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#this thread is awesome - James Riley - 08-21-2012

So, I've wanted to do this for a while. One, because I like letting people know that I do on occasion read threads that aren't mine. Two, because I find out about awesome threads way later than I want to, and I figured if we had something like this, I'd be more likely to see them before they're almost done. XD So share the awesome threads you've found around the site with the rest of us!

-- no threads you are involved in.
-- if the thread involves some iffy content (sex, violence, swearing, intense innuendo), say so clearly.
-- current or finished threads are both okay
-- link, please!

Some starters:

You've Got That One Thing with Violet and Hamish. #thisthreadisawesome because Violet is adorable, and because it's a great example of (mostly) proper courting and it's just so cute. XD

Fit To Be Tied with Ursula and Sirius Black, which is currently going. I love how devious Ursula is and how cute Sirius is, and I superlove what is going to happen in this thread later.

Darcula, which is actually called Dangerous Liasons (who knew?) and I'm not going to say any more about it. XD OH IT IS SMEXY SO IF YOU DON'T LIKE THAT BEWARE.

The Closet Incident, with Rose and Leo. Yeah, I stalked that, but who didn't? =P Fair warning if you haven't read it, it's super long.

#this thread is awesome - Woodrow Turner - 08-21-2012

Piece of your Heart with Eli Swan and Cassius Lestrange. Yeah, I ship 'em.

#this thread is awesome - Cassius Lestrange - 08-21-2012


Hell Hath No Fury, because Tiberia.

Scarring your children for life*, with Missus and Maud.

CRAZYLADY with Vivian and Ben Turner

Fifth Sixth year Ravenladies+Eli, because Cash makes me and also I LOVE EVERY RAVENCLAW IN THE SIXTH YEAR.

Elsbeth's trial, because cannot contain laughter.

I read a lot of threads.

#this thread is awesome - Beatrice Skye - 08-21-2012

D is for dutiful with a bunch of Puffs. It was fun to read it xD

#this thread is awesome - Catherine SaDiablo - 08-21-2012

Wanted You More - Claudius Lestrange & Euphemia Turnbull

Claude/Effie shipper ;-) <333

#this thread is awesome - Elias Grimstone - 08-21-2012

Basically every thread everyone's already said....

oh and....
One Night with newly married Will and especiallyawkward!Maud because awkwardness is my fave xD

#this thread is awesome - Abbey Burkett - 08-21-2012


#this thread is awesome - Andren Lovegood - 08-27-2012

My world vs. your world Darcy (Kayte) with Harry Ilkin (??????)



seriously idk what you're doing without this thread in your life.

#this thread is awesome - Jack Collins - 08-29-2012

Wild Things Must be Broken - Lyra Potter and Letitia Swift, this is going to be an awesome battle! :]

#this thread is awesome - Violet MacFusty - 08-30-2012

this kids are alright with Cassius and Alexandria Lestrange. Sooo amusing. xD

#this thread is awesome - Owen Beauregardd - 08-30-2012

Slytherin Girls Dormitory with Lysandra Sutherland (Dustin) and Brett Coel (Leo, who I think has left Charming) - this is such a beautiful thread. I felt every single sensation each of the roleplayers described so beautifully, and was overwhelmed by just how innocent yet alien and dangerous the thread is. The two extremely contrasting characters somehow culminating with a forever quashed secret they share; a profound attraction for women. Everything is so well written, and it's a damn shame that the person playing Brett has vanished! Thankfully Dustin is still a somewhat active member of Charming, and I think he should have a bloody massive gold sparkly medal for this thread. :)

#this thread is awesome - Cassius Lestrange - 08-31-2012

so this is a letter but omfg can't stop laaaughing

#this thread is awesome - Tiberius Lestrange - 08-31-2012

Elsbeth vs. Ursula, so much big personality and so much awesome. I love it.

#this thread is awesome - Sophronia Van Helsing - 09-05-2012

i really like this thread especially the Gray Lady and Trixie trying to figure out what to do with Fanny once she's Not Drowned xD

#this thread is awesome - Imogen MacFusty - 09-05-2012

I <3 this Roni/Lyra letter thread.

#this thread is awesome - James Riley - 09-05-2012

Ensnaring the Senses, oh my gosh. XD SO MAGICAL.