiddle ClassFirst String Chaser @ Puddlemere United

26 | She/Her/Hers | GMT-6
Mary PinceMiddle ClassWife of Percival Pince
Percival Adlard JrMiddle ClassMisuse of Muggle Artifacts Investigator, Ministry of Magic
Sisse Thompsett*Middle ClassFirst Year Gryffindor

26 | She/Her/Hers | GMT - 5 (DST)
Brian PrattMiddle ClassPhysician at Irvingly Infirmary
Edmund GrimmMiddle ClassAsst. Head, Dept. of Magical Games and Sports
Elizaveta AntonovaUpper ClassThe Other Woman
Finn RoweLower ClassSpell Damage Healer
Ignatius WildeUpper ClassHeir to Wilde Enterprises
Killian MacmillanUpper ClassLanded Gentry
Leander Grantham*Lower ClassAccidental Magical Reversal Squad Member
Temerita ReidMiddle ClassOllivander's Wands Employee

28 | SHE/HER/HERS | GMT -8
Autumn AveryMiddle ClassQuality Quidditch Supply Employee
Clinton PodmoreUpper ClassDepartment Head of Beast Division
Connolly BrennanUpper ClassAuror
Emmeline Woodcroft*Middle ClassSixth Year Gryffindor Prefect
Fletcher PeverellMiddle ClassSt. Mungo's Assistant Head of Plants and Potions Poison
Fortuna LockhartMiddle ClassDepartment of Mysteries Secretary
Glory DawlishUpper ClassWidow
Kenrick HartUpper ClassBookkeeper of Wolfram & Hart
Magdalena BackusLower ClassFront Clerk at Backus Family Bakery
Nathaniel HerondaleUpper ClassFirst String Chaser for Appleby Arrows
Phillippa WildeUpper ClassDebutante
Rhona MaxwellMiddle ClassSecretary to Minister of Magic
Theron AveryUpper ClassHogsmeade Hospital Healer in Charge of Plants and Potions Poisoning
Una WalshMiddle ClassTraveling Magizoologist Healer
Willow RidleyLower ClassSecond Year Gryffindor

19 | She/her/hers | GMT
Annette FontaineUpper ClassDebutante
Apollodora VablatskyMiddle Class"Seer"
Belphoebe LestrangeUpper ClassHead of the Department of Mysteries
Delight UrquartMiddle ClassStudent
Fallon AbernathyLower ClassCursebreaker
Frederick Humphrey-MavisUpper ClassViscount Corcrest
Gretchen LestrangeUpper ClassThird Year Slytherin
Josephina FlintUpper ClassMember of the Wizengamot
Martha DenbrightMiddle ClassToymaker
Octavia LyttonUpper ClassDesigner for the House of Lytton
Orpheus ParkinsonUpper ClassAssistant Head of the Department of Magical Transportation
Ottaline MoodyMiddle ClassSeventh year Slytherin
Toussaint FavreauUpper ClassImproper use of Magic Investigator
Vesta BonesUpper ClassFourth Year Gryffindor
Xena FiskMiddle ClassIncreasingly desperate debutante
Ysabella AllegriMiddle ClassFlirt
Zachary PodmoreUpper ClassOwner of Podmore Zoological Gardens

20 | He/Him/His | GMT -5
Nathan BlackwallUpper ClassFirst Year Ravenclaw

RE: Character Master List - Charming - 07-27-2013


19 | she/her/hers | GMT -7
Acacia Ruskin*Middle ClassSad & Single Halfbreed
Bihotz WhitneyMiddle ClassOblivious Mother
BláthnatAdvisor to Sorcha
Claire BennetUpper ClassSweet Child
Conrí PowerUpper ClassOwner of Power Charms and Spells Supplies
Edgar Rey IIUpper ClassThird Year Gryffindor
Guinevere LukesonUpper ClassWife and Mother
Hestia FairchildMiddle ClassAccident Prone Second Year Gryffindor
Juniper MiddlemissUpper ClassPampered Veela
Kerensa BonneyLower ClassSecretly Training To Be Upper Class
Lisa FairbairnLower ClassNone
Luce Faucher-De LoncreyUpper ClassFirst Year Hufflepuff
Margaret RawlinsonUpper ClassSeventh Year Hufflepuff
Nectar ShinnickLower ClassSecond-String Chaser for Holyhead Harpies
Regina LaceyUpper ClassDebutante and Heiress
Sweetie WhitledgeUpper ClassFifth Year Slytherin; Transfiguration Club President

