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Snowball Fight! - Sisse Thompsett - December 6, 2019

December 2, 1889 - Hogwarts Grounds

With the holidays in less than a month the castle was brimming with holiday cheer, decorated to the near bursting. As such it reasoned that such decorations had spilled to the outside of the castle as well. The lawn of the castle was decorated with snowmen. Something that when glanced at from the windows of their classrooms made Sisse and many of her fellow classmates quite excited to see. Indeed Sisse was eager for the walk down to the greenhouses for Herbology despite the cold.

Fortified by lunch Sisse began the trek outside, taking in the snowmen as she trudged through the snow with her classmates, excitedly chattering about the next Hogsmeade visit when the first snowball hit.

"Ah!" Sisse yelped as the cold snow slammed into the side of her face. She whirled around looking for the culprit only to find another snowball pelting them seemingly from nowhere and hitting another person walking near her.

RE: Snowball Fight! - Claire Bénet - December 14, 2019

It was surely a beautiful and wonderful time of year, but it did make Claire miss Cele dearly. But the little Gryffindor worked to be cheerful and merry, if not for herself then for her friends and peers.

Part of Claire wanted to try to enchant one of the snowmen to move around. Maybe even repeat a phrase or two. She had been looking from her books to the snowman when suddenly ice cold hit her face, causing a shriek.

Looking around, it seemed she was far from the only victim. She ran over and grabbed the nearest fellow student with a hint of a giggle. "Duck!"

RE: Snowball Fight! - Calla Potts - December 23, 2019

Calla grinned happily, pleased with her aim as she pinned Sisse with the gleaming white snowball. She admittedly hadn't meant to hit her friend in the face, but she wasn't too worried. The snow was fresh and fluffy still, not hard and icey. It might have stung a little but it wouldn't have caused her any damage. After two and a half years of hurling balls in the sky, she knew how hard one needed to throw something to do damage. Cursed bludgers. She had ingested far more skelegrow than she cared to for its disgusting taste. She was almost becoming immune to the taste, and that was when she knew she had too many injuries.

Bolstered by her first success, she threw another, this time at someone else, hitting them as well in the face. Hmm, apparently her aim was off today. She needed to throw a little lower than she had been. Well, there was bound to be an adjustment between a quaffle and a snowball.

"Aww, you have to throw them back or it is no fun!"

RE: Snowball Fight! - Sisse Thompsett - January 7, 2020

Claire rushed over to Sisse as the barrage of snowballs continued, tugging Sisse down another snowball narrowly missing her. It appeared they would be late to class, but Sisse couldn’t help, there was something exhilarating about a snowball fight. “Thanks!” Sisse breathed as she began to make a snowball. There was nothing else to do, it seemed, but fight.

Nearby Calla seemed to have started the whole thing and Sisse shook her head at her. Right before someone else’s snowball started right for Calla’s face. Sisse glanced around for the culprit and spotted a snowman aiming and throwing another snowball into the group’s midst. “Look out!” Sisse called, not enough time for a clever retort to her best friend. “Snowmen!” She warned pointing and dodging from another snowball.

RE: Snowball Fight! - Claire Bénet - January 18, 2020

Late for class. Didn't seem that new for Claire. Hadn't she been late a couple of times last year? Pranks took time, after all. "You are very welcome!" She said happily as she began making a snowball as well and throwing it at Miss Potts. She hadn't heard Sisse in time before being hit in the shoulder. Clever snowmen. She got down and began making a few more snowballs. Game on!

RE: Snowball Fight! - Calla Potts - January 27, 2020

She flinched as a ball of puffy snow came rushing at her face, the cold bite slipping through her scarf as it wettened. Oww face shots hurt. Wait, did Sisse just yell... snowman? Why would she be concerned about a snowman in a snowball fight? The Hufflepuff frowned, turning, exposed in the snow, confused. Only to see that the snowmen had joined the snowball fight.

Another snowball pegged her in the side as she stood, transfixed and it was enough to prompt her into motion and she ducked down behind a show drift. "Who spelled the snowmen?"

RE: Snowball Fight! - Sisse Thompsett - January 29, 2020

With the snowmen gaining on them it seemed they would have to fight their way out. Sisse couldn’t help but grin. This seemed better than classes any day. She hadn’t had a proper snowball fight since she had come to school and Matthew deemed her ‘too much a lady’ to do such things. “This way!” She called to the younger girl, following Calla’s lead and ducking behind a snowdrift. Best protection this way. “I don’t know.” She admitted right before a snowman managed to hit her on the shoulder.

Here, I’ll make the snowballs, you two throw.” Sisse directed, remembering how she and Henry use to do this. She handed a snowball she hade made to Claire.

RE: Snowball Fight! - Claire Bénet - January 29, 2020

Well this was new. Why hadn't she thought of that? That was an utterly brilliant idea! She was going to have to pay compliments to whomever thought of it. She followed both girls and grabbed the snowball from Sisse before chucking it at a snowman's head. This lead to getting hit in the arm. She grabbed another and threw. "A brilliant spell. I'm going to have to ask about it for next year!" She called out, really hoping they would find whoever did this.