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Impeccable IC Quotes - Ophelia Devine - March 21, 2018

alliterative title ayyy

Quote: As for this Mr. Bixby - I hold out hope that by the time you receive this letter in return you will have been freed of that Utter Hell, but if not - I am more than willing to come by and chop off his hand if it helps. I needn't use magic, if magic has failed you thus far.

@Porphyria Dempsey in My Life Is Over

You can complain about boy troubles to any friend, but only your best friend would offer to maim them for you.

RE: Impeccable IC Quotes - Bella Scrimgeour - March 21, 2018

ft. more MJ masterpiece quotes

Quote:Kristoffer was going to be great at this, because he was great at everything. Also his memory was greater than everyone else's, because he bet no one else had ever lost their virginity somewhere exotic like Morocco. Hell, he bet no one else had even lost their virginity. Inexperienced losers.

@Kristoffer Lestrange in Patronus DADA Thread

RE: Impeccable IC Quotes - Tristan Michaud - March 25, 2018

Quote:He (or his family in this case) would provide for himself, or he would walk through the halls in the nude until he was expelled.
@Ernie Nuffer in Slytherin Pride

RE: Impeccable IC Quotes - Reuben Crouch - March 26, 2018

Quote:To his Michal Phelps, she was someone who was just learning the basics of swimming.

Ellory on kissing in We're Going Home

RE: Impeccable IC Quotes - Bella Scrimgeour - March 30, 2018

Kris cracks me up alright :P

Quote:Having sisters was like having a pet, Kristoffer supposed: needy, weren't they? Just liked to be sure you remembered they existed. Reluctant as he was to acknowledge Frida's interest any more than necessary, perhaps Kris also had something of a domestic animal in him, since he was supremely susceptible to having his ego stroked.

@Kristoffer Lestrange in REMEMBER ME

RE: Impeccable IC Quotes - Roberto Devine - April 2, 2018

Quote:Kieran's eyes immediately picked out Jude's face on the cover, and once he read the title, his expression became the best approximation of the :D emoji.

"I. Love. This. Magazine," Kieran enthused.
@Kieran Abernathy in Apollo Shining
(Have I said lately how much I effing love this group?)

RE: Impeccable IC Quotes - Reuben Crouch - April 3, 2018

Quote:Miss Scrimgeour's your type. If your type is rich, pureblood, and bad for you.

@Arthur Pettigrew in their letters.

RE: Impeccable IC Quotes - J. Alfred Darrow - April 9, 2018

Quote:Why didn't Ministerial employees get anything cool? She could do fancy wandwork, but she didn't have sailboats, or sabres, or Prophet articles featuring her, or a fancy expedition to go on. (She supposed that if she bugged Ross about it he might give her a sword, or at least a fancy letter-opener.) She also had not almost died in the jungle, so - you win some, you lose some.

I love this. From @Zelda Fisk in Heels Over Head.

RE: Impeccable IC Quotes - Reuben Crouch - April 9, 2018

Quote:Besides, what was the point of visiting Ireland? Potatoes, alcohol and poverty porn?

@Arthur Pettigrew in Walking Disasters

RE: Impeccable IC Quotes - Hyperion Dearborn - April 11, 2018

Quote:It wasn't like he could seek out Mister Fisk and ask him to be his gay Obi-Wan Kenobi or whatever the VE equivalent was.

Please, I choked from laughing so hard. @Philip Aymslowe in Flying Furballs

RE: Impeccable IC Quotes - Acacia Ruskin - April 24, 2018

Quote:While not much shorter than him, she was much smaller in weight; she found herself practically bouncing off his larger body when she attempted to shove him.
@Bella Scrimgeour in A Bad Time to be a Bella
Poor Bella, RIP her defensive skills.

RE: Impeccable IC Quotes - Zelda Fisk - May 16, 2018

Quote:She was going to dance around the room like a lithe little pixie and be dressed and gone before he'd even found his under garments.
@J. Alfred Darrow in Mr. Brightside

RE: Impeccable IC Quotes - Ophelia Devine - May 19, 2018

Quote:Now that he had walked up to them, he couldn't exactly whirl around and get going. That would be rude. And was not, presumably, how straight men seduced their future wives.

@Cassius Lestrange in Eyes on the Screen.

RE: Impeccable IC Quotes - Bella Scrimgeour - May 28, 2018

Quote: "So the coral flower crowns... stimulate the wearer, in that way. Just a touch." Kieran had tested that one to make sure it wasn't too strong; the crown had caused that familiar buzzing need for warmth in his gut, but not enough that moral people would actually act on it. (Actually, it was a feeling that he sometimes got looking at Jude, but that was best not discussed.)
@Kieran Abernathy in PEACE & LOVE


RE: Impeccable IC Quotes - Monty Morales - June 1, 2018

Quote:Besides - shiny, pretty - Ishmael could be pretty, he decided, when he'd just fed, when he wanted. His teeth were shiny. He could absolutely pretend that Monty was sweet talking him instead of soaking in his own narcissism. He wasn't pretending that, because he wasn't sad and pathetic and needy about this... just, he could, if he wanted to.
@Ishmael in Be Your Shadow
I forgot how much I love them and this thread.

RE: Impeccable IC Quotes - August Echelon-Arnost - June 3, 2018

Quote:She hesitated on asking what 'manifesto' meant - he was already annoyed with her. If she were to admit that he had used words she was unfamiliar with, she'd spend up the August patience coins. She was given a stack each day. Depending on the day, she'd spend the coins relentlessly and he'd get peeved at her and would avoid her until her stack was regenerated. Today, she was going to spend those coins wisely.
@Elsbeth Lupin in Robbers & Cowards