23 | She/Her/Hers | GMT+3
Chloe FenixMiddle ClassSeventh Year Ravenclaw

Akira AbeMiddle ClassSecretary for the Department of International Magical Co-Operation
Catalina AlbarránUpper ClassR.B.F Socialite
Célian MarchandUpper ClassOrchard Owner
Evelyn TilneyMiddle ClassFourth Year Slytherin
Mina AnwarMiddle ClassAuthor/Professor
Randall StuartUpper ClassSpare Heir
Ryder LukesonUpper ClassDirector for the Museum of Miscellany

26 | She/Her/Hers | GMT (DST)
Angelica FawleyUpper ClassDrugged-Up Debutante
Annabelle BonesUpper ClassHead of Magical Bugs
Beatrix BorginMiddle ClassFourth Year Ravenclaw
Cassandra TrelawneyLower ClassManager at Chance L’Amour; Seer
Constance SykesMiddle ClassSlytherin House Matron
Elladora BlackUpper ClassSpinster-in-Law
Enoch RosierUpper ClassAuror
Hecate MoodyMiddle ClassTerrible Mother
Helena MacMillan*Upper ClassSocialite
Iphigenia UrquartUpper ClassThe Minister's Mother
Konstantin FiskMiddle ClassHead of IuoM Office
Lenora WafflingMiddle ClassAlmost Spinster
Lucy PettigrewUpper ClassHysterical Socialite
Minnie PendergastUpper ClassUseless Debutante
Morwenna SkeeterMiddle ClassAH of the DoR&C of Magical Creatures
Orlando LovegoodUpper ClassBook Enthusiast
Penelope DarrowMiddle ClassChaser for the Holyhead Harpies
Penelope Humphrey-MavisUpper Class Debutante
Philip CalendarMiddle ClassManager of Beautiful Beasts Boutique
QueenieLower ClassProstitute
Sappho HartwrightLower ClassFriendly Ghost
Temperance FairchildMiddle ClassChurchwarden
Vera PodmoreUpper ClassDebutante

15 | they/them/theirs | GMT - 6
Maria WatchtowerLower ClassMaid at Dippet Household

18+  | she/his/theirs | GMT +4
Claire de LunaLower ClassFirst Year Ravenclaw

26 | She/Her/Hers | GMT -8
Brannon FiskMiddle ClassMember of the Committee on Experimental Charms
J. Alfred DarrowMiddle ClassExplorer
Lupus JameshillLower ClassWerewolf
Ophelia DippetUpper ClassWitch Weekly Fashion Columnist
Otavio CaldieraUpper ClassAlchemy Professor
Reuben CrouchUpper ClassGryffinfail Expat
Severina RestellUpper ClassTemporally Confused Seer
Thom PettigrewUpper ClassOwner of Quality Quaffle & Snitch; Sponsor of Puddlemere United
Tiberius LestrangeUpper ClassUnspeakable (Mass Murderer)
Topaz UrquartMiddle ClassWerewolf

17 | She/Her/Hers | GMT+8
Anais BeaumontUpper ClassPendergast Rose
Honey WhitledgeUpper ClassSecond Year Hufflepuff
Ligeia BaudelaireUpper ClassDebutante
October LynchMiddle ClassFifth Year Slytherin
Oscar LaytonMiddle ClassFirst Year Ravenclaw
Veronica GallivanUpper ClassWife of Nathaniel Gallivan

20 | She/Her/Hers | GMT - 6
Abigale AbbottLower ClassFourth Year Hufflepuff
Archibald MaxwellMiddle ClassAssist. Head of Artifact Incidents
Coraline CattermoleUpper ClassDebutante & Amateur Beauty Potioneer
Drusilla TraversUpper ClassSocialite
Eliza TremlettMiddle ClassFirst Year Ravenclaw
Garrett WallingfordUpper ClassAssist. Head of MA&C
Georgia GibbonsMiddle ClassSixth Year Ravenclaw
Hortensia MoodyMiddle ClassDebutante
Imogen MacFusty*Upper ClassWife & Mother
Marianne HatchittMiddle ClassPotion & Plant Poisoning Healer
Persephone Van HelsingUpper ClassPendergast Rose
Phoebe BeauregardMiddle ClassSeamstress at Gladrag's Wizardwear
September LynchMiddle ClassDaily Prophet Social and Gossip Intern

24 | She/her/hers | GMT -6
Cupcake WhitledgeUpper ClassSeventh Year Gryffindor
Evie ReeseMiddle ClassFifth Year Hufflepuff
Roman CrouchUpper ClassSenior Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic

17 | SHE/HER/HERS | GMT - 06:00
Alphonsine MaxineLower ClassHunting Reuben Crouch
Calla PottsMiddle ClassFirst Year Hufflepuff
Demelza McGonagall*Middle ClassFourth Year Hufflepuff
Germander MacnairUpper ClassFifth Year Ravenclaw
Iziza NoelLower ClassEmployee in the Goblin Liaison Office
Julius ScrimgeourUpper ClassDept. MLE Investigator
Merwyn MoodyMiddle Class Owner of Moody Shipping Company
Salome MooreLower ClassUnspeakable
Serpentine MalfoyUpper ClassDocile Child
Terpsichore Van HelsingUpper ClassRebel of the Pendergast School of Young Roses

21 | She/Her/Hers | GMT -7
Aamiya PowerUpper ClassWife
Avril LukesonUpper ClassHomeschooled Seer
Bellerose ReyUpper ClassFirst Year Hufflepuff
Céleste BennetUpper ClassCurious Child
Cheesecake WhitledgeUpper ClassSalty Rose
Crystal Ruskin*Middle ClassAngry Halfbreed
Eveylyn MorgensternLower ClassAmerican Vampire
Katrina WinthropUpper ClassSeventh Year Ravenclaw
Martin RuskinMiddle ClassOwns a Book Store
Modesty BeechworthUpper ClassSixth Year Slytherin
Pauline WoodcroftMiddle ClassCreature-Induced Injuries Healer
Sapphire WeasleyMiddle ClassSecond Year Hufflepuff
Sophie HathawayLower ClassStill Recovering
Spirit KnightMiddle ClassThird Year Gryffindor
Zoraida VasileMiddle ClassInternational Magical Co-Operation Translator

25  | She/Her/Hers | GMT-5
Altair ShafiqUpper ClassDMLE Lawyer
Amity Humphrey-MavisUpper ClassSocialite
Edward MacmillanUpper ClassAssistant Head of Spell Damage
Felix ParkinsonUpper ClassUnspeakable
Hannah Pettigrew*Upper ClassWife
Katherine YaxleyUpper ClassFifth Year Hufflepuff
Louisa PottsMiddle ClassReluctant Pendergast Rose
Molly HagridLower ClassExuberant Incoming Firstie

RE: Character Master List - Charming - 07-27-2013


20 | She/Her/Hers | GMT
Andromeda ParkinsonUpper ClassAnother Deb #sorrynotsorry
Diligence FlynnLower ClassSecretary for the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
Elizabeth Humphrey-MavisUpper ClassGeneral Failure at Life
Frieda SangerMiddle ClassSecond Year Gryffindor
Gertrude BakerLower ClassClerk in the DMLE
Ida GreenLower ClassOn the Run Criminal
Jane FlackUpper ClassSeventh Year Gryffindor
Katia MeadowesMiddle ClassWalking Uterus
Marigold FinchMiddle ClassCanadian Deb
Nephele LestrangeUpper ClassUCPB Lady
Nigel YaxleyUpper ClassEmployee in the Portkey Office
Penelope SykesMiddle ClassJunior Assistant to the Minister of Magic

19 | He/Him/His | GMT -06:00
Barnabas MalfoyUpper ClassSupreme Mugwump of the International Wizards Confederation, & Member of the Wizengamot
Violet WiltinghamUpper ClassProfessor of Transfiguration

20 | She/Her/Hers | GMT+2:00
Artemisia CarrowUpper ClassPendergast Rose
Caspar UrquartUpper ClassSpell Damage Healer-in-Charge @ HH
Cecily GallivanUpper ClassSeventh Year Ravenclaw; Beater; Female Leisure Sports Club President
Dhaval DandekarLower ClassGringotts Security
Ellory Pendergast*Upper ClassDebutante
Elmer MacmillanUpper ClassCo-Owner of Tomes and Scrolls & Antiquarian
Eva SleptovaUpper ClassLess of Debutante than Ellory
Galatea MerrythoughtLower ClassAuror *cry emoji*
Gifford OllivanderMiddle ClassWandmaker; Owner of Ollivander's Wands, Hogsmeade
Hudson PineLower ClassFifth Year Ravenclaw; Exploding Snap Club President
Javert de MontfaultUpper ClassHead Auror
Katherina SelwynUpper ClassSocialite & Volunteer Chaperone at PSYR
Marcus LyttonUpper ClassFashion Designer, Founder of House of Lytton
Meta LestrangeUpper ClassFirst Year Gryffindor
Paul PinceMiddle ClassMagical Archaeologist; Explorer
Priam LestrangeUpper ClassMember of the Wizengamot
Ruby UrquartMiddle ClassFourth Year Hufflepuff
Seneca LestrangeUpper ClassFourth Year Slytherin
Yarrow MacnairUpper ClassHead of the Centaur Liaison Office

22 | She/Her/Hers | GMT- 7
Roland RourkeUpper ClassStealth and Tracking Instructor

22 | She/Her/Hers | GMT - 5
Aeronwy RifeMiddle ClassApparition Examiner
Alannah HipworthUpper ClassPendergast Rose
Eaton ShelbyMiddle ClassPoet
Garnet CarrowUpper ClassUnspeakable
Glimmer WhitledgeUpper ClassSixth Year Gryffindor
Griselda SelwynUpper ClassSocialite
Ian LongstaffLower ClassSeventh Year Ravenclaw
Meredith CrowninshieldLower ClassFirst Mate
Oceane BeaumontUpper ClassDebutante
Odessa PettigrewUpper ClassThe Most Savage Four Year Old
Thomas SangerMiddle ClassThird Year Ravenclaw
Trinity EstepMiddle ClassArtifact Incidents Intern
Valentine WenlockMiddle ClassArithmancy Professor
Valeria Greengrass*Upper ClassWife

16 | She/Her/Hers | GMT+ 1
Henrie LeónUpper ClassReferee & Flight Instructor at Hogwarts

RE: Character Master List - Charming - 07-27-2013

The areas of the coding that you need to change are labeled in the code for you, for example where it says "Character name" you replace with the name of your character. If you keep this in mind and use the pre-existing CML entries as a guide, you shouldn't go too far wrong! Just in case you're still unsure...
  • Make sure your post editor is set to source mode, to do this go to the User CP and select Edit Options. On the bottom right should be a tick box labeled "Put the editor in source mode by default", select it and then update.
  • The first edit to the coding you need to make is where it says Name which you replace with the OOC name you wish other members to address you by.
  • The second place to edit in the coding is: Age (#) | Pronouns | GMT+/- #.
    • Age (#) should be deleted and replaced with your age in numbers, not words.
    • Pronouns should be replaced by whichever pronouns you wish to go by i.e. She/Her/Hers.
    • GMT +/- # is for your timezone. Do not delete GMT, but choose either the + or - depending on whether you're behind or ahead of GMT, and then you replace the hashtag with how many hours you're ahead/behind. If you happen to live in the GMT timezone just delete the +/- #.
    • It should look something like this: 20 | He/Him/His | GMT+ 2
  • The next section to edit is this part:
    • Delete Character Application Link and replace it with the URL of your character's application. Leave the quotations marks.
    • Character Name should be replaced by your character's name as it appears in their username.
  • Next, is ___ Class. Leave class and replace ___ with Upper/Middle/Lower, whichever applies to your character. If your character has no class ribbon, delete both parts.
  • Finally, find Occupation or Year and House in the code and replace it with either your character's occupation, or if they're a student, their year and house in this format: Fifth Year Slytherin.

Coding for a New Member:
PHP Code:
div style="text-align:center; font-weight:bold; text-transform:uppercase; font-size:12px; letter-spacing:5px;">Name</div>
div style="text-align:center; font-weight:bold; text-transform:uppercase; font-size:9px; letter-spacing:5px;">Age (#) | Pronouns | GMT+/- #</div>
<div><table width="100%" class="CML">
tr valign="top"><td width="34%"><a href="Character Application Link">Character Name</a></td><td width="16%">___ Class</td><td width="52%">Occupation or Year and House</td></tr>

Coding for a New Character:
Please be sure to include your OOC name in the post, as well as which account you should be contacted on if this is your second account.
PHP Code:
[CODE]<tr valign="top"><td width="34%"><a href="Character Application Link">Character Name</a></td><td width="16%">___ Class</td><td width="52%">Occupation or Year and House</td></tr>[/CODE
This coding only differs in that it excludes the OOC information. If you're unsure how to fill this in, the instructions above still apply.

To Edit an Existing Character:
You have two options if you need to update an existing character. Either you can post saying what changed for your character, or you can resubmit the character using the form.
If you need more help, PM Olive (@Ursula Black) for assistance.

RE: Character Master List - Alice Murphy - 10-13-2017

to breeee pending acceptance!
<tr valign="top"><td width="34%"><a href="">Leandra Nott</a></td><td width="16%">Upper Class</td><td width="52%">Seventh Year Gryffindor</td></tr>

RE: Character Master List - Hyacinth Sprout - 10-13-2017

Delete - double posting.

RE: Character Master List - Hyacinth Sprout - 10-13-2017

Pending Acceptance 
<div style="text-align:center; font-weight:bold; text-transform:uppercase; font-size:12px; letter-spacing:5px;">Jen</div>
<div style="text-align:center; font-weight:bold; text-transform:uppercase; font-size:9px; letter-spacing:5px;"> 28 | Her/She/Hers | GMT+10 #</div>
<div><table width="100%" class="CML">
<tr valign="top"><td width="34%"><a href="">Hyacinth Sprout</a></td><td width="16%">Lower Class</td><td width="52%">Secretary for the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures</td></tr>

RE: Character Master List - Annabelle Scrimgeour - 10-14-2017

pending reactivation of @Mathias Beaumont and @Odette Hoch
<tr valign="top"><td width="34%"><a href="">Mathias Beaumont</a></td><td width="16%">Upper Class</td><td width="52%">Investor</td></tr>

<tr valign="top"><td width="34%"><a href="">Odette Hoch</a></td><td width="16%">Lower Class</td><td width="52%">Vampire</td></tr>

RE: Character Master List - Aurelia Wallingford - 10-16-2017

<div style="text-align:center; font-weight:bold; text-transform:uppercase; font-size:12px; letter-spacing:5px;">Lady</div>
<div style="text-align:center; font-weight:bold; text-transform:uppercase; font-size:9px; letter-spacing:5px;">23 | She/Hers | GMT+ 7</div>
<div><table width="100%" class="CML">
<tr valign="top"><td width="34%"><a href="">Aurelia Wallingford*</a></td><td width="16%">Upper Class</td><td width="52%">Wife of Garrett Walllingford</td></tr>

<tr valign="top"><td width="34%"><a href="">Amelia Evans</a></td><td width="16%">Middle Class</td><td width="52%">Beautiful Beast Boutique Employee</td></tr>

<tr valign="top"><td width="34%"><a href="">Benedict Sterling</a></td><td width="16%">Middle Class</td><td width="52%">Head Auror MIA & Amnesiac</td></tr>

RE: Character Master List - Marguerite Gauthier - 10-16-2017

<div style="text-align:center; font-weight:bold; text-transform:uppercase; font-size:12px; letter-spacing:5px;">Philip</div>
<div style="text-align:center; font-weight:bold; text-transform:uppercase; font-size:9px; letter-spacing:5px;">25 | He/She/They | GMT</div>
<div><table width="100%" class="CML">
<tr valign="top"><td width="34%"><a href="">Marguerite Gauthier</a></td><td width="16%">Upper Class</td><td width="52%">Fourth Year Ravenclaw</td></tr